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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi Chapter 16

“North away from the Jianghu Snow Moon Sword Immortal Li Hanyi, ask the Sword Sword Demon Dugu for defeat!!”
This voice contained Li Hanyi’s amazing sword intent, shrouding every peak and startling countless birds.
I don’t know how long it took, a hoarse voice came from all directions:
“I can’t imagine that after sixty years in seclusion, there are still people in the world who remember me alone and seek defeat.”
With this voice fell.
On the mountain peak opposite Li Hanyi, an old man wearing a black coat suddenly appeared, although he only stood casually, but it gave people an unshakable power like a god.
“Junior Li Hanyi, I have seen Dugu senior.”
Li Hanyi saluted respectfully.
“The little girl’s sword intention is good, when the old man was at your age, he was only like you.”
Dugu said appreciatively.
Sixty years have long since polished his sharp sword intent, and only sinking remains.
Li Hanyi said: “The junior knows that he is far inferior to the predecessor, and he came to ask about the sword today, just to understand the power of the land sword immortal, and also ask the senior to complete.” ”
Dugu asked for defeat and said, “The old man has entered the realm of no sword, you can make a move, how many points you can comprehend depends on your creation.” ”
Li Hanyi didn’t say anything more, directly transported the Iron Horse Ice River Sword, and went straight to Dugu to seek defeat
However, at the moment she took off, hundreds of miles of mountains and forests around her all trembled, flying sand and stones rolled upside down.
Every grain of sand, every stone, every leaf, and even every wisp of breeze was all extremely fierce sword intent.
This is the Swordless Realm!
There is no sword in the hand, but the sword intent is everywhere.
Moon Eve Flower Morning!
Li Hanyi was like a great enemy, directly displaying the strongest killing move, and the sword intent led countless flowers to come.
“The sword move is good, but it is not enough.”
Dugu shook his head, only flicked it casually, and the sword intent that spread over the mountains immediately passed through like a violent wind, destroying all the flowers.
“Is this the strength of the Land Immortal?”
Li Hanyi looked at Dugu, who was thousands of meters away from her, and could not hide the shock in her heart.
With her strength when she first entered the half-step iQue realm, she couldn’t even approach the thousands of meters before Dugu Qiu was defeated.
This kind of strength is far beyond her imagination.
Dugu stood in defeat, looking up at the sky slightly, his eyes full of desolation.
Invincible, how lonely!
Li Hanyi’s side did not notice Dugu’s gesture of seeking defeat, and only muttered softly:
“Such a terrifying strength is still not in the top ten of the Sword Immortals, so how amazing should the top ten land Sword Immortals be?”
Dugu’s skill in seeking defeat is so profound, although Li Hanyi is soft-spoken, he listens to it very clearly.
“Little girl, what did you say?”
“The old man’s sword art is not in the top ten of the world’s land sword immortals?”
Dugu asked sharply, and the black figure came to Li Hanyi in an instant, his eyes full of essence.
Li Hanyi was taken aback by the amazing strength displayed by Dugu’s quest for defeat, and did not hide it, and directly repeated Su Chen’s words.
“Tianji Immortal?”
“He guided you here?”
“Did he really say that the old man’s swordsmanship could not rank in the top ten in the world?”
Dugu asked three questions of the soul for defeat.
“That’s right, otherwise how could the juniors find here.”
“However, Mr. Su only said that the sword skills of the predecessors are not in the top ten of the world’s land sword immortals.”
“Specifically, what are the land sword immortals who are more above the seniors, Mr. Su only mentioned one sword god Li Chungang.”
Li Hanyi said one fifty-one-ten.
“Sword God Li Chungang?”
Dugu Qiu looked dazed, obviously he had never heard of this figure.
“This person is famous in Liyang Jianghu and is known as the god of kendo in Liyang, but unfortunately died decades ago.”
Li Hanyi added.
Dugu’s desire for defeat was unprecedentedly agitated.
At the age of 100, he thought that everything would not be in his mind.
But the news he learned this time was too shocking, completely subverting his outlook on life and world view.
In order to seek defeat, he traveled around the world, thinking that he had reached the pinnacle, and had no choice but to bury his sword in a barren grave.
Now he suddenly told him that there were more powerful swordsmen in this world than him, but he had not met them.
The sword heart that had long been extinguished was burning again at this time.
“That Tianji Immortal, where is it now?”
Dugu asked loudly.
Li Hanyi said, “The Tianji Immortal is in Snow Moon City, north away from the Imperial Dynasty’s Snow Moon City. ”
The wind is raging, and the flying sand is rolling upside down.
Li Hanyi quickly blocked his eyes, and when he opened them again, Dugu’s quest for defeat had disappeared without a trace.
Disappearing with him was the large black eagle.
“Sword Demon Dugu seeks defeat, but he can’t seek defeat in his life, I don’t know if he can get his long-cherished wish this time.”
Li Hanyi muttered to the fierce wind, and also walked towards Xueyue City.
Time flies, and days pass in the blink of an eye.
Because of the news from Sikong Changfeng, the north of the rivers and lakes shook like never before.
The Tang Gate and the Dark River Organization are secretly forming an alliance, intending to destroy the Lei family of the Thunderbolt Hall in Jiangnan, and even planning to ambush the Snow Moon Sword Immortal Li Hanyi!
This secret is absolutely shocking.
Especially the rumors in the rivers and lakes, this secret came from the calculation given to Li Hanyi by the Tianji immortals, which made the discussions in the rivers and lakes a lot.
The Tang Gate in Shuzhong and the Lei family in Thunderbolt Hall in Jiangnan are the top martial arts families in the north of the rivers and lakes.
The Dark River Organization is recognized as the number one killer organization in the north and beyond.
If these three forces are in a big war, it will be absolutely earth-shaking for the northern rivers and lakes.
As the so-called immortals fight, mortals suffer.
For example, those high-rollers who had planned to participate in the Lei Family Hero Banquet hesitated at this time.
The Tang Gate and the Dark River Organization joined forces to attack, who dares to go here!
And the biggest reaction to this news is the three forces of the Lei family, the Tang Gate, and the Dark River Organization.
Jiangnan Perak Hall, Lei Family Main Hall.
Lei Qianhu and Lei Hong sat opposite each other, and both of them looked very solemn.
“Lei Hong, do you think this Tianji Immortal’s Tianji calculation is somewhat credible?”
Lei Qianhu said calmly.
“Zero points! I’ve never heard of any Tianji Immortal before. ”
Lei Hong said without hesitation.
He then added, “But when it comes to the safety of Minegate, even zero points must be prevented.” ”
Lei Qianhu nodded and frowned: “I’m the same as you think, the Tang Gate has Tang Xianyue sitting in town, so it shouldn’t be able to sneak up on my Lei family.” ”
“The Tang Gate is not a monolith, if you really want to make a move, Tang Lianyue can’t stop it.”
Lei said lightly.
“No matter what, be vigilant.”
“If this is true, we owe a big favor to the Tianji Immortals.”
Lei Qianhu took a deep breath and said.
That night, the Lei family of the Jiangnan Thunderbolt Hall issued an order to recall all the disciples who went out and enter a first-level state of alert.
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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Su Chen traveled through the world of comprehensive martial arts and obtained a god-level deduction system. Since then, there has been a fortune teller in Xueyue City, who touches women’s bones and men’s faces, and experts from all walks of life come to ask for a lottery. Yaoyue: “Please ask the Immortal Tianji to feel the bones for me, and tell me in whose hand is the Six Renshen Die.” Xu Fengnian: “It turned out that these people were the murderers who killed my mother. Thank you, Immortal Tianji, for telling me!” Ning Que: “Sangsang is Haotian? Isn’t Immortal Tianji joking?” “What? My swordsmanship is not ranked among the top 30 in the world? The sword god Li Chungang is not dead? The sword master Liu Bai can fight against the sky?” Li Hanyi’s worldview collapsed just after being touched. … 【Produced by Nine Tails, Quality Guarantee】


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