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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan Chapter 107

At this moment, Serena and Chen Luo were standing on a tall bell tower.
Looking down, relying on keen vision, pedestrians on the street have met the eyes of the two, but because of the light rain in the sky, most of the pedestrians are wearing umbrellas, which also appropriately blocks part of the sight of the two.
Her eyes quickly swept downward, and after a while, Serena’s eyes froze, looking straight at the two figures not far below.
Although those two looked no different from ordinary people, Serena knew that the true identity of the other party was far less simple than it seemed!
There is no doubt that these two are werewolves.
After discovering the other party’s traces, Serena immediately began to inform the others to assemble here, and pay attention to the other party’s movements at any time.
Seeing Serena’s action, Chen Luo followed her line of sight, looked down, looked at the two human figures, and asked with some curiosity in his eyes:
“Serena, how did you find out that they were werewolves? I see that they are no different from normal people! ”
Hearing this, Serena turned her head and glanced at him lightly, “I have photos of them in my 21 system!” ”
Chen Luo: …
He also did not expect that the other party’s means of confirming the target were not at all as tall as he thought, but it was a little unpretentious.
Sure enough, clever hunters often use the most simple search method, although they don’t remember which great man said this sentence in the first place, but at this moment, Chen Luo has an unprecedented recognition of this sentence!
After saying this, Serena also ignored Chen Luo’s reaction, her eyes stared closely at the two figures below, and when she saw the two disappear into the subway station next to her, she suddenly moved.
Taking a step forward, then jumping lightly, his body cut an arc in the air and quietly fell to the ground.
Immediately afterwards, Serena followed the two figures and instantly walked towards the subway station.
Seeing this, Chen Luo shook his head helplessly, his feet moved, and with a breeze blowing in place, the next moment, he fell silently to the ground.
Following Serena’s figure, Chen Luo came to the bottom of the subway station.
As soon as he arrived at the platform, he saw Serena hiding behind the wall, and at this moment, she had already pulled out her weapon in her hand, and she looked ready to fire at any time.
Seeing Chen Luo coming, Serena’s eyes signaled to him, asking him not to act rashly, in this regard, Chen Luo also nodded indifferently, without the slightest intention of making a move, but looked forward with some curiosity.
However, his gaze at the moment did not focus on the two figures that were likely to be werewolves, on the contrary, he was looking at a tall human youth with long hair with a golden shawl and a somewhat handsome look.
Michael Colvin!
Don’t look at him as just a human now, but Chen Luo knows that on his body, he has the bloodline of the original undead, Alexander Corvinus, and this bloodline can allow him to withstand the simultaneous transformation from vampires and werewolves, so as to transform into a new creature, the ghost wolf!
In addition to having a higher physical fitness than ordinary vampires and werewolves, this creature also has no weaknesses on both sides, silver items, sunlight, which have great lethality on both, but have no effect on ghost wolves.
Such an existence, in a sense, can be regarded as the same as Chen Luo and Blade, belonging to the category of daywalkers!
Although for Chen Luo’s current strength, the power of the ghost wolf is only so in his eyes, but such a creature with good potential, if he has the opportunity, he does not mind taking the other party under his command.
After all, after successfully transforming into a ghost wolf, his combat power is already quite good, if coupled with his blood transformation, after becoming a source blood clan, I am afraid that his strength will usher in a new increase, by then, there will undoubtedly be a general under him!
Just as Chen Luo was still thinking, on the other side, the two people who were walking forward behind Michael also seemed to have discovered something, and quickly looked back.
When they saw the conspicuous dress of the Death Walker, their faces instantly changed and they roared.
“Damn, there are vampires!”
Saying that, the two immediately took out two submachine guns from under their wide clothes and shot them forward.
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Fierce gunfire instantly sounded on the platform, as countless bullets poured out, everywhere walls and even on the ground, were blasted out of the deep pit, and even the crowd who could not dodge, were directly hit by bullets, subconsciously let out a scream, and then immediately fell to the ground, crying helplessly.
At the moment when the gunshots rang out, the originally dense crowd on the platform suddenly screamed and fled around, but within a moment, they disappeared one after another.
And after seeing that the other party had discovered it, the group of death walkers who were originally hiding did not show weakness and fired back one after another.
Because of the numerical superiority, in just a short moment, the dense firepower of the vampire’s side covered the two of them.
Unable to dodge for a while, although the two of them were far superior to ordinary werewolves, they were still hit by several bullets.
Because the bullet is silver-plated, it is also a lot of damage to the werewolf, so after the two let out a muffled snort of pain in unison, they didn’t want to think about it, and immediately dodged and withdrew.
The foot moved, the body jumped sharply, and after rushing through the subway aisle, the two ran towards the opposite side of the platform.
Seeing this, Serena didn’t want to think about it, and immediately set out to chase after everyone with her.
Looking at the figure of everyone leaving, Chen Luo turned his head again, looked at the back that was not far away, who was fleeing in a panic in the distance, thought about it, and finally gave up the plan to catch up, turned around and walked towards the direction where Serena disappeared.
The other side.
After a tight chase, Serena suddenly found that the other party suddenly scattered and ran in two different directions.
Seeing this, Serena didn’t want to think about it, and immediately divided her troops to catch up.
Perhaps out of confidence in her own strength, of the nearly ten Deathwalkers who acted with her, she sent most of them to chase the other side, while as for herself, she only brought one Deathwalker to chase the other!
Not long after, in a hidden corner, Serena and her group finally stopped.
Coming to the end of the corner, looking at the road ahead that had been blocked, Serena frowned, and after a week of patrolling around, her eyes suddenly lit up when she saw the manhole cover not far from the ground.
Several people came to the manhole cover and sniffed the air around them, and a death walker next to him suddenly showed a hint of joy on his face.
“I smell blood!”
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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
When he woke up, Chen Luo found that he had traveled to the world of American comics. What was even more outrageous was that he found that he had turned into a vampire. After learning the news, Chen Luo was extremely desperate. To put it nicely, vampires have nothing outstanding except for their longer lifespan and higher physical fitness than ordinary people, not to mention their weaknesses such as fear of sunlight. Compared with other superheroes, they are pitifully weak! “What kind of bullshit vampire! Isn’t it okay to be a dog?” Chen Luo couldn’t help but cursed But at this moment “Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the god-level selection system.” What? Can you obtain the physique of a day walker through choice and no longer be afraid of the sun? What? Can you actually fuse the body of the Ghost King and create a new race? … Seeing the options in the system, Chen Luo was instantly ecstatic. “It smells so good!” “Don’t call me a vampire from now on, please call me a noble vampire!” This is the story of an ordinary little vampire who gradually grows into a blood god!


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