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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning Chapter 20

was pointed out by Jiu Aiyi that he was trying to “get through the pass”, at this time, Yu Aiyi’s little face was also full of embarrassment, and Bai Xing was also a little dodging for a while.
In fact, everything that happened just now was an accident – Yu Aiyi, who was eavesdropping at the door, because of the news that Li Moran was a “student of Eastern University”, made himself a little trance for a while, and did not notice that Jiu Aiyi was ready to go back to the room.
It wasn’t until Jiu Aiyi twisted the doorknob here that Jiu Aiyi came back to her senses, ready to return to the bed in a panic, and tried to disguise the illusion that she had been lying down.
However, it was as if the god of fate wanted to make a joke on Yu Aiyi at this time.
Just when Yu Aiyi turned her head and was about to run back to the bed, she happened to step on the slippers that she had just placed everywhere.
As soon as the little foot was crooked, the body immediately fell backwards uncontrollably, and happened to hit Jiu Aiyi’s forehead.
What Jiu Aiyi saw here was that he had just opened the door, and a small head “pounced” towards his face.
She had no time to dodge, she could only look at her forehead with a confused expression, and had an “intimate contact” with the back of the other party’s head, and until the “confrontation” between the two just now.
“So, what were you doing standing by the door?”
“I… I… I’m ready to go to the toilet! I didn’t expect Jiu Aiyi to open the door just now! ”
“Oh~go to the toilet~”
Hearing this obviously a little weak explanation from Yu Aiyi.
Jiu Aiyi’s side had some meaningful responses, which also made Jiu Aiyi’s little face flush, and her head unconsciously looked at her toes.
And looking at Yu Aiyi’s appearance, Jiu Aiyi’s eyes flashed a rare hint of funny, and her footsteps immediately walked towards the direction of the bed.
For a while, Ru Aiyi thought that what she was overhearing would not be discovered, which also made her little heart finally relax and quietly breathe a sigh of relief.
But just as she was about to open the door, it seemed that she was really going out to the bathroom.
Jiu Aiyi’s voice came from behind him, and made Yu Aiyi, who thought that he was well covered, break his defense on the spot, and the white star in his eyes suddenly trembled.
“Pay attention the next time you eavesdrop.”
“Jiu Ai Yi !!”
“Love, how are you resting these days?”
“Hmm~ the exhaustion after the performance of the dome has eased a lot~”
When I came to the office, I first went to say hello to the president who was busy.
And looking at Hoshino Ai smiling in front of him, he opened his five and waved hello to himself.
Saito Ichigo, who was originally a little sullen in the past few days for Hoshino Ai’s behavior of “first obtaining the certificate and then reporting”, also instantly eliminated the only remaining emotion in his heart, and the voice in response to Hoshino Ai was also full of the love of the “old father”.
Hearing that the president’s tone did not change, Hoshino’s mood was also relaxed, and he returned to his original state of leisure, and while stretching his waist, he also said that his spirit had recovered.
“Then rest for the past two days, and then continue to work.”
“Let the horses come! President! ”
He rolled his sleeves and said that he had no problems with his work.
The white star in Hoshino’s eyes at this time is also shining more and more with her state of “bulingbuling”.
And the energy in the other party’s voice also made Saito Ichigo relax, and turned his words to ask about other things.
“Then for your future work, silent over there…”
“My lover said that she would fully support my work, and the president does not have to worry at all!”
“Then for the debut thing, your lover’s side…”
“Sorry, President, he hasn’t told me what he thinks…”
Hearing Hoshino’s somewhat apologetic reply, Saito Ichigo also smashed the bar and smashed his mouth, expressing the residual thoughts in his heart.
However, I understand that since the other party is Hoshino’s husband, no matter what the situation is, Li Moran will not run anywhere.
“It’s really not okay, let love do more silent work when the time comes…”
“After all, this kid gave the best kid in our firm… Of course, he can’t be so out of the way! ”
After calculating in his heart, Saito Ichigo felt that it was very feasible.
While his eyes were shining like a “beast”, his mouth also unconsciously emitted a “beast” laugh.
And seeing that his president was smiling so “insidiously”, Hoshino Ai could only smile helplessly, and prayed slightly for Li Moran in his heart.
After all, as an artist who was single-handedly excavated and cultivated by Saito Ichigo.
Of course, Hoshino Ai understood what the middle-aged man in front of him was thinking about.
“I’m back~”
“Eh, Jiu Aiyi and you… What about Moranjun? ”
“Jiu Aiyi is still in the room, uncle’s words… It seems that I have been busy in the room in the afternoon and did not come out. ”
After a busy day, I didn’t arrive home until after eight o’clock in the evening.
However, as soon as she returned home, Hoshino Ai only saw Jiu Aiyi sitting in the living room – at this time, Xiao Jiu Aiyi was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and her little face was still as free of emotions as usual.
And when asked what was the situation between the two, in the face of Jiu Aiyi’s answer, Hoshino Ai was not surprised by the performance of Jiu Aiyi’s constant emotions – after all, it was her own daughter, and she was still relatively clear about Jiu Aiyi’s character.
However, knowing that Li Moran had been staying in the room since he entered the room in the morning, Hoshino Ai felt a little strange.
After all, she didn’t know what Li Moran was doing in his room this day.
With such curiosity, just when Hoshino Ai was about to quietly enter the room to see what Li Moran was doing.
Jiu Aiyi, who was sitting on the sofa, suddenly spoke, and suddenly stopped Hoshino Ai’s next action.
“What’s the matter~Jiu Ai Yi~”
Hearing the desire of Jiu Aiyi behind him, Hoshino Ai also stopped at this time, and looked at Jiu Aiyi’s eyes with some doubts.
Because in her impression, she rarely heard herself, the eldest daughter who almost resembled a genius, speak to herself in such a tone.
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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the


If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the life he lost in his previous life However, things are far from as simple as he thought… Hoshino Ai: “Mr. Muran~ I’m going to meet the girl who’s been rumored to be with you~” Kurokawa Akane: “If it’s Mr. Muran, I can…” Rumi Hoshino: “Father is mine!” Youmagana: “Mr. Muran, can I really…can’t?” One after another, just when Li Moran thought his life was finally complete, He didn’t expect the story to just begin!


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