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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning Chapter 38

As soon as these words came out, Inoue’s face suddenly became a little embarrassed, and he immediately glared fiercely at Jiuyuan.
The man next to the woman frowned, but did not say anything more, seemingly acquiescing to the other party’s behavior.
As for Jiu Yuan and Li Moran on the opposite side, their expressions did not change in the slightest, and their bodies did not move at all.
For some reason, the scene fell into a strange silence for a while.
“Is that what you do, your job?”
There was no way, and in the end, the silence was broken by Inoue who was the first to provoke the matter – at this time, he did not direct his fire at Li Moran and the others, but directly towards his colleague Jiuyuan and shouted first.
Of course, the other party’s doing this is not to have any respect for Li Moran and others.
In fact, when the voiceover was angrily drinking Jiuyuan, what was the attitude towards Li Moran and others, Inoue’s performance was naturally at a glance.
However, at this time, Jiuyuan sneered, seemingly not caring at all about the other party’s attitude towards him and the customers he brought to him.
He just silently pulled out a document from his briefcase, but did not directly show Inoue and the others what it was about.
And seeing Jiuyuan’s somewhat tricky and mysterious approach, Inoue finally became impatient, and directly walked towards Jiuyuan with a few big strides, and snatched the documents in the other party’s hand.
“Jiuyuan, your entangled attitude, I must tell the company well when I go back!”
“Take a few people who can’t afford to buy a house to look here, and delay our company’s big customers!”
“You don’t know it’s hurting our company…”
“… Benefit. ”
First, the split head covered the face directly towards Jiuyuan, and the opposite Jiuyuan could even feel the other party’s spit directly sprayed on his face.
Speechless for a while, he just touched his face calmly with his hand, and until the other party finally put his eyes on the document in his hand.
I originally thought that it was a piece of waste paper in my hand, and it was given to Inoue who almost subconsciously tore it off.
His words also stopped instantly, and his tone seemed to be blocked by something.
All the anger and meanness on his face turned into incredulity in an instant.
The eyes looking at the document are eager to bulge out directly and be fiercely printed on the document.
Without him, it was really the “full amount” above, as well as the words “Li Moran” on the buyer’s signature, which really made his brain suffer a huge impact in an instant.
And at this moment, the somewhat impatient noble lady who was obviously waiting on the other side noticed that something was wrong.
After the high heels “clicked” a few steps forward, she also saw the very obvious words on the purchase contract, so that the corners of her eyes couldn’t help but collapse, and her brain seemed to be hammered by a man and a woman on the opposite side in an instant.
As for the middle-aged man beside the woman, he also followed behind and saw the general situation in the contract.
As the president of a listed food company, he couldn’t help but gasp at this time, unable to believe that the other party could come up with this amount at once.
For a while, while the whole scene became silent, there was a hint of absurd funny contained in it.
“This can’t be! How could you possibly come up with such a number at once! It’s even us…”
“Madam, when our company brings customers to see the property, there will be a corresponding capital verification review.”
“Yes, Inoue~”
“Huh? Yes…”
In the face of Jiu Yuan’s reasoned response, Inoue at this time obviously looked a little lost, and the fingers that pinched the contract were also a little trembling.
Only then did he realize that the few people he had just looked down on were the company’s real “big customers”.
After all, even the couples around them actually reached an intention with themselves when buying this house, but they are just pursuing installments.
Now, the other party has been able to take out nearly a billion yen of property at one time and directly buy this property.
This is not a big customer, or what?
“I actually sneered at such people…”
“If this matter is known by the president, I…”
I thought that my hard-won job would end early because of such a mistake.
And because of the major problems caused by their own business problems, the company does not even have to fulfill its liability for compensation.
For a while, Inoue’s legs turned out to be a little soft.
On the other side, the noble lady who was directly scolded by Inoue looked embarrassed and angry at this time, and he could even see some bulging of green tendons on his forehead.
But just when she was about to vent her anger directly and express her feelings of being slapped in the face.
The man beside her grabbed the woman and stopped the other party from continuing to speak.
“I’m very sorry everyone, but the insiders have caused you trouble because of their own rudeness…”
He bowed his head slightly to Li Moran to express his apologies, while the noble lady beside him felt that he was now, and his face was directly pressed to the ground and rubbed.
However, the middle-aged man did not care what his wife thought at this time.
By being able to take his company public from scratch, he has already sensed the dangers behind this matter.
A person who can spend tens of millions of cash to buy real estate in full, no matter what, is not an existence that he can offend.
After all, even if it is him, the annual salary of one year plus the company’s share income is only more than 100 million yen
Looking at the other side directly apologizing to himself, in fact, Li Moran now feels a little speechless.
After all, although he felt a little annoyed by the other party’s behavior, and he also thought about whether to do something afterwards…
But he didn’t expect the other party to admit it so quickly, which made him feel a little helpless.
But at this time, he finally came back to his senses and understood why Hoshino Ai and others had been shocked by their attitude towards spending money on a house.
“The national conditions are different…”
Sighing, Li Moran finally experienced it.
(Don’t think it’s me talking about this paragraph, I went to the Internet to check the relevant information, only to find that many of the people who were counted on the surface of Sakura Country were CEOs and executives of large companies, top sports entertainment stars and the like).
(Of course, I check the income on the surface, and I don’t say how much income I have in private, and I can’t find it.)
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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the


If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the life he lost in his previous life However, things are far from as simple as he thought… Hoshino Ai: “Mr. Muran~ I’m going to meet the girl who’s been rumored to be with you~” Kurokawa Akane: “If it’s Mr. Muran, I can…” Rumi Hoshino: “Father is mine!” Youmagana: “Mr. Muran, can I really…can’t?” One after another, just when Li Moran thought his life was finally complete, He didn’t expect the story to just begin!


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