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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi Chapter 25

“Tianji Immortal again?”
“How can this Tianji immortal know everything, it’s too hateful!”
Sikong Qianluo stomped his foot, revealing an expression of breathlessness.
“The Tianji Immortal is a worldly master who is truly proficient in the Tianji Xuanshu, and he must not be unreasonable to him.”
“Do you know how many experts of the rivers and lakes rushed to Xueyue City and scattered their wealth just to see the immortals of Tianji?”
“Now that the Tianji Immortals live in Snow Moon City, I have tried my best to persuade the Tianji Immortals to let you serve by his side for a year.”
“You must cherish this hard-won opportunity.”
Sikong Changfeng said seriously.
Sikong Qianluo said, “What? Daddy asked me to be a maid for that Tianji immortal? ”
“Yes, you have to behave.”
Sikong Changfeng said solemnly.
“It’s impossible, I’m going to die, jump off the stairs, and never be someone else’s handmaid.”
Sikong Qianqian said in a fierce manner.
Sikong Changfeng saw that he had not fooled Sikong Qianluo, and suddenly had a headache.
Seeing this, Tiannurui’s eyes rolled and said with a smile: “I am very interested in the Tianji Immortal, if Sister Qianluo is not willing, I will replace you.” ”
“You want to be the maid of the Tianji Immortal instead of me?”
Sikong Qianluo frowned.
She would have preferred death to agree to this, but seeing that Tiannurui took the initiative to ask, she was a little hesitant.
Sikong Changfeng took advantage of the situation and said: “You can think clearly, don’t regret it, your sister Ye has already served beside the Tianji Immortals.” ”
“What? Sister Ye became the maid of the Tianji Immortals? ”
Sikong Qianluo’s eyes widened, completely unable to believe it.
“It’s true, it was personally recommended by the Snow Moon Sword Immortal, and the Tianji Immortal reluctantly accepted it.”
Sikong Changfeng made up nonsense again.
After all, Sikong Qianluo was a simple girl, and she was really bluffed, and muttered: “Daddy said so, I want to see what this Tianji immortal looks like, and let others rush to be his maid.” ”
Only then did Sikong Changfeng show satisfaction, and turned his gaze to Xiao Se again.
Tang Lian hurriedly introduced: “City Lord, this is Xiao Se, the owner of Snowfall Mountain Villa, and the creditor of Lei Jialei’s brothers. ”
Lei Wujian said embarrassedly: “In the Lower Lei family’s disciple Lei Wujian, I have seen the Sikong City Lord, can you trouble the Sikong City Lord to borrow me eight hundred taels of silver?” ”
Sikong Changfeng looked at Xiao Se and said meaningfully: “Boss Xiao followed thousands of miles, just to collect debts?” ”
Xiao Se squinted his eyes and said, “Originally to collect debts, but now I want to go to Xueyue City to have a look.” ”
At the same time, he added in his heart, “Tianji immortal, I hope you can really gain insight into Tianji and know everything.” ”
Although Sikong Changfeng didn’t know the reason why Xiao Se changed his mind to go to Xueyue City, it was always a good thing.
As long as Xiao Se went to Snow Moon City, there was no need to worry about him running again.
Thinking like this, Sikong Changfeng completely relaxed his heart, and was not in a hurry to mention the matter of accepting disciples.
After everyone straightened out
Tang Lian, Xiao Se, Lei Wujian, Sikong Qianluo, Tiannurui, Wuxin and the others went on the road together and went straight to Xueyue City.
And each of them has the same thought in their hearts.
That is, after entering Snow Moon City, immediately go to visit the powerful Tianji Immortal.
Sikong Changfeng, on the other hand, embarked on the journey to Northern Liang alone.
There is a seedling of a land gun fairy.
Time was in a hurry, and in a blink of an eye, it was the day when Su Chen opened his fortune.
A group of high-rollers gathered on the sixteenth floor of the Ascending Heavenly Pavilion again, and compared to the last time, there were obviously many new faces.
After these days of transmission, Su Chen’s name has not only spread in the rivers and lakes of Daming, Dasong, Beili, and Liyang.
Even the Great Sui, the Great Tang, the Great Qin, and the Great Han have many masters here.
There are even a large number of ordinary people, each dressed in ayara, with a red face, and at a glance, they are rich merchants and the like.
After all, if you cultivate to the heavens and become rich and enemy, you can only be powerless in the face of the vast heavenly machine.
And a heavenly machine order can allow them to cut through the clouds and see a trace of heavenly machine, which no one can resist.
However, at present, the Heavenly Machinery Order has not yet been released, and the masters of all parties still maintain restraint.
“Obedient, this time there are many more masters.”
“Those two are the famous Marquis and Yuehime in the north, right?”
“They really came here to compete for the Heavenly Opportunity Order.”
“In addition, I heard that the notorious four evil people of the Great Song River and Lake have also come, but they have disappeared.”
Sikong picked the stars and looked around, constantly thinking about fragments.
“With so many masters gathered together, the competition for this heavenly order is even fiercer than the last time.”
Lu Xiaofeng shook his head.
Rao is intellectual, and he does not have the slightest advantage in this competition of pure force.
“It doesn’t matter, I’ll strike this time.”
Ximen Chuixue said coldly.
Sikong Xingxing immediately patted the horse and said, “If there are no two fiery stars in the Flower Palace this time, if Ximen Sword God makes a move, it must be a hand!” ”
Lu Xiaofeng looked at the high-rollers of the rivers and lakes, paused slightly on the old yellow beside Xu Fengnian, and chuckled:
“Although Brother Ximen is powerful, he may not have no opponent.”
At this moment,
Ye Ruoyi walked out from the seventeenth floor, and there were two pieces of heavenly order on the tray in his hand.
A piece made of sterling silver like last time.
The other piece is gilded throughout, shining with a dazzling golden light.
The eyes of everyone in the audience immediately focused on the past, and at the same time they were extremely curious, not knowing what this golden heavenly order was.
I saw Ye Ruoyi take a step forward, and his body moved directly across three meters like a willow, and came to the middle of the main hall.
Sikong Xingxing suddenly rounded his eyes and exclaimed: “The momentum of the wind, such a handsome light skill, I might as well be.” ”
Ximen Chuixueqi said, “Didn’t you pick the stars to the first in the world?” How did this confess? ”
Sikong Xingxing became rare and serious, “This girl’s light skill is now inferior to me, but even I can’t understand the essence of it, as long as she cultivates for a while longer, I will be difficult to reach.” ”
Lu Xiaofeng is also a master of light skills, and also sighed: “This light skill seems to have a charm that is secretly in line with the way of heaven, and it is indeed extremely clever, and it is worthy of being the maid of the Tianji immortal.” ”
Just when several people sighed, Ye Ruoyi had already put down the tray and said in a loud voice:
“If you follow the orders of the immortals of the Tianji machine, convey the new rules.”
“From today onwards, there are three types of Heavenly Machinery Order, bronze, silver, and gold.”
“The Silver Heavenly Machinery Order faces the masters of the rivers and lakes, and competes in the form of guarding, and the strong in force win.”
“The Golden Heavenly Machinery Order is facing the rich armor of the world, and it is competed for in the form of auction, and the highest price wins.”
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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Su Chen traveled through the world of comprehensive martial arts and obtained a god-level deduction system. Since then, there has been a fortune teller in Xueyue City, who touches women’s bones and men’s faces, and experts from all walks of life come to ask for a lottery. Yaoyue: “Please ask the Immortal Tianji to feel the bones for me, and tell me in whose hand is the Six Renshen Die.” Xu Fengnian: “It turned out that these people were the murderers who killed my mother. Thank you, Immortal Tianji, for telling me!” Ning Que: “Sangsang is Haotian? Isn’t Immortal Tianji joking?” “What? My swordsmanship is not ranked among the top 30 in the world? The sword god Li Chungang is not dead? The sword master Liu Bai can fight against the sky?” Li Hanyi’s worldview collapsed just after being touched. … 【Produced by Nine Tails, Quality Guarantee】


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