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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket Chapter 32

“The fake of passing, bad, was tricked by him!”

Yi Yuejun’s expression trembled, and he turned sharply to search for the silver figure, only to find that he had cut into the inner line and rushed straight to the forbidden area!


He shouted.

Makoto’s center striker player is named “Mitobe Rinnosuke”.

He has a height of 186cm and is skilled in defensive skills.

Although reticent, it is the pillar of the team’s interior line, and before Muyoshi Teppei’s return, he silently supported the sincere interior defense.

After hearing Yi Yuejun’s prompt, his face was still stagnant, turned around, and quickly intercepted Su Feng.


Not yet waiting for Mito to fit in.

Su Feng casually threw the ball out.

The angle, the orientation, it’s perfect.

“Boom~!!” A deafening snap sounded in the stadium, and I saw Yusu landing steadily, and the whole person’s expression showed excitement that could not be concealed.

“The relay in the mouth is the air relay dunk cooperated by Xiao Feng and Senior Usumi!” Hikoichi roared excitedly.

There is no doubt that such a domineering slam dunk instantly made the stadium boil.

“Nice job!”

“It’s so cool, let’s do it like this.”

“Teach that arrogant red hair a good lesson.”

“Wow, that’s cool, so handsome!”

On the stand on the second floor, the sound of celebration sounded one after another, although it was not Su Feng who personally dunked, but it also ignited the passion of the melon-eating audience.

“Fa ….. What happened~? Nakano Erno was stunned, “Su Feng, his movements are so ethereal, so handsome, he rushed into the court with the ball, and then completed the aerial relay with the gorilla?” ”

“Hee-hee, it’s a good fit.” As the only one of the five sisters, Shitaba who likes sports can still understand basketball game drops….

“Well… So awesome~! Nakano Sanjiu looked at Su Feng without blinking.

Why is a small basketball so flexible in his hands?

As a sports idiot, Sanjiu, think basketball is so amazing?

“This kid, let it go, let’s do it!” Taoka smiled with satisfaction, Cheng Rin’s team is not weak, so let’s brush up on the game experience of this “brand new Lingnan”.


Su Feng and Yusu high-fived.

Everyone responded in an orderly manner.

The momentum exuding from each person was obviously different from just now.

It can be described as “full of confidence”!

On Makoto’s side, morale was obviously a little hit.

Hinata Shunpei stepped forward, patted Izuki-jun’s shoulder, and said softly

“Don’t care, he is Lingnan’s trump card, it may be trickier than Immortal Dao, pay attention to his fake movements next, and you must be seriously wary.”

“His palms are big and he can easily hold the basketball at will.” The observant Izuki-jun understood why he was deceived.

Attack sincerely.

It was Izuki Jun who attacked with the ball.

He has the Eye of Vulture, which is the ability to change his perspective in his brain to see the entire stadium.

He can, by switching perspectives in an instant, find the best pass route to assist.


“Underestimating me, or….. Your passing action is too slow! ”

In an instant, Su Feng’s nervous reaction was fast to the extreme.

He does not have the so-called illusory “eyes”, but relies on instinctive reactions, observes the opponent’s passing route, and intercepts it.



It was intercepted by Su Feng with one hand and firmly grasped in his hand.

“Quick attack!!”

He drank lightly and launched a wave of rapid attacks with the momentum of thunder.

Like the wind and fast as a galloping horse, he hit the halffield along the side of the court.

“Back defense, back defense, back defense~!”

Makoto shouted in unison.

“No kidding, smelly fart!” Among the five players in Cheng Rin, only Vulcan reacted and successfully followed Su Feng.

“Yo, running so fast, it’s really hard~!” Su Feng chuckled and continued to cut towards Cheng Rin’s inner line.

“Let the horse come, I won’t let you score.”

The Vulcan spoke firmly, and his eyes flashed with determination.

It’s just that……. Su Feng casually threw the ball, and in the direction of the right wing, the rushing Xiandao easily received the ball, just like a practice in the usual team, Xiandao raised his legs, raised his elbows, and threw his hands.

Basketball, easy access to the net.

“Beautiful!” The fish that ran with it shouted.

Hikoichi fists in celebration:

“It’s so powerful, it’s really powerful, the cooperation between Xiao Feng and Xiandao, the cooperation between the two trump cards, it’s too exciting, it’s comfortable, as if taking a walk, super easy to score.”

“Hey, you kid is afraid of being covered by me, right?”

The Vulcan opened his mouth to stimulate Su Feng.

The eyes of this stinky bastard, and his frivolous and dashing attitude, really made him feel uncomfortable.

“Huh? Huh? ”

Su Feng raised his eyebrows:

“what? Afraid of your cap? What kind of pro are you? What a powerful ace player, I just don’t want to live up to the Immortal Dao senior running to pick me up. ”

Words both.

He and his teammates celebrated.

Only an ugly-looking, gritted teeth panting Vulcan Dame.

“Abominable bastard, this guy really owes a beating!”

Kuroko Tetsuya gently instructed, “Vulcan, don’t be stimulated by his words. ”

Vulcan Big Me deserves to be a “Vulcan”, obviously by Su Feng’s sentence, “Are you a professional player?” “It affected the mentality.

“I’ll give me the ball later, I’ll return the color, and if I have the chance, pass it to me.”

After saying this, he patted his cheeks, forced himself to calm down, and took a deep breath.

“Come on, one more!”

“Su Feng, come on.”

“Sendo, dry up the challenger from Tokyo!”

The atmosphere in the stands was even more boiling.

“Change tactics, super fast attack tactics!” Hinata Shunpei whispered.

In an instant, all of Makoto began to run quickly, showing a wave of “run-and-bomb tactics”, and all the players quickly ran in the ball-holding attack.

“You can’t think too much in front of him, you can’t hesitate, there will be flaws in hesitation, the passing speed must be fast, you can’t ink!” Izuki Jun thought to himself and threw the ball directly to Shunpei Hinata.


Hinata raised his hand and shot.

“Rebounds…” he shouted.

I felt that when I was shooting the basket, I was disturbed by Ryoji Ikegami.

“Boom~” Sure enough, the basketball smashed into the basket frame.


“Ahhhhh Usumi shouted loudly, jumped first, almost knocked Mitobe away, and jumped into the air.

At this moment, a red figure jumped higher and faster.


“This guy…”

Jun Usumi looked incredulously at the Vulcan who competed for the rebound from his hand.


The Vulcan, who got the rebound, wiped a “maniacal smile” at the corner of his mouth, and after landing, he easily raised his hand to shoot the basket.


The situation in the field changed instantly, and a figure with a face in the water appeared, jumped in the air, and slapped the racket out.

“Immortal Dao!”

“Senior Immortal Dao!!”

This figure is none other than Immortal Daozhang, who was defended by the fire god with a bit of “fire”.

Genius Immortal Dao!

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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step.


Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step. Rukawa maple? Zebei Eiji? Oh, this turns out to be a world where geniuses compete. What kind of experience is it like to have a perfect two-dimensional girlfriend on the way to the competition? Aomine Daiki: Susu is the enemy of life, even if the...


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