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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning Chapter 27

His gaze turned to the scene in front of him, and the young man at the head of the plane who was directly stunned.
And the other party also saw Li Moran’s almost emotionless eyes, cold sweat flowed out like a waterfall for a while, and his legs trembled uncontrollably.
It was a pair of eyes that completely saw itself as an ant!
“What are you going to do to my children?”
A “I” word just squeezed out of his throat, Li Moran did not listen to the other party’s nonsense here, directly grabbed the other party’s hair is the habit of going to the table.
And the young man’s side suddenly deformed the bridge of the nose, and the nosebleed could not be stopped from flowing out of his nostrils.
“Bastard, I…”
Slammed into the table again, this time Li Moran directly and deliberately put the other party’s teeth on the edge of the table.
Soon, two front teeth jumped out, and the young man’s mouth was also full of blood.
And the ferocity when he was about to angrily reprimand Li Moran just now suddenly disappeared, and while tears flowed on his face, he was also “woo-woo” speechless.
“Didi Da Da ~ Di Di Da Da ~”
Here, just when Li Moran was about to let go of the young man and start calling the police.
The sudden ringing of the mobile phone on the young man’s body also made Li Moran stunned, and then his face couldn’t help but become more gloomy.
He reached out and was about to take out the phone in the young man’s pocket, but he knew that the other party would fiercely resist again.
Faced with this situation, Li Moran directly kicked the other party’s crotch, and watched the young man cover his gear and fall to the ground with blood stains on his face.
This scene was also seen by the people around at the same time, and countless male compatriots also subconsciously clamped their legs.
As for Li Moran, he didn’t care what the people around him thought at all, and then squatted down and took out his mobile phone from the young man’s pocket and pressed answer.
Until a rough voice appeared on the opposite side.
“Hirado! What the hell are you all up to? ”
“Hurry up and get to the fire escape, and later you bastards will run back by yourself, understand…”
Hanging up the phone directly, Li Moran’s cold eyes revealed a trace of anger to the extreme.
However, he did not leave immediately, and went directly to the fire escape to see how Yu Aiyi and the president’s wife were doing.
At this time, he first looked to the other side, his expression was obviously frozen, and his eyes were full of fear.
Then showed a smile as kind as the sun, leaned over and covered Jiu Ai’s head with his hand, and gently stroked it twice.
“I’m sorry Jiu Aiyi, Dad scared you.”
“I… I…”
Hearing Li Moran’s words, Jiu Aiyi, who was originally stunned, instantly filled her eyes with tears, and her small mouth also skimmed.
It seems that everything she saw just now still caused a huge impact on her, a child who is only a few years old.
And seeing the scene of Jiu Aiyi, the anger in Li Moran’s heart became more and more intense, but his expression was still warm.
After all, as a father, he must try to let his children see less of his violent side.
“Dad… Woo hoo… Dad…”
“You’re going to get Ryi back, right?”
Obviously, just now, Jiu Aiyi had guessed through the phone call received by Li Moran that his sister Yu Aiyi might be facing a similar situation to himself.
And hearing Jiu Aiyi’s pleading voice with a crying voice, and the first time the other party called his father, it was in such a situation.
Li Moran only patted Jiu Aiyi’s head slightly more at this time, but did not say anything more.
Immediately told the clerk who did not dare to come over to remember to call the police, and instructed the other party to take care of his child.
Then, with a worried and curious nod from the clerk, he turned and ran towards the fire escape of the mall.
“So, am I going to die?”
“I obviously promised myself that I would spend my life well…”
In a drowsy moment, Yu Aiyi could feel that she was in a dim place, and there seemed to be several people around her cursing something, and her hands seemed to be imprisoned by something.
Until she finally slowly opened her eyes from a brief coma.
At this time, in her field of vision, some obvious red can be seen.
That’s the color of blood!
“By the way, I remember having dinner with Aunt Kyoko…”
“And then…”
My brain was groggy, but I could barely remember what had just happened.
At that time, she just finished ordering what she wanted to eat with Kyoko Saito, but she was still a little unhappy in her heart – after all, it was not long after the quarrel with Jiu Aiyi.
But at this time, a few big men suddenly came in the store, and without saying a word, they first knocked down Kyoko Saito, and then moved to lift Ru Aiyi, directly in front of everyone, and hurried towards the door.
However, Yu Aiyi did not have the slightest timidity in that situation – she directly gave the tattooed man holding her a hard bite on his arm.
And the other party also threw Yu Aiyi to the ground under the pain, and caused her head to hit the ground at that time, and accidentally fainted.
“So, am I kidnapped?”
“But it seems that I probably haven’t been in a coma for long…”
With a bitter smile in her heart, she endured the pain in her forehead and tried to open her eyes, and Yu Aiyi observed the situation around her.
Obviously, the few men who abducted themselves just now did not seem to have gone far – at this time, she was in a corridor, and it seemed that the other party seemed to be waiting for something.
One of the tattooed men who seemed to be the leader was obviously in a bad mood after making a phone call, and his expression looked very gloomy.
“What to do boss?”
“They look like something is wrong there?”
“Waste! A bunch of waste! ”
“The other party is just an ordinary person with a child, how can he not even do this thing?”
The anger that could be heard in his tone seemed to be a little stunned by the mentality of his subordinates.
A horse boy beside him waited for the tattooed man’s mood to calm down a little before cautiously continuing to ask.
“The boss…”
“What should we do?”
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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the


If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the life he lost in his previous life However, things are far from as simple as he thought… Hoshino Ai: “Mr. Muran~ I’m going to meet the girl who’s been rumored to be with you~” Kurokawa Akane: “If it’s Mr. Muran, I can…” Rumi Hoshino: “Father is mine!” Youmagana: “Mr. Muran, can I really…can’t?” One after another, just when Li Moran thought his life was finally complete, He didn’t expect the story to just begin!


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