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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi Chapter 8

Land Sword Immortal!
Su Chen’s words made several people present feel deafening.
Whether it is Invite the Moon, Mercy Star, or Sikong Changfeng and Li Hanyi, they are all the supreme existences in their respective rivers and lakes.
They naturally knew about the realm of land immortals.
But in the case that the world’s divine travel realm is rare, the land immortals are completely legendary.
No one expected that the real sword fairy realm that Su Chen said actually referred to was the swordsman of the land god fairy realm.
In contrast, the Sword Immortal who was only in the Escape Heaven Realm could indeed only be regarded as a pseudo-Sword Immortal.
And what made them feel most terrifying was that Wu Su, the princess of Northern Liang back then, had already stepped into this realm with one foot when she was only Li Hanyi’s age.
Until this moment, they really understood how terrifying Wu Su’s kendo talent was.
“Teaching the land immortals with swordsmanship, is there really such a swordsman in this world?”
Li Hanyi asked incredulously.
For her, who only had the late stage of the Escape Realm, the Land God Fairy Realm was too far away.
Su Chen said, “Land Sword Immortal?” There are not many such characters in the world, but there are still more than a dozen. ”
Everyone nodded slightly after listening to the first half of the sentence, but when they heard the second half, they were all stupid all of a sudden.
Land Sword Immortal, there are more than a dozen swordsmen who have reached the realm of Land Immortal?
At this moment, the worldview of several people collapsed a little.
In their cognition, there were several land immortals in this world that were already shocking, but now there were more than a dozen land sword immortals alone.
What should be the number of land immortals?
Zhaoyue, Li Hanyi, Sikong Changfeng, and Mercy Xing were all silent.
As the top experts of the rivers and lakes, they suddenly realized that this world was far more terrifying than they thought.
I don’t know how long it was silent, Sikong Changfeng smiled bitterly:
“Today, Fang knows the vastness of the rivers and lakes and the insignificance of itself.”
“If this secret news spreads, I am afraid that the entire river and lake will be turned upside down.”
Yueyue, Mercy Xing, and the others all nodded in agreement.
If Su Chen hadn’t lied, there really were more than a dozen land sword immortals in this world, then this influence would be too great.
If others don’t say, at least the eight million swordsmen scattered in the major rivers and lakes will all go crazy.
Li Hanyi said in a deep voice, “Can you ask Mr. Su to tell Hanyi the specific location of a certain land sword immortal?” Hanyi wanted to see it with his own eyes. ”
Su Chen thought for a moment and said with a slight smile: “Among the many land sword immortals, there is a land sword immortal who is the most suitable. Not only is this person located in place, but if you go, you can also get a lot of chance. ”
When Li Hanyi heard this, he looked at Su Chen with blazing eyes, waiting for him to reveal the answer.
The three people of Zhai Yue, Mercy Xing, and Sikong Changfeng also pricked up their ears.
This is a land sword immortal, a swordsman who has reached the realm of land immortals, and he is definitely a legendary existence.
“This person’s name is Dugu Seeking Defeat, born in the Great Song Rivers and Lakes, and known as the Sword Demon.”
“His life can be regarded as a legend, without any teacher inheritance, he has comprehended a path of sword immortals completely on his own.”
“And the method he uses is to raise the sword with battle, through the duel with the masters again and again, to gain insight into their weaknesses, and then to restrain them.”
“Therefore, Dugu’s swordsmanship of seeking defeat often pays attention to the late attack, replacing defense with attack, attacking and saving, and it is extremely powerful!”
“When he was fifteen years old, he compiled all kinds of comprehensions into a sword score, named “Dugu Nine Swords”, which was claimed to be able to break all the laws of the world.”
“In fact, since he created the Dugu Nine Swords, he really hasn’t tasted a single defeat.”
“At the age of sixteen, he held the Qingfeng Iron Sword and fought with Heshuo Qunxiong, fighting countless kills, all of them invincible, and the sword intent was fierce and fierce.”
“At the age of twenty-three, he no longer blindly pursued Gangmeng, but used the Ziwei Soft Sword, and his sword moves became more and more unpredictable, and he could not be prevented.”
“At the age of thirty-one, his state of mind became more and more heavy, and he did not seek fierceness or cunning, but switched to the use of epee to break the ingenuity with momentum.
“At this point, no one in the entire Great Song River and Lake can compete with it.”
“After the age of forty, Dugu’s state of mind of seeking defeat has been raised again, and he does not stay in things, and all iron swords, soft swords, and heavy swords are abandoned, and grass, wood, bamboo and stone can all be swords.”
“But at this time, he could no longer find anyone worthy of a battle in the Great Song Rivers and Lakes, and could only travel around the world in order to seek a defeat.”
In this way, Su Chen told the story of Dugu’s defeat.
Several people in the pavilion were all fascinated by what they heard, and their hearts were full of admiration for this solitary defeat.
In order to reach their level, their understanding of martial arts was already very profound.
They know that high-level martial arts do not emphasize heavy moves, and true masters can be invincible even with the simplest moves.
And this solitary defeat was unguided, and at the age of fifteen, he comprehended the move to the extreme, and then began to improve his mood step by step.
The realm of ‘heavy sword without edge, great skill without work’ alone made everyone feel empowered.
Even if you look at the entire rivers and lakes, there are not many masters whose state of mind can reach such a level.
Dugu Qiu Qiu realized this state only at the age of thirty-one.
Since then, it has not lagged in things, grass, wood, bamboo and stone can be swords, which is even more eye-opening and difficult for everyone to reach.
“Sword Demon Dugu seeks defeat, why have I never heard that there is such a powerful swordsman in the Great Song Jianghu?”
Yueyue said with a frown.
Mercy Xing also felt very strange.
Daming and Dasong are adjacent to each other, and the exchanges between the two rivers and lakes are much more than other rivers and lakes.
Such an invincible powerhouse as Dugu seeking defeat should have been thunderous in the Daming Rivers and Lakes a long time ago, but they had not heard of it at all.
Su Chen saw the doubts of several people, and said flatly: “It’s normal that you haven’t heard of Dugu seeking defeat, it has been sixty years since he disappeared. ”
As soon as these words came out, several people showed relief.
Sixty years, that’s too far away.
The generation of new people in the rivers and lakes can be turned upside down in ten years, and how many people can remember the strong people sixty years ago.
Unless it is those ancestor-level figures who have established sects and whose sects are still thriving.
This is also the reason why the top masters like to open a sect.
The years are ruthless, no matter how earth-shattering the Jedi powerhouse, if there is no inheritance left, it will become a passing cloud in the rivers and lakes.
Just like this sword demon sixty years ago, he was alone in seeking defeat.
Once strong and invincible, no one knows now.
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Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Zongwu Xueyuecheng fortune-telling, frightened and cried Li Hanyi

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Su Chen traveled through the world of comprehensive martial arts and obtained a god-level deduction system. Since then, there has been a fortune teller in Xueyue City, who touches women’s bones and men’s faces, and experts from all walks of life come to ask for a lottery. Yaoyue: “Please ask the Immortal Tianji to feel the bones for me, and tell me in whose hand is the Six Renshen Die.” Xu Fengnian: “It turned out that these people were the murderers who killed my mother. Thank you, Immortal Tianji, for telling me!” Ning Que: “Sangsang is Haotian? Isn’t Immortal Tianji joking?” “What? My swordsmanship is not ranked among the top 30 in the world? The sword god Li Chungang is not dead? The sword master Liu Bai can fight against the sky?” Li Hanyi’s worldview collapsed just after being touched. … 【Produced by Nine Tails, Quality Guarantee】


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