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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning Chapter 6

Time flies… In fact, there is a P Ran, Li Moran also stayed in the hospital for two days, and his expression was full of lovelessness.
To tell the truth, in his original idea, he should have completed the life node indicated by the life simulation system and slipped away… Or leave the hospital early, and then return to their peaceful life, and Hoshino Ai will “never see again”.
“But how can I never see it again?”
Sighed, looking at his bedside, Hoshino loved to instruct others to send him chicken soup, Li Moran didn’t know what to say at this time, and his mind could only keep thinking about it.
My thoughts couldn’t help but drift back to the day before yesterday, remembering the “battle of wits and courage” between myself and Hoshino Ai – which ended in his fiasco.
The scene where the other party later takes out the photo from his wallet and shows him receiving the receipt for buying the other person’s album.
Thinking of this, Li Moran unconsciously covered his face, and his expression looked very eager to leave this world of social death.
“But… I wonder how her performance at Tokyo Dome went? ”
“Watching TV, it should be quite successful, right?”
I don’t know about the entertainment industry, but Li Moran is not a fool, and naturally he can see that in the performance broadcast by the Tokyo Dome, it is a crowded support scene.
This also gave Li Moran a further understanding of Hoshino Ai’s influence in the entire Sakura Country.
“However, it seems that she should not come over today.”
“After all, I just got such a big show, and I experienced such outrageous things before… It’s time to take a break, too. ”
“In that case…”
Thinking in his heart, Hoshino Ai should not come over today, Li Moran also slowly closed his eyes, until after opening his eyes again, the person was no longer located in the ward.
At this time, he seemed to be in a void space, and the only thing that had some light was the projection panel in front of him.
[Li Moran].
【Life Point: 1】
[Life Talent: None].
[Life Skills: Tai Chi (LV1)].
“Fortunately, when I accepted the life node at that time, the newbie reward given was Tai Chi skills.”
“Otherwise, in the face of a young man with a knife, if you want to retreat with only a slight injury, I am afraid it is not so easy…”
He sighed in his heart that he was lucky, but at this moment, he suddenly heard the sound of his ward door being opened.
He closed his eyes again until he opened them, and what appeared on Li Moran’s eyelids was Hoshino Ai, who he thought would not come today.
And just when Li Moran sighed helplessly in his heart, but still waved his hand towards Hoshino Ai, and was ready to ask the other party how the performance was.
Behind Hoshino Ai, two little girls with black hair and black eyes suddenly appeared, looking almost identical.
Almost at the first moment when he saw the little girl, Li Moran’s heart jumped as if it was uncontrollable, causing him to unconsciously cover his chest.
A sense of familiarity that came from nowhere, it was very absurd in his mind.
And the two little girls who looked as delicate as porcelain dolls and could almost see Hoshino’s love shadow were also curious at Li Moran at this time, looking a little timid.
However, not knowing if it was his own illusion, Li Moran subconsciously rubbed his eyes.
He obviously saw it just now, the little girl on the right, the color flashed in her eyes, it didn’t look like a child should show.
Soon, Hoshino Ai also led the two children’s little hands to Li Moran, and then introduced with a smile.
“Moranjun, these two… It’s all my kids. ”
“One is called Ryumi Hoshino.”
“One is called Hoshino… Jiu Ai Yi. ”
“Beauty… Love clothes…”
After listening to Hoshino Ai introduce her two children to herself, Li Moran also silently read the names of the two children at this time, and her expression was a little abrupt.
And Hoshino Ai on this side, thinking that he had a child, caused a huge impact on Li Moran, and did not disturb the other party for a while, but just led the two children to sit down silently.
“Sorry! I just got a little distracted here. ”
“Uh-huh… It’s okay, Moran-kun. ”
Quickly coming back from the trance, Li Moran also understood that he was a little rude just now, and immediately apologized to Hoshino Ai.
Hoshino Ai’s side, on the other hand, showed a soft smile, seemingly not caring about Li Moran’s appearance just now, and his fingers unconsciously stroked the little hands of the two children.
“So… Father of two? ”
“Sorry, it’s inconvenient to say, just when I didn’t say it…”
“No~ For Hoshino-kun’s words, there is nothing to hide, it’s just…”
Hearing Hoshino Ai’s words that seemed to have some unclear meaning, Li Moran rarely ignited gossip at this time.
In the small head, there is a big doubt.
Miyazaki Prefectural Hospital in Kyushu Area of Sakura Country
“Congratulations on the successful show.”
The fire in his hand flashed, and Yumiya Goro rarely ushered in his own rest time at this time, and the whole person was also leaning on the railing, with a posture of swallowing clouds and mist.
It wasn’t until he had already swallowed several mouthfuls here that he seemed to have thought of something, took out something similar to an inspection sheet from his pocket, and looked at the content on it with a complicated expression.
“I really envy this kid, I can let love give him a baby!”
“You have to love well, otherwise, as a fan…”
Can’t help but mumble a few words to vent the jealousy of someone in my heart.
Then Yumiya Goro’s expression became a little hesitant, but soon he made up his mind, and the test sheet in his hand also ignited.
“The person who sent me a DNA sample doesn’t know what your purpose is, or what you want to do to love…”
“Maybe I want to arouse my feelings of love and make the secret of love public.”
“But… Who to look down on? ”
“I’m a fan of Hoshino’s love!”
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Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Zongman Life simulation, save Ai Hoshino at the beginning

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the


If you could, would you like to start your life all over again?” Get a life simulation system, you can get skill upgrade rewards by completing life nodes Li Moran swears that he must spend the rest of his life well and make up for the life he lost in his previous life However, things are far from as simple as he thought… Hoshino Ai: “Mr. Muran~ I’m going to meet the girl who’s been rumored to be with you~” Kurokawa Akane: “If it’s Mr. Muran, I can…” Rumi Hoshino: “Father is mine!” Youmagana: “Mr. Muran, can I really…can’t?” One after another, just when Li Moran thought his life was finally complete, He didn’t expect the story to just begin!


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