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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan Chapter 173

“Xiao, we finally meet again!”
Raising his head, next to Ariwen, Eric’s gaze was firmly fixed on Xiao not far away, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and a sneer appeared on his face.
Hearing this, Xiao, who was originally smiling, instantly changed his face, his brows furrowed, his thoughts turned, and he immediately reacted.
“You’re not an angel, who the hell are you?!”
“Hmph! Only now do you know? It’s already nightly! Eric snorted coldly, and then under the shocked gazes of Xiao and Torrent, he quickly began to change his form and return to his original state.
Seeing that the angel in front of him suddenly turned into Eric’s appearance, even with Xiao’s usual calmness, he couldn’t help but look stunned, and his eyes widened subconsciously.
“Eric! How could it be you?! ”
How did he not expect that the angel in front of him would be transformed by Eric, but isn’t his ability to manipulate metal, how can this ability like a witch appear?
Could it be that he awakened the second ability?
Thinking of this, Xiao’s face suddenly burst into excitement.
Seeing the changes in Eric, Xiao suddenly became very interested in why he awakened the second ability, and now he has changed his original plan in his heart, and now he thinks that if he can capture the other party alive and carefully study the secrets of the other party, maybe he can also successfully master the method of awakening the second or more ability.
At that time, if he can really successfully master this method and apply it to himself and the others under him, then the strength of Hellfire will inevitably be greatly improved, and by then, perhaps the era of mutants dominating the world will really come!
Looking directly at each other, thinking of the beautiful scene in the future, Xiao’s face couldn’t help but show a heartfelt smile, and the eyes looking at the other party subconsciously showed a trace of greed.
“Eric, it seems that after all these years, a lot has changed in you!”
“How, are you interested in telling me how you got this ability?”
After a pause, the corners of Xiao’s mouth raised a slight curve, and his face was full of confidence that everything was in control, “If you can explain everything clearly, maybe I will consider releasing you!” ”
“Release me?” Hearing this, a cold light flashed in Eric’s eyes, and he subconsciously narrowed his eyes, and then raised his hands gently.
With Eric’s movements, the next moment, I saw a subtle trembling sound in this wide living room.
Immediately afterwards, the long swords placed on the wall, the various cutlery knives and forks placed in the kitchen next to it, the various iron utensils in the living room, and even countless steel bars cut through the surrounding walls and gathered in the direction of Eric.
“After so many years, you are really as confident as ever, Xiao!”
Looking in Xiao’s direction, Eric’s eyes did not hide his anger, killing intent churned in his heart, and there was a cold and cruel smile on his face, “Then let me see, what qualifications do you have to say such things now?!” ”
As soon as the words fell, the next moment, Eric’s mind moved, and the countless iron tools surrounding him instantly turned into a torrent of steel, speeding towards Xiao’s direction.
Looking at this oncoming and powerful blow, Xiao’s face was calm, without the slightest intention of dodging, he raised his feet unhurriedly and walked slowly towards the front.
With his movements, in just an instant, Eric’s attack had already arrived as expected, and all of them bombarded his body.
However, when this torrent of steel containing a huge impact finally fell on Xiao’s body, at the moment when the two first came into contact, Xiao’s mutant ability was also immediately activated.
Under the action of the ability of energy transformation, all the kinetic energy carried in this attack was absorbed by Xiao, and with the disappearance of kinetic energy, this steel torrent seemed to instantly lose its forward momentum, and instantly stopped.
Without the support of power, just when these iron products were about to fall to the ground, Eric reacted quickly, and as the ability enveloped it again, the next moment, a new torrent of steel formed again.
This time, Eric did not attack directly, but controlled the torrent in front of him to surround the other party, as if to trap the other party.
However, such a constraint is simply dispensable for Xiao.
After absorbing the previous kinetic energy, as Xiao’s thoughts transformed, in an instant, these kinetic energy contained in his body were transformed into unparalleled terrifying power, and then, looking at the steel torrent in front of him, Xiao slowly raised his hands.
Just a slight push, suddenly, a huge force instantly poured out, under this terrifying huge force of tens of tons, this torrent in front of him did not have the slightest power to resist, and a huge opening appeared in an instant, enough for one person to enter and exit.
Unhurried steps walked out of this opening, even if the surrounding steel torrent still stepped forward to block it, but as long as it touched his body, it was as if he was fixed in place, and he didn’t have to advance at all.
However, this is also something that can be expected, after all, Eric’s attack is nothing more than manipulating the metal hair to launch an attack, such an attack method has some effect on others, but for Xiao, who has the ability to convert energy, his approach is just to increase his own energy!
Of course, Xiao’s energy absorption also has an upper limit, and if the energy instilled in him at one time exceeds the limit of what he can bear, then his end will definitely not be good!
But obviously, Eric does not have such abilities!
This is also due to the limitations of his abilities.
Judging from his current development of his own abilities, he is obviously using external metals to attack, which is certainly more than enough to deal with others, but for Xiao, it is completely unable to affect him.
Whether it is in the face of any form of energy attack, it can not cause harm to him, whether it is kinetic energy, heat energy, or even the ubiquitous wind energy in nature, it can be transformed and used by him, or used to improve his physical fitness, or converted into other forms of energy to release out of the body, thus causing blows to others!
To some extent, Xiao’s ability is equivalent to a black hole that absorbs energy, as long as it does not reach the limit of his own tolerance, any form of energy attack cannot cause him harm.
Just like Eric’s attack, in essence, this way of using metal to launch an attack is actually a form of kinetic energy, but when this kinetic energy is absorbed, then these metals lose their lethality.
There is no doubt that for Eric, Xiao’s ability to meet him can simply be called Tianke!
Relying on the kinetic energy absorbed from the steel around him, all transformed into unrivaled power from behind under his own control, in the face of such an overwhelming force, Eric’s means were also unable to bind him in the slightest, slowly moving his steps, step by step towards the direction where Eric was.
Seeing this scene, Eric’s face also became a little difficult to see, but after all, the two have been fighting openly and secretly for decades, and he naturally knows Xiao’s means, so he is not confused.
As soon as his mind moved, he saw that the torrent of steel that had originally gathered together instantly dispersed, forming countless tiny fragments, and then scattered around Xiao.
The next moment, several small fragments made of steel with extremely sharp edges instantly cut through the air, instantly came to Xiao’s face, and stabbed down sharply against his chest.
However, this is of no use!
The moment these fragments touched his body, the kinetic energy attached to them was all absorbed by Xiao, and without the blessing of kinetic energy, these fragments also froze in place, and then fell towards the ground.
At the same time, in front of Eric, countless fragments quickly began to assemble, and then formed a thick wall about two meters high, blocking Xiao’s path directly.
This time, he did not use this solid iron wall to attack, but exerted his maximum strength, allowing it to stand in place, motionless, thus resisting the opponent’s advance.
The reason why he used those fragments to attack just now, although the kinetic energy contained in them was also absorbed, but because the weight of these fragments was too light, the kinetic energy carried in them was also not much, even if it was absorbed, Xiao could not get much improvement.
And if he didn’t have enough energy for him to absorb and use, then it would be difficult for him to exert the terrifying power like just now.
Without the blessing of strength, it would be very difficult for him to break through the solid iron wall in front of him.
Obviously, for Xiao’s mutant ability, he also thought of the corresponding containment method long ago, and immediately put it into practice.
And everything that happened afterwards was indeed as he expected, in the case that Eric did not take the initiative to attack, without the kinetic energy support provided by Eric, Xiao’s strength instantly returned to the original level.
Although after decades of strengthening, his strength has also increased to a certain extent, and he also has a huge force of several tons under normal conditions, but this is still not enough to shake the wall that Eric placed in front of him.
In addition to using the wall for defense, Eric did not stop the movement in his hand, and the small fragments scattered around him were constantly attacking in the direction of Xiao.
Of course, in order to avoid the other party absorbing too much kinetic energy at one time, these attacks are carried out in batches, and the parts of the attacks are also varied, eyes, ears, limbs, three inches under the dantian, everything, just looking a little chilling.
In the face of Eric’s sudden change, Xiao was also a little busy for a while, and subconsciously roared angrily.
Ignoring the other party’s roar, Eric did his best to control the other party’s actions while not turning his head and speaking loudly, “Ruiwen, get out of here!” Then find a safe place to hide, and the next battle here is not something you can participate in! ”
Hearing this, Ruiwen also immediately returned to her senses, nodded, and then immediately planned to turn around and leave. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
“Damn it! Torrent, leave them all to me! Today, none of them want to leave! ”
At this moment, suddenly, a huge roar suddenly sounded from the front, hearing this sound, the corners of Torrent’s mouth, who had been standing quietly on the side, hooked slightly, with a smile on his face.
“Boss, leave it to me!”
As he spoke, the torrent turned his palms over, and then, in the palms of his hands, two white air currents visible to the naked eye quickly emerged, condensed and transformed, and finally formed two small whirlwinds.
“Leave it all to me!”
The next moment, Torrent waved his hands violently, and he was about to attack.
However, before he could really start to move, behind him at this moment, he didn’t know when, a solid iron ball the size of a baby’s fist floated silently.
Then, under Eric’s control, the iron ball instantly hit the back of the opponent’s head, and after receiving this sudden blow, the originally confident torrent suddenly rolled his eyes, his consciousness instantly dissipated, and then fell weakly to the ground.
And as he fell into a coma, the two whirlwinds that had already condensed and formed seemed to have lost their power and slowly dissipated.
In fact, as early as when the torrent came to the two and wanted to pick up the two over, Eric had already prepared silently, so at the time when the other party opened the door, behind the torrent, he had already ambushed his back hand.
Now just when the other party was about to join the battlefield, Eric’s back hand also immediately played a role, instantly knocking him out unconscious, and there was no more power to resist.
As for why he didn’t directly kill the other party, of course, because there were too few people like Torrent who had the strength of elite mutants, and there were no irreconcilable contradictions between them, Eric also thought about it, wanting to try to see if he could include it under his wing.
For Eric’s thoughts, Raven also understood it instantly, so while leaving, she also took away the torrent that was lying unconscious on the ground at the moment.
Yu Guang brushed it off, and when Eric saw that Raven and the two had finally disappeared, he was finally relieved in his heart.
Although he is temporarily besieging Xiao here, Eric knows very well in his heart that this situation will not last long, after all, his ability can not kill him at all, but constantly accumulates energy for the other party, so the other party will sooner or later get out of his own shackles, and at that time, he still can’t escape the end of failure!
If he was the only one now, then the outcome of today’s battle would have been predictable long ago, but fortunately, there were other people around him who could help today, and if Chen Luo came to help, then the result of this battle would still have the possibility of winning!
Thinking of this, Eric immediately no longer hesitated, trying to control his mind while trying his best to block the other party’s progress, feeling all the metal buried in the building under his feet.
Then, along with Eric’s body that began to tremble violently, the next moment, the whole building slowly began to vibrate.
Countless steel bars poured out from the surrounding walls, and then gathered Joe in Eric’s direction.
Under Eric’s control, the steel came to his side and turned into a sphere that enveloped it and wrapped it firmly.
With Eric’s movements, without the support of these steel bars, the surrounding walls could no longer support the weight of this huge building, and quickly began to crack and break, and then quickly collapsed.
Outside, while Chen Luo and his group were waiting, suddenly, a huge sound suddenly came from the building in front of them.
Then, under the shocked gaze of countless pedestrians around, the luxurious club that had stood here for decades finally ushered in its end and slowly began to collapse.
Seeing such a movement, a bright light flashed in Chen Luo’s eyes, which had been waiting for a long time.
The signal is coming!.
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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
When he woke up, Chen Luo found that he had traveled to the world of American comics. What was even more outrageous was that he found that he had turned into a vampire. After learning the news, Chen Luo was extremely desperate. To put it nicely, vampires have nothing outstanding except for their longer lifespan and higher physical fitness than ordinary people, not to mention their weaknesses such as fear of sunlight. Compared with other superheroes, they are pitifully weak! “What kind of bullshit vampire! Isn’t it okay to be a dog?” Chen Luo couldn’t help but cursed But at this moment “Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the god-level selection system.” What? Can you obtain the physique of a day walker through choice and no longer be afraid of the sun? What? Can you actually fuse the body of the Ghost King and create a new race? … Seeing the options in the system, Chen Luo was instantly ecstatic. “It smells so good!” “Don’t call me a vampire from now on, please call me a noble vampire!” This is the story of an ordinary little vampire who gradually grows into a blood god!


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