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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi Chapter 20

Su Chen thought in his mind that he had already come up with many ways to use the Heavenly Opportunity Order.
However, these are not in a hurry for the time being, and the priority is to give some remuneration to the little beauty in front of him.
Since agreeing to be Su Chen’s maid, Ye Ruoyi moved to the next room, and arranged his food, clothing, and living properly.
Su Chen saw all this in his eyes, and now that he had obtained a healing elixir, he naturally had to arrange it for her.
Thinking so, Su Chen did not delay, and said directly: “You come here and sit down.” ”
Su Chen pointed to the position in front of him, “I’ll calculate it for you.” ”
Ye Ruoyi sat down obediently, flashing her beautiful eyes, and said curiously: “Isn’t Mr. Su every seven days?” ”
Su Chen coughed lightly and said positively
“The avenue is fifty, the sky is forty and nine, and the people are one.”
“Even the avenue is still lacking, and Su’s rules are not static, so I will make an exception for you today.”
Make an exception for me once?
When Ye Ruoyi heard this, she was immediately moved.
But she has seen with her own eyes how sought-after this order is, how many high-rollers fight for it, and even throw tens of thousands of dollars.
“It’s so simple, so easy to be moved.”
Su Chen looked at Ye Ruoyi’s expression and secretly shook his head.
Although he returned to the heavenly pill with chalcedony, fortune-telling still had to be calculated.
After all, Ye Ruoyi’s identity is quite extraordinary, and her luck is deep, and giving her a fortune teller once can obtain many additional benefits.
Soon, Su Chen’s fortune-telling began.
Ye Ruoyi watched Su Chen hold her jade hand, only to feel that her cheeks were hot, and her heart was like countless deer bumping.
In fact, she had fantasized about this scene many times, and each time she had to interrupt it because her heartbeat was so fast that it was difficult to suppress.
Now that fantasy has become reality, it is even more difficult for Ye Ruoyi to suppress the wisp of emotion in her heart.
“Fortune telling for Ye Ruoyi is successful.”
“Congratulations to the host for obtaining a martial arts deduction card.”
A cold system prompt sounded in his mind, making Su Chen’s mood instantly beautiful.
Martial Arts Deduction Card!
He knew the miraculous effects of this treasure very well.
In just one hour, he completely comprehended the two magical powers in “Six Void Skills of Zhou Liu”.
Xiu Wei even soared from the martial arts three-grade realm to the peak of the free realm in one fell swoop.
The “Excalibur and Thunder True Technique” obtained this time is a genuine true cultivation sword technique, which is even more difficult to comprehend than the “Six Void Skills of Zhou Liu”.
Now with the help of martial arts deduction cards, things have suddenly become smooth.
“Mr. Su, I, how is my situation?”
Ye Ruoyi saw Su Chen withdraw his palm, and immediately asked nervously.
She was born with incomplete heart, and I don’t know how many doctors she visited, but she was never able to treat her.
Originally, she had long since broken off the idea of becoming a normal person.
But after getting to know Su Chen, he couldn’t help but have a ray of hope in his heart.
Now she was afraid that this ray of hope would be cut off again.
Su Chen saw Ye Ruoyi’s concern, and said with a slight smile: “Don’t worry, I have calculated the opportunity for tomorrow, and there are people in this world who can save you.” ”
Ye Ruoyi’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly asked, “Who is it?” ”
“Far away, near at hand.”
Su Chen said with a smile, turning his palm, the chalcedony Heavenly Pill had appeared in the palm of his hand.
“This is…” Ye Ruoyi’s beautiful eyes flickered, and she still didn’t understand the situation.
“This pill is called Chalcedony Huitian Pill, and it is refined from the chalcedony of 10,000-year-old cold jade, and you can heal it directly after taking it.”
Su Chen patiently explained.
Ye Ruoyi was overjoyed at first, and suddenly remembered Fang Cai Suchen’s expression, and couldn’t help but show hesitation, and said softly:
“This elixir is too valuable, Ruoyi can’t accept it.”
Su Chen knew that Ye Ruoyi had misunderstood, and immediately said:
“This elixir is nothing, you can just accept it.”
“Our side looked bleak, not because we were reluctant to take this elixir, but because we calculated some other things.”
Ye Ruoyi then accepted the chalcedony back to the Heavenly Pill, and then said curiously: “What did Mr. Su count?” Is it about me? ”
Su Chen nodded slightly, picked up the teacup and took a sip, and said slowly: “Are you willing to listen to me tell a story?” ”
“Mr. Su, please speak.”
Ye Ruoyi sat upright and made a look of patient listening.
Su Chen was very satisfied with Ye Ruoyi’s performance, and when he was about to fold the fan, he said slowly
“Decades ago, there was a war in the Northern Dynasty, and there was burning and looting everywhere.”
“Because of the war, there are many orphans who have lost their parents.”
“Among them is a pair of siblings, who are not yet ten years old.”
“Having lost their parents, they hide in a dilapidated temple and live begging every day.”
“But in those war-torn times, the landlords’ families had no surplus food, and who could give them alms?”
“As time passed, the grass, trees, bark and other things that could be eaten around were eaten by the brothers and sisters.”
“They’re all hungry to the limit.”
“But my brother still endured hunger and went out to find food, and naturally found nothing.”
“And the sister waiting in the temple received a handout from a kind person and got a piece of bread.”
“My sister did not eat the cake, but waited for her brother to come back and gave the dough cake to my brother.”
“And my sister also told my brother that the well-wisher sent two pieces of dough cake, and she had already eaten one.”
“When my brother heard this, he ate the dough cake with confidence and survived the coldest night.”
“But when my brother woke up the next day, he found that my sister’s body was cold and she was starved to death.”
“Only then did my brother understand what my sister had done for him, and he couldn’t help but be heartbroken.”
“From that moment on, my brother made up his mind that no matter what the cost, he must resurrect his sister.”
“Later, my brother was rescued by an old Taoist priest passing by and accepted as a disciple.”
“This old Taoist is called Qingfeng Daoist, he is the head of Huanglong Mountain, and his cultivation is unfathomable.”
“He saw that his brother had the ultimate martial arts talent in the world, so he taught it carefully.”
“That brother also lived up to the expectations of the Qingfeng Daoists.”
“Enter the Vajra Realm at the age of ten, enter the Realm of Freedom at the age of twelve, and enter the Escape Realm at the age of sixteen.”
“At the age of twenty-four, that brother has broken through to the Divine Que Xuan Realm!”
“But he had no intention of making a name for himself, but went straight to the overseas Immortal Mountain to find a way to resurrect his sister.”
“In this way, he has been adrift overseas for sixteen years, and he still can’t do it, obsessed with attacking his heart, and once went crazy.”
“But he cannot be enchanted, and if he does, who will resurrect his sister?”
“So this brother suppressed the demonic nature with amazing perseverance, transferred to the realm of ghosts and fairies, and cultivated to be equivalent to the land immortals!”
“Now more than twenty years have passed since he entered the ghost wonderland.”
“But he still didn’t give up.”
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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Su Chen traveled through the world of comprehensive martial arts and obtained a god-level deduction system. Since then, there has been a fortune teller in Xueyue City, who touches women’s bones and men’s faces, and experts from all walks of life come to ask for a lottery. Yaoyue: “Please ask the Immortal Tianji to feel the bones for me, and tell me in whose hand is the Six Renshen Die.” Xu Fengnian: “It turned out that these people were the murderers who killed my mother. Thank you, Immortal Tianji, for telling me!” Ning Que: “Sangsang is Haotian? Isn’t Immortal Tianji joking?” “What? My swordsmanship is not ranked among the top 30 in the world? The sword god Li Chungang is not dead? The sword master Liu Bai can fight against the sky?” Li Hanyi’s worldview collapsed just after being touched. … 【Produced by Nine Tails, Quality Guarantee】


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