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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi Chapter 50

Daming Jianghu, Huashan School.
After Yue Buqun got the “Upper Part of the Great Ming Sword Immortal List”, he immediately went up the back mountain and handed the book to Feng Qingyang.
Although the dispute over Huashan sword qi has been around for a long time, for the Huashan faction, which is now green and yellow, reviving the sect is the most important.
Feng Qingyang possessed the cultivation of the Escape Heaven Realm, as long as he was willing to go out of the mountain, the Huashan Sect would immediately become the strongest of the Five Mountains Sword Sect.
It is a pity that the wind has been clear and hidden for too long, and he has long been indifferent to fame and fortune, and he is not willing to go out of the mountain at all.
Now Yue Buqun can only hope that this “Upper Part of the Great Ming Sword Immortal List” can change the wind and clear the sky.
“What? The Wudang Sect Mu Dao people can only rank in the top five of the Sword Immortal List? ”
After reading the booklet, Feng Qingyang was surprised when he boarded.
He and the Mu Dao people are considered to be of the same generation, and they know how amazing the Mu Dao people are, and all the sword techniques of the Wudang Sect can reach the Dacheng realm in his hands.
Such a character could not even enter the top ten of the Sword Immortal List, which really surprised Feng Qingyang.
“Daming rivers and lakes do hide dragons and crouching tigers.”
“I originally thought that with Uncle Feng’s sword skills, I would definitely be able to enter the top ten of the Sword Immortal List.”
“Unexpectedly, even Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng only barely occupied a place in the top ten.”
Yue Buqun echoed.
When Feng Qingyang heard this, his expression suddenly darkened, and he sighed
“Senior Dugu’s sword technique is exquisite and peerless, but I have a poor understanding and have never been able to comprehend the essence.”
“I have long been indifferent to the world, and the so-called ranking of the Sword Immortal List is just a false name, and it is not worth mentioning.”
“But because of this, the sword technique of Dugu seniors is really worthy of Dugu seniors.”
Yue Buqun waited for Feng Qingyang’s words, and immediately took the stubble and said:
“This time Senior Uncle Feng failed to enter the top fifteen of the Sword Immortal List, and indeed caused a lot of criticism in the rivers and lakes.”
“Uncle Feng is indifferent to fame and fortune, and he is unwilling to go out in person, which will only make those who criticize it more rampant.”
“I heard that Senior Uncle Feng has been instructing Chong’er on his sword technique recently, why not pass on the Dugu Nine Sword to him?”
“Chong Er is talented and intelligent, if he can learn “Dugu Nine Swords” and become famous in the future, he can also let those people in the rivers and lakes know that “Dugu Nine Swords” is not weaker than any sword technique.”
Feng Qingyang glanced at Yue Buqun, naturally knowing Yue Buqun’s careful thinking.
As long as he passed on the “Dugu Nine Swords” to Ling Hu Chong, he would be regarded as Ling Hu Chong’s half master, and the affairs of the Huashan Sect would have to be taken care of in the future.
But he did have this thought in his heart, just…
“Ling Hu Chong is indeed a good understanding, and he is more suitable for cultivating the Dugu Nine Swords than the old man.”
“But this sword technique was obtained by the old man from Dugu senior, how can it be passed on lightly without his old man’s nod?”
Feng Qingyang slowly voiced the concerns in his heart.
Yue Buqun had already thought about this point, and immediately replied: “I heard that Senior Dugu is in Snow Moon City, why don’t Uncle Feng personally ask?” ”
If he could use this to make Dugu seek defeat and recognize Ling Hu Chong, then he really had a big backer for the Huashan faction.
Feng Qingyang thought for a moment and said slowly: “That’s fine.” I haven’t been able to thank Dugu in person for the grace of his predecessors’ teachings back then. ”
Receiving Feng Qingyang’s affirmative reply, Yue Buqun finally breathed a sigh of relief.
After some preparations, Feng Qingyang, Yue Buqun, Ning Zhongze, Ling Hu Chong, and Yue Lingshan embarked on the journey to Xueyue City together.
At the same time.
Daming Jianghu, Jiangnan.
A swordsman wrapped in black cloth walked onto a single-log bridge while gulping alcohol, looking so drunk that he could even walk.
Just as he reached the middle of the bridge, the water under the bridge suddenly exploded, and more than a dozen figures burst out of the water, killing Qi from the back of the black-clothed swordsman, and the blade shimmered with an icy luster.
At this moment,
The black-clothed swordsman suddenly turned around, revealing a terrifying face full of tattoos.
And his eyes were as calm as a cold pool, and he looked half drunk.
The black-clothed swordsman pulled out the long sword wrapped in oilcloth, his figure flashed, and he instantly passed among the dozen killers.
Bang bang bang….
Immediately afterwards, a series of sounds of falling to the ground came, and more than a dozen killers all died with swords in their throats, and there was still panic in their eyes.
But the black-clothed swordsman only seemed to have done a trivial thing, withdrew his long sword, and continued to walk forward.
“Yan XIII, you wait!”
A ghostly little man rushed over quickly, looked at the battlefield, and said in a shocked manner: “Such a fast sword, the sword god Xie Xiaofeng is reborn, I’m afraid it’s just that.” ”
In Jiangnan, Xie Xiaofeng is the undisputed first sword god.
Even Ye Gucheng and Ximen Chuixue, who are famous in the world, are far inferior to Xie Xiaofeng in the hearts of Jiangnan people.
This little guy didn’t really think that Yan Thirteen could be comparable to Xie Xiaofeng, but only expressed his high recognition of Yan Thirteen’s sword technique.
Hearing the words ‘Xie Xiaofeng’, Yan Thirteen’s figure jerked and turned to look over.
The little man was taken aback, quickly handed over a baggage, and said, “This is the tail payment of your last mission.” Don’t get me wrong, these killers have nothing to do with employers. ”
Yan Thirteen took the burden and padded it, and turned away.
The origin of these killers, he is not interested in knowing.
For him now, there are only two things left in life, killing people to make money, and then using the money to buy alcohol and get drunk.
“Yan Thirteen, you wait, I still have something for you.”
The little man chased after him, handed a pamphlet to Yan Thirteen, and said endlessly:
“This is the just announced Upper Part of the Daming Sword Immortal List.”
“It has the names of the Daming Four Jia Sword Immortal and the Five Jia Sword Immortal handpicked by the Tianji Immortals.”
“That Ximen Blowing Snow and Ye Gucheng blew the heavens, and the result was only ranked in the top four.”
“You’re also a swordsman, so you should be interested in it, right?”
“It’s a pity that there are only half of them, and I don’t know who the first first, second, and third ranks of the sword immortal list are.”
“If the Sword God Xie Xiaofeng is still alive, he will definitely be able to occupy a place in this top six.”
Yan Thirteen frowned slightly, and there was a rare brilliance in his eyes like a pool of stagnant water.
He carefully opened the book, scanned the names one by one, and squinted
“Tianji Immortal? Is it the Tianji Immortal in Snow Moon City that has been rumored everywhere recently? ”
Xiao Wei said, “Who else can there be besides him?” ”
“If Xie Xiaofeng is still alive…”
Yan Thirteen looked at the vacant first six seats and couldn’t help but be a little excited.
“Don’t send me any more missions recently, I’m going to go far away.”
Yan XIII closed the book and strode away.
“Going away? Where are you going? ”
Xiao Wei asked loudly at Yan Thirteen’s back.
“Snow Moon City.”
Yan Thirteen’s voice came from afar, and the person had disappeared.
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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Su Chen traveled through the world of comprehensive martial arts and obtained a god-level deduction system. Since then, there has been a fortune teller in Xueyue City, who touches women’s bones and men’s faces, and experts from all walks of life come to ask for a lottery. Yaoyue: “Please ask the Immortal Tianji to feel the bones for me, and tell me in whose hand is the Six Renshen Die.” Xu Fengnian: “It turned out that these people were the murderers who killed my mother. Thank you, Immortal Tianji, for telling me!” Ning Que: “Sangsang is Haotian? Isn’t Immortal Tianji joking?” “What? My swordsmanship is not ranked among the top 30 in the world? The sword god Li Chungang is not dead? The sword master Liu Bai can fight against the sky?” Li Hanyi’s worldview collapsed just after being touched. … 【Produced by Nine Tails, Quality Guarantee】


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