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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan Chapter 100

The headquarters of the Vampire Council, where the three elders rest, is also the interior of a castle with a somewhat classical atmosphere.
As usual, a group of vampires gathered here, wearing gorgeous dresses, handsome men and women gathered together, ears grinding, deep love, and some people walked directly to the vacant room upstairs, and after a while, a strange sound came from upstairs.
Others have long been surprised by this.
“Tilian, they’re really anxious!” In the crowd, a gorgeous woman with a hot figure, fair skin, and a somewhat amorous look chuckled, then turned her head to the side and said with a smile:
“How, Erica? Still worried about that Craven guy? ”
Hearing this, Erica, who was sitting next to the window, slowly turned her head, her eyes were full of unconcealed worry, and she said with some worry:
“Eva, I’m really worried, you said that Craven he won’t be given by that butcher…”
After a pause, he opened his mouth several times to say it, but the next few words could not be said in any way.
Since Chen Luona’s terrifying deeds came back a week ago, Erica had not received any news about Craven, and even the Deathwalker who had not been defeated across Europe was silent, which could not help but make a trace of foreboding rise in her heart.
“Butcher…” Hearing this name, an inexplicable light flashed in Eva’s eyes, and then quickly calmed down, smiled and comforted: “Don’t worry, I have deliberately divined before, and that guy Craven is not in danger of life!” I think he should be back soon! ”
“Really?” Hearing this, Erica’s eyes suddenly disappeared, and her originally hanging heart finally relaxed, and a smile finally appeared on her face.
“Since it is Eva’s prophecy, then nothing should happen to Craven!”
Listening to her words, it was obvious that she trusted Eva’s divination.
And just after she said this, she seemed to suddenly think of something, and a trace of fear appeared on her face, “Eva, you should have heard about that butcher, right?” Do you say he will come to Europe to seek revenge on us? If he does come here, can we stop him? ”
As soon as these words came out, they instantly attracted the attention of everyone present, recalling the waves that had been made since Chen Luo reappeared in recent times, as well as the other party’s series of shocking achievements, and in an instant, the atmosphere in the room became condensed.
“The words of this… That’s not good! Shaking the wine glass in her hand, Eva slowly hooked a mysterious smile at the corner of her mouth, and slowly spoke.
Butcher…… Chen Luomo, it’s really interesting!
Recalling the previous whim and the result of divination of the legendary butcher, Eva couldn’t help but look forward to it even more.
Americana, in a dense rainforest to the north.
A small village is located here.
And somewhere in this village, in an inconspicuous house.
A tall, somewhat emaciated, white-haired, and wearing a black robe was sitting on the seat, listening to the news Ruiwen brought today.
“Butcher, is Chen Luo? It’s a real powerhouse! It’s just a pity that he is not one of us! ”
“Eric, although he is not a mutant, but that butcher is not a human either, I think there should still be a possibility of cooperation between us and him!”
“And if we have him in our plan, the probability of success will be greatly improved!”
The witch Ruiwen’s eyes flashed, and she slowly spoke.
“Oh? Ruiwen, are you so optimistic about him? Eric raised his head slightly, a hint of curiosity flashing across his face.
“Yes!” Hearing this, Ruiwen suddenly looked at him with a serious look and nodded solemnly.
After hearing the news that Chen Luo was going to challenge the entire vampire alliance with one enemy of 10,000, Ruiwen was also extremely curious about it, and with the idea of taking a look, she even used her mutant ability to become a member of the alliance and participate in the battle. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
And in that battle, she finally saw the strength of this legendary butcher, and after seeing Chen Luo’s true strength, to be honest, she was really shocked, and her heart was full of shock.
A body made of steel, so fast that she didn’t have time to react at all, coupled with the terrifying self-healing ability comparable to a saber-toothed tiger, and it didn’t have the weakness that ordinary vampires have!
It is no exaggeration to say that in her eyes, Chen Luo is a killing machine with no dead ends at all, such a terrifying strength, even in the Brotherhood of Mutants, is only an existence under Magneto Eric!
A strong person of this strength, with her strength, is completely unable to compete with it, if she hadn’t seen the opportunity and used her ability to escape early, I am afraid that Chen Luo, who was slaughtered indiscriminately, would have inadvertently taken down the first rank!
It was precisely because they understood the horror of Chen Luo’s strength, therefore, for the matter they were planning, only if a strong person like Chen Luo joined, they would be more sure to complete it!
And after learning Chen Luo’s true strength from Ruiwen’s mouth, Eric’s eyes also became much more solemn, and after a moment of silence, he finally nodded slowly and spoke:
“Then give it a try! Ruiwen, this matter will be left to you! ”
“Don’t worry!” Raven nodded, then immediately turned to leave.
Meanwhile, the top floor of the Edgewood Building in New York.
In the luxurious and huge apartment, Chen Luo stood next to the pool outside the apartment, looked up into the distance, and after a moment of silence, he slowly turned around, looked at Craven, who was escorted by his subordinates behind him, and his body couldn’t stop trembling a little, smiled slightly, and waved his hand:
“You guys go down first! I have something to talk to Mr. Craven alone! ”
When the two heard this, they then let go of their hands, leaving Cleven here alone, and exited the door one after another.
Craven’s figure trembled, he always lowered his head, and did not dare to raise his head to look directly at the other party, even if Chen Luo did not make any movement, but as long as he recalled the original scene, he couldn’t stop being filled with fear.
Looking at each other, Chen Luo’s calm voice sounded.
“Mr. Craven, I think… It’s time for us to have a good chat! I have some questions I want to know from you, and if you can give me a satisfactory answer, I can assure you that you can leave here safely! ”
Hearing this, Craven seemed to grasp a glimmer of hope, forced himself to endure fear, quickly nodded and agreed, and a trembling voice sounded.
“Willing to serve you! Master Chen Luo’s factory! “。
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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
When he woke up, Chen Luo found that he had traveled to the world of American comics. What was even more outrageous was that he found that he had turned into a vampire. After learning the news, Chen Luo was extremely desperate. To put it nicely, vampires have nothing outstanding except for their longer lifespan and higher physical fitness than ordinary people, not to mention their weaknesses such as fear of sunlight. Compared with other superheroes, they are pitifully weak! “What kind of bullshit vampire! Isn’t it okay to be a dog?” Chen Luo couldn’t help but cursed But at this moment “Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the god-level selection system.” What? Can you obtain the physique of a day walker through choice and no longer be afraid of the sun? What? Can you actually fuse the body of the Ghost King and create a new race? … Seeing the options in the system, Chen Luo was instantly ecstatic. “It smells so good!” “Don’t call me a vampire from now on, please call me a noble vampire!” This is the story of an ordinary little vampire who gradually grows into a blood god!


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