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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket Chapter 44

“Kaede Rukawa…,” Sakuragi shouted again.

Silver lightning, speeding across the court.

Liuchuan Feng ran on Su Feng’s side, trying to stop Su Feng’s quick attack.

In the blink of an eye, Su Feng had stepped into the forbidden area of Xiangbei and looked at Liuchuan Feng with a cold face.

He raised his knees, jumped in the air, grabbed the ball with his right hand, and smashed his simple and pure wheel arm into the frame.

“Slam dunk?”


Rukawa Kaede reached out to stop it.

“Boom!!” The ball went into the net with a sound, and both fell to the ground at the same time.

If he changed to Akagi, Su Feng might change his scoring strategy, after all, the power of the gorilla is undoubtedly stronger than him.

However, he was not afraid of Liuchuan Feng’s cap.

He has a large palm and a steady grip on the ball.

When the arm is wheeled, the strength of the arm can be transmitted to the palm of the hand.

Liuchuan Feng’s strength is actually not weak, but in the face of Su Feng’s strong and domineering slam dunk, he still did not succeed in stopping it!

“Stupid to death…” sakuragi whispered.

“It’s wonderful!” Xiandao clapped his hands, “Junior brother did this ball beautifully, a very strong slam dunk.” ”

“Roar, back defense, back defense!” Usumi shouted imposingly.

A slam dunk, coupled with the momentum exuded by Yusumi, made Lingnan strong.

On the other hand, looking at Xiangbei, the momentum went down at once.

But for people like Rukawa Feng, they also don’t admit defeat, and the more setbacks they get, the stronger they get


Moreover, he has a big heart!

Even if Liuchuan Feng showed good talent, before the five tigers of Xiangbei were gathered, the main offensive core still relied on Akagi.

“Snap~!” Akagi received the ball inside and wanted to turn around and dunk.

Usumi is like a mountain, clinging to Akagi without moving.

“Usumi…” Akagi was shocked, how could Usumi a year ago have such defensive skills.

Even if he is tall and strong, he is just a stupid big man who can be manipulated, and he didn’t expect that the progress of Yuzhu changed so much.

Sensing the captain’s condition, Rukawa Kaede quickly ran to pick it up.

“Snap!” After Kaede Rukawa catches the ball, he jumps on the spot and shoots the basket.

Mid-range position, projection.

“It’s really fast!”

Su Feng raised his eyebrows, stood up and stretched his right hand.

Liuchuan Feng, who jumped with all his strength, leaned back slightly in the air.

“Rukawa Kaede!” Sakuragi was surprised.

As if he was shocked by the serious Liuchuan Feng.

“Jump so high, Liuchuan Feng and Xiaofeng both jump so high, will they enter?”

“Swoosh~” The basketball passed over Su Feng’s head and flew to the basket.


The basketball smashed out of the box.

“Interesting, my fingers didn’t touch the ball, but jumped in the air, which still affected Rukawa Kaede’s shooting vision.”


“Snap!” This time, Akagi grabbed the rebound and wanted to dunk, but couldn’t jump, so he could only throw the ball at the frame.


“Stupid gorilla.” Sakuragi squealed anxiously.

Orangutans are not in a hurry, monkeys are in a hurry!!

“Bang!!” With a bang, I saw that Liuchuan Feng had already jumped in the air, grabbed the ball that came out of the frame with his right hand, and forcefully buckled into the frame.

“Rukawa Kaede…”

After he successfully made up the buckle, he landed on the ground expressionlessly, leaving a few drops of sweat on his forehead.

On the stands, the girls of the “Rukawa Kaede” Guards, wearing a uniform white dress and holding a yellow handkerchief, immediately celebrated.

“Rukawa Kaede, the ace player of Fuqiu Middle School, really has a hand!”

Taoka narrowed his eyes.

“However, our Su Feng is not a vegetarian player, at least… I haven’t seen him look like at full strength! ”

“Boom~” Su Feng held the ball past the midfield.

To be honest, Liuchuan Feng’s supplementary buckle aroused Su Feng’s desire to score.

The person in front of him can be regarded as a “ghost of attack” with good talent, and the residual blood will trigger the Ryukawa Kaede who is a hundred throws and hundreds of bugs.

“Here it come~”

Su Feng bent forward like a silver hungry wolf.

“What is it? What a dangerous taste. ”

Wild refers to the sensitivity to basketball, accurate grasp of the ball, quick reaction, and high explosiveness.

Like predators, it is a style of play.


“Breakthrough, in an instant, Xiao Feng broke through Liuchuan Feng.” Hikoichi shouted excitedly.

In an instant, Su Feng and Liuchuan Feng’s figures staggered, and he accelerated to cut towards the forbidden area.

“So fast, so smooth dribbling, at least, the first time I’ve seen someone dribble like this.” Under Twilight’s glasses, a pair of eyes were trembling.

He subconsciously went up, but in an instant, Su Feng disappeared from in front of him.


No, Su Feng just turned around extremely smoothly and quickly cut into the forbidden area.

After arriving on the left side of the basket, Su Feng jumped up.

“This guy, the speed is really fast.” Akagi jumped up and tried to stop Su Feng.

“Appear, gorilla swatting fly!” Sakuragi Hanamichi looked excited.

However, Su Feng’s goal was not to dunk directly.

Instead: Full Moon Scimitar!

Open the wild nature of the silver wolf, feel the smell of basketball, for the opponent’s defense, he is extremely sensitive.

Indirectly speaking, this sensitivity can be called the “pseudo” Heavenly Emperor’s eye.

He can know the next move from the moment the opponent strikes.

And, in mind, you can make a response.

His body leaned down, dodging Akagi’s huge body, and flew from the right side of the basket to the left, and the right arm of the basketball seemed to cross a crescent moon.

“Bang~” The basketball was heavily turned into the frame by him.

Bryant. Bryant’s “Full Moon Scimitar”, after being dimensionalized, has reached a degree that looks both flowing, dashing, and extremely domineering.

“Slam dunk? It turned out to be a slam dunk! ”

Sakuragi Hanamichi’s pupils constricted, staring incredulously at the court.

It turns out that basketball games can be done to this extent?

“This ball…” Rukawa Kaede’s gaze sank slightly.

“Well….. Strong! Senior Brother Su Feng is so strong. Even Immortal Dao’s face was full of shock, and his mouth opened into an O-shape, in disbelief.

“This guy, got the ball into the basket?”

This ball, the faces of the players in Xiangbei were all covered with an unconcealable shock.

The four-eyed boy Mu Twilight swallowed, what kind of monster are they fighting against?

Is this a monster that can compete with the “Age of Miracles”, a battle?

The difficult and wonderful dunk instantly ignited the passion of the Lingnan players.

Coach Anzai did not have any hope of winning.

Instead, he wanted to see how far the players could do in the face of Lingnan, a “reborn” strong team.

Especially the other party’s immortal path has not yet appeared, once it appears, I am afraid that it will be a massacre, right?

Coach Taoka estimated that it was also for the face of Xiangbei, and did not send the strongest team on the field.

Rao is so, one Su Feng, one MVP, and one superstar are enough to make Akagi suffer a little.

“This guy, it’s hateful……~~” Sakuragi’s gaze sank, and then he changed his face and shouted at the court

“Hey, gorilla, your momentum has been knocked down, hahaha, let this genius play.”

Looking at the hippie smiling Sakuragi outside the venue, the hearts of everyone in Xiangbei suddenly relaxed.

Taoka shouted with a fist:

“Yoxi, Xiao Feng, nice job, let them take a good look at the strength of MVP!”

Su Feng:

“Coach Cauldron, can you stop bragging about me…….”

“Hmph, damn it… Abominable uncle. Sakuragi became a beanie eye, quietly moving her footsteps, and slowly stood behind Taoka.

Coach Taoka inexplicably felt a dangerous breath…

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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step.


Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step. Rukawa maple? Zebei Eiji? Oh, this turns out to be a world where geniuses compete. What kind of experience is it like to have a perfect two-dimensional girlfriend on the way to the competition? Aomine Daiki: Susu is the enemy of life, even if the...


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