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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan Chapter 150

Chen Luo and the two heard the movement outside the door, and subconsciously turned their heads to look out the door.
With the gaze of the two, the door opened, and then I saw Dracula walk in anxiously and came to Mavis, looking his baby daughter up and down with nervousness in his eyes.
“Mei, I heard that you came up with Chen! How’s that, nothing happened, right? ”
After carefully observing for a long time, when he found that Mavis was fine, he finally let go of his heart, and after his face returned to calm, Dracula seemed to think of something, turned his head, looked at Chen Luo with an unkind face, and said Wordton:
“Boy, what are you doing in my daughter’s room? I can tell you, my precious daughter is not yet an adult, you better not think anything about her! Do you understand? -”
Before Chen Luo could answer, after hearing this, Mevis on the side couldn’t help it, and shouted at his father with a red face:
“Dad, I’m 118 years old! It’s your own family that I will be an adult after my 118th birthday! ”
“Sorry, you’ll not be 118 until tomorrow! Now you’re still a little girl! ”
Seeing that the father and daughter in front of him had an increasingly quarrelsome fight, Chen Luo quickly stood up and started a round, and under his good words, the two finally recovered their calm.
Seeing that the atmosphere was somewhat relaxed, Chen Luo also knew that now was not the time to talk about other things, and it was best to leave enough space for the father and daughter to communicate, so he did not stay much, and after saying goodbye to the two, he walked out of the room first.
Then he found Eric in the hall, and after registering the two at the front desk, the two came to their respective rooms to stay.
After running all the way, Chen Luo was also a little tired, so he washed up briefly, and then began to rest.
Early the next morning, Chen Luo woke up from bed early, and after recovering his spirit, he didn’t think about going out, just yesterday the system’s reward arrived, he didn’t have time to check, now just to see, what does this spiritual cultivation method look like!
After carefully exploring the memory for a moment, he finally found what he wanted, and quickly sank down and flipped through the content.
An hour passed.
When Chen Luo opened his eyes again, the method of spiritual cultivation at this moment had been completely reflected in his mind, and thinking back to the content, a trace of abruptness flashed in Chen Luo’s eyes, and he muttered:
“So it is!”
“You can actually use this method to enhance your spiritual power! It’s amazing! ”
Through reading the spiritual cultivation method issued by the system, Chen Luo also gradually understood the principle of this cultivation method.
To put it simply, if you want to improve your spiritual power through this method, you need to first carry out some special transformation of the blood in your body, so as to form some invisible nutrients that can be absorbed by the soul, and finally achieve the effect of improving spiritual power!
This method is undoubtedly very suitable for Chen Luo, who is a vampire, because of his own physique, he can quickly replenish the blood in his body by sucking blood.
Just like when he was treating King Kong on Skull Island, in less than a day, if he sucked blood without restrictions, then he would be able to produce more than ten tons of blood!
If all this blood is used to enhance spiritual power, then I think it will definitely be able to get a huge increase!
For other vampires, even if they have the unique talent of vampires and can produce blood in large quantities, this premise is that there must be enough blood for them to absorb, if there is not enough food supplementation, then they cannot produce blood of that magnitude!
But this was not a problem at all for Chen Luo!
After all, he still has such an artifact as the blood cup in his hand, as long as a sufficient amount of water is poured into it, the blood cup can automatically transform it into blood that can be drunk by vampires!
And compared to the blood in other organisms, the blood transformed through the blood cup not only tastes very sweet, but also contains stronger energy than the former.
With the help of such an artifact, it meant that as long as Chen Luo was willing, he would be able to enter the state of cultivation day by day without interruption, and wholeheartedly devote himself to the cultivation of improving spiritual power!
If he practiced in seclusion for a few years like this, Chen Luo couldn’t believe how much he could improve!
I think that at that time, even if he didn’t rely on the helmet that Eric promised to make, he could use his strong spiritual power to forcibly immune to the control of a telepathic person like the White Queen, right? (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
If he can be immune to telepathic control, then mutants like X will no longer pose a threat to him, and only then will he be able to guarantee that the secrets in his brain will not be discovered by others!
After all, as a traverser, Chen Luo knew very well in his heart what kind of waves it would make if the secret he held in his hands was discovered by a telepathic ability like X!
That kind of consequence, even Chen Luo now is unwilling to face it! So the best way is to keep those memories in your mind forever and never be discovered by anyone else!
In addition to worrying about their secrets being discovered, the most feared thing about telepathic abilities is that it is the inexplicable control, the other party can invade a person’s consciousness without a person being aware, silently transform it into his own puppet, and finally leave it at the mercy of the other party!
After having such talents as super speed regeneration, bat transformation, and bloodline source, Chen Luo has enough confidence in the injuries on his body, with his current resilience, even if there is only one head left in the end, he can return to his original state, even if it is completely eliminated, as long as there is still the existence of the source blood race in this world, one day he can still be resurrected again!
Therefore, this kind of physical injury is actually not very threatening to him, and what he fears the most, in addition to being sealed, the rest is only being manipulated as a puppet!
Once controlled by the other party, unless the other party takes the initiative to remove the ability, then Chen Luo really dare not imagine that he will have to wait until one day to get free!
He naturally couldn’t accept such a result, so no matter what, improving his mental power as soon as possible to be immune to the threat posed by these telepathic abilities was his top priority now!
In Chen Luo’s mind, it was best to be able to successfully immunize telepathy before Eric’s telepathic immunity helmet was made, that is, before he started on the Hellfire Club.
In this way, even if there is an accident and something goes wrong with the helmet, he can ensure his safety by relying on his own ability!
After all, compared to foreign objects such as helmets, their own strength is more secure!
If everything went as smoothly as Chen Luo thought, after he possessed the spiritual power that could shield telepathy, and then combined with the blessing of night magic, I think that at that time, his strength would be further increased!
Maybe it might even be comparable to that legendary Supreme Mage!
Thinking of this scene, Chen Luo’s heart couldn’t help but flash a trace of excitement.
Looking at the sky, now that the time has reached daylight, with Chen Luo’s understanding of the habits of the vampire family, Dracula should be sleeping in the castle now, and it is not good to go and disturb him rashly, it seems that he can only wait until the end of Mavis’s birthday party in the evening! ! .
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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
When he woke up, Chen Luo found that he had traveled to the world of American comics. What was even more outrageous was that he found that he had turned into a vampire. After learning the news, Chen Luo was extremely desperate. To put it nicely, vampires have nothing outstanding except for their longer lifespan and higher physical fitness than ordinary people, not to mention their weaknesses such as fear of sunlight. Compared with other superheroes, they are pitifully weak! “What kind of bullshit vampire! Isn’t it okay to be a dog?” Chen Luo couldn’t help but cursed But at this moment “Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the god-level selection system.” What? Can you obtain the physique of a day walker through choice and no longer be afraid of the sun? What? Can you actually fuse the body of the Ghost King and create a new race? … Seeing the options in the system, Chen Luo was instantly ecstatic. “It smells so good!” “Don’t call me a vampire from now on, please call me a noble vampire!” This is the story of an ordinary little vampire who gradually grows into a blood god!


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