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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning Chapter 12

“Silent… Moranjun! ”
“What’s wrong? Love? ”
“I… I…”
In the end, Hoshino Ai still held the last line of defense under Li Moran’s attack, panting and holding the opponent’s hands down to prevent the other party from continuing to press.
At this time, Li Moran, because Hoshino’s expression was covered, he couldn’t see the other party for a while, and his expression looked a little puzzled.
Thanks to this, Hoshino Ai finally bought herself time to breathe, tried to calm her inner mood, and adjusted her state.
“I… It’s okay…”
“Are you all right? That’s good. ”
“I thought…”
Without waiting for Li Moran to finish speaking, he saw Hoshino Ai on the opposite side take off his mask and sunglasses.
The white star that keeps shining in his eyes, under the addition of his water veins, looks very charming and charming.
Suddenly, Li Moran was drunk again.
However, did it end there?
Hoshino Ai, who was embarrassed by Li Moran just now, will be so silent at this time?
The answer is obvious!
Soon Li Moran’s side, just like that, he didn’t have time to react and looked at Hoshino Ai in front of him, and gradually approached his face.
For a while, his whole person seemed to be fixed, and his heart was squeezed to his chest, as if he was about to jump out at any time.
However, at this time, Hoshino Ai was like a cunning fox, with a triumphant smile rippling at the corner of his mouth.
The other party was originally going to be close to the lips of Li Moran’s front face, but he also suddenly turned the direction of attack and turned to Li Moran’s side face.
Until Li Moran felt his earlobe, and there was a wet feeling.
At this time, he shouted in his heart that he was deceived, regretting that he had not predicted the direction of the enemy’s attack just now.
But what can he do at this time? The other party was obviously prepared and grasped his weaknesses.
This makes him soft now, half of his body.
Therefore, it can be said that it is almost impossible to organize a counterattack against Hoshino Ai in this situation, however
“Love… Not… It seems that someone…”
“Ah! How…”
Affected by Li Moran’s strategy of attacking the east and west, Hoshino Ai’s side fell into a panic, and the offensive and defensive momentum was also instantly reversed.
The loss of the target made Hoshino Ai, who was concentrating on dealing with the earlobe, suddenly fell into a daze, not understanding why the prey that had fallen into his hands would escape again in this way.
However, it is obvious that Li Moran’s side does not intend to give Hoshino Ai any chance to fight back at all… He wants to achieve a desperate counter-kill!
So the last thing Hoshino Ai saw here was Li Moran’s eyes reddened looking at him.
While the eyes are full of love and tenderness, the face is constantly close.
Until Hoshino Ai’s side was about to speak, his pupils shrank abruptly, and then slowly closed, revealing a happy smile.
The two soft lips finally fit together!
After a long while, the lips of the two finally slowly parted and pulled out a long crystal.
And at this time, Hoshino Ai looked at Li Moran with a crimson face.
The white stars in his eyes are no longer the same, and the pink stars seem to be reflected in them, telling his state of mind at this time.
As for Li Moran, his expression did not change after hearing Hoshino Ai whispering that he was a “liar”, and he was still the same gentle smile as before, until…
“Liar? It seems to be pretty good~”
Feeling the sharp pain coming from his shoulder, Li Moran’s expression suddenly became a little grinning, and he looked at Hoshino Ai who punished him with a wry smile.
And Hoshino Ai snorted softly, it seemed that he didn’t feel sorry for Li Moran at all… It’s weird! The action of the hand still betrayed herself.
At this time, while rubbing Li Moran’s shoulders, she pretended to look away to hide her true emotions.
It wasn’t until she felt that her hand rubbing the other’s shoulder was held by the other party that Hoshino Ai turned her head back, and looked at the other party’s eyes and involuntarily dodged.
“The next time the bite is lighter, it is estimated that it will be a little swollen.”
Gently patted Hoshino’s hand, Li Moran’s uncaring attitude also made Hoshino’s heart love the man in front of him even more.
Soon fell into Li Moran’s arms again, at this time, Hoshino Ai was like a tamed kitten, coveting the warmth brought by the other party.
Li Moran, on the other hand, silently hugged each other, feeling the tranquility that belonged to the two alone.
It seems that the cunning fox will not be able to resist the sophisticated hunter after all.
Tonight’s Hoshino Ai has fallen again.
“Jiu Ai Yi…”
“You said, my mother rushed out in a hurry today, did something happen?”
“I don’t know.”
“Really… I called my mother just now, but my mother didn’t answer. ”
“Yu Aiyi is a mom and a girl.”
“Jiu Aiyi!”
Hairy by Jiu Aiyi’s words, Yu Aiyi couldn’t wait to roll up her sleeves at this time and fight with the twin sisters next to her for three hundred rounds.
Jiu Aiyi, on the other hand, still had the same calm expression as before, and seemed to have no problem with what he had just said, and continued to look at the book in his hand.
Looking at the other party like this, for some reason, Yu Aiyi, who was still very angry just now, seemed to be a little deflated for a while, and felt some discouragement in her heart.
“Although Jiu Aiyi is a sister, she is obviously older than Jiu Aiyi…”
Thinking of this, in the originally small body of Yu Aiyi, she couldn’t help but let out a sigh that belonged to her soul.
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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the


If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the life he lost in his previous life However, things are far from as simple as he thought… Hoshino Ai: “Mr. Muran~ I’m going to meet the girl who’s been rumored to be with you~” Kurokawa Akane: “If it’s Mr. Muran, I can…” Rumi Hoshino: “Father is mine!” Youmagana: “Mr. Muran, can I really…can’t?” One after another, just when Li Moran thought his life was finally complete, He didn’t expect the story to just begin!


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