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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket Chapter 40

Mai Sakurajima, but some otaku dream goddesses!

Even if the sales of novels can’t keep up temporarily, once you start selling comics, your popularity will definitely explode for a while.

Su Feng held his chin, his eyes flickered, and he thought:

“The copyright of the comic is still under consideration, and I will consider it again when I update it all.”

“Okay~!” Fuji Yumi smiled lightly, “The highest price given by the editor-in-chief is 3,000 yen per thousand words, because… You are a newcomer light novel author and have no past grades, you should know this. ”

Actually, how many yen is a thousand words? Su Feng didn’t care too much.

What he cares about is how much can Genba Bookstore give about his share after the light novel is sold?

“3000 thousand words …”

Nakano Sanjiu thought to himself.

So awesome!!

Just a high school student, there is so much income.

“3,000 words is 3,000…”

Suddenly, Sanjiu was anxious, stretched out his little hand and gently poked Su Feng’s arm.

Although she is stupid and she stays, she also knows that this moment should raise the price of counteroffer!

It seems that her table mate Su Feng is dumber than her!

Super dumb yay ~~~

Su Feng smiled calmly, – said, “This price can be considered, what I care more about is that the novel will be divided into two volumes, and how much can I get for publishing and selling books?” ”

“Divided?” Fuji Yumi nodded with a smile and stretched out her hand: “Most of the authors, they are talked, and you can mention your request.” ”

“When the novel is released, I hope to get at least half of the share.”


Fuji Yumi shook her head, “Some of the more famous novel authors, maybe the bookstore will agree that you are just a newcomer, you can give up to 20%!” ”

In short, a new author, not qualified to talk about this thing.

Fuji Yumi smiled apologetically and said lightly:

“Sorry, this is true, if you change a bookstore, it is also impossible to give you 50% of the sales share.”

Under Su Feng’s efforts.

He gets a 30% cut.

“I’m too lazy to go to other bookstores~~” Su Feng stretched, “However, it may take me a month to finish these manuscripts.” ”

“Okay, Mr. Su Feng, the remuneration of the manuscript fee, the bookstore can be settled daily, weekly, you can.”

After simply signing the contract, he and Sanjiu leisurely walked around the bookstore.

The copyright of the comic, Su Feng will wait for a few months after the novel is all sold, and then go to the bookstore to negotiate the price of the “comic copyright”.

Too lazy to toss these, just part-time to pass the time.

If he really becomes a “novelist” and “cartoonist”, it will be too difficult!

He is not an otaku, but an athlete.

“Why….. Why not talk about the price? If you talk about the price, it must be more than 3,000 yen per thousand words, and maybe it can reach 5,000 thousand words. ”

Sanjiu felt that Su Feng was so stupid!

It is clear that the price can be raised….

“3,000 thousand words is a lot?”

“Let’s go back…..,” Nakano Sanjiu said softly, in his heart, he thought that Su Feng was a big fool………

Su Feng glanced out the window, “Reading a novel, the quiet time passes quickly, a little hungry, Sanjiu, aren’t you hungry?” ”


Her little belly gurgled.

“Ah~~~” She lowered her head in shame, why is her stomach so uncompetitive!

“How about we go to the snack street?”

“Good ~~~” She didn’t hate Su Feng, on the contrary, after eating that bento, she began to feel some inexplicable feelings.

Online strategy, all the way to the well-known snack street.

“Ask for an octopus ball.”

Su Feng picked up the stick and tied up the small ball, and slowly put it to Sanjiu’s mouth:

“Oh, Sanjiu eat first, taste it is not delicious.”

“Huh~~?” Suddenly fed, Sanjiu suddenly panicked, hurriedly took the small ball, and tasted another small ball, “It’s delicious.” ”

“yes? It tastes really good… Well! ”

The two enjoyed the same meal.

“Ask for a tempura.”

Tempura, tempura is a local specialty snack.

Fish cubes, prawns and vegetables are fried in a thin batter.

Sanjiu did not share a delicacy with Su Feng, but asked for a copy and tasted it himself.

Who knows, Su Feng asked

“Sanjiu, is it delicious? I’ll take a bite. ”

“You bully me….. I…”

Su Feng looked at her weak, blushing, cute and aggrieved expression, and suddenly shook his head: “Petty ghost Sanjiu, you are not allowed to eat a mouthful.” ”

“Hmph~” She was arrogant, rolled her eyes, and ate all the rest in one breath, “Let’s go back, it’s too late.” ”

“I finally came to the snack street, and I haven’t eaten enough.”

Su Feng casually asked for eel rice, and actually saw “grilled cold noodles” in the snack street, Chinese cuisine……. Ate another served of grilled cold noodles.

Add a spicy oden, and the mouth will not stop.

The appearance of such a rice bucket eater scared Sanjiu… It’s just okay, go to the big stomach king competition!

“You….. Why follow me? Su Feng. ”

“I’ll send you home, it’s too late for it to go home alone.”

“Thank you~”

“Are we dating today?”

“Dating…” She felt sweet in her heart, lowered her head and didn’t say a word, her tense body, almost paralyzed……….

Su Feng called a taxi and delivered Sanjiu to his doorstep.

She is a person who will show her feelings on her face, feel very happy, and a little reluctant to this date… Obviously, you can still shop again……..

She lowered her head slightly, her left and right index fingers touching each other, “That… Su Feng, thank you. ”

“Thank you? Thanks for what? ”

“Bye bye.”

After Sanjiu returned home, he felt a murderous aura.

On the sofa, the four sisters looked at her with a curious look.

She looked down without saying a word, and wanted to walk back to her room.


“Where did Sanjiu go?”

“It’s almost early in the morning…”

“I thought Sanjiu wouldn’t go home.”

“How does it feel to be in love?”

“Oh my God…”

Four sisters, you speak, I speak, make Sanjiu blush, she quickly ran back to her room, and locked the door behind her.

Immediately afterward, she lay on the bed and buried her head under the pillow.

The delicate body rolled back and forth on the bed, and her face was red…

Even, find yourself drooling……….


“I dated a guy…”

“He likes me? But……. But…… Is he popular with girls? Will there be a girlfriend? Will it be just ordinary friends……. But, ordinary friends, do you date?!! “She flipped over, sat at the end of the bed and hugged her knees, and turned on her phone…

“No contact information~”

She pouted her pink lips, “I didn’t take pictures~”

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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step.


Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step. Rukawa maple? Zebei Eiji? Oh, this turns out to be a world where geniuses compete. What kind of experience is it like to have a perfect two-dimensional girlfriend on the way to the competition? Aomine Daiki: Susu is the enemy of life, even if the...


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