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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan Chapter 194

“Since there is already a way, then we will discuss the specific dispatch of troops now, right?”
After determining the ability to deal with Magneto and X’s ability, everyone’s originally worried hearts gradually slowed down a little, and after realizing that they had some chances of victory, they also began to consider the specific situation of the alliance in the future.
Speaking of this, the representative of the Eagle Sauce Country immediately couldn’t wait to take the lead in speaking, his eyes shining, and spoke:
“First of all, I think it is best for our coalition force to not exceed 50,000 people!
After all, the rabbit representative also said that the maximum number of helmets they can provide to defend against psychic attacks is only fifty thousand, and if it exceeds this number, I am afraid that there will be a risk of being controlled by the other party!
At that time, the probability of us killing each other will also be very high! ”
Hearing the other party’s remarks, everyone subconsciously nodded and agreed.
They are very clear about the professor’s ability, which is the only few level four mutants in the world today, and their psychic ability is claimed to be the strongest!
Although I haven’t seen the other party exert their full strength, but compared with Magneto, who is also a fourth-level mutant, it is at least able to cover the scope of a city, such an area, not to mention 50,000 people, if the other party is willing, even more people are not impossible to control!
What’s more, even if the other party has limited ability and can’t control so many people, isn’t there another white queen with psychic ability, with the existence of the other party, if they don’t do enough protection, then their so-called coalition army will really go up and send them to death!
Therefore, after determining the number of coalition troops, several people also talked about how this part of the number should be distributed.
“I think it’s better to send more people to the rabbit country, but I remember that your country’s army is known as the strongest in the world, if your country’s army is out of the horse, presumably this apocalypse is not a concern!”
At this time, the representative of John Niu Country on the side suddenly turned his head to look in the direction of the representative of the Rabbit Country, and suggested with a smile on his face.
“That’s a good offer! I can see it! ”
The representative of the Gallic state immediately nodded in agreement.
Their thoughts are also very clear, although they already have the certainty of dealing with Apocalypse and others, but after all, the other party is the combat power of the four kings, if you want to fight against it, I am afraid that you must also be mentally prepared to pay a small price!
So in order to minimize losses as much as possible, of course they want to pull other countries to top the bag.
“Wouldn’t 480 say that!” Before the representative of the rabbit country spoke, the representative of the North Bear Country on the side also expressed his opinion in a timely manner.
“Don’t forget, the Rabbit Country has provided us with equipment to resist psychic attacks, and this alone has already contributed a lot to us, and it is somewhat unreasonable to increase the number of troops!
I think if you want to send more people, it is better to draw the extra troops from among you, so it is fairer!” ”
As an ally of the rabbit, the representative of the Northern Bear Country naturally will not watch his allies being harassed by others, and immediately open his mouth to relieve the siege.
After hearing these words of the representative of the Northern Bear Country, the representatives of the two countries instantly turned dark, and couldn’t help but say with some anger and corruption:
“Huh! If you say so, didn’t your Northern Bear Country also make any contribution just now? If there are more troops, I think the Northern Bear Country should also have more talents? ”
“Then there is no need for that!” As soon as the other party’s words fell, the representative of the Northern Bear Country immediately replied: “I have confidence in the quality of soldiers in our country!” Even if there are fewer people, I don’t think they will be worse than you! ”
After a pause, I saw a smile of unknown meaning slowly appear on his face, and said with a smile: “Since there is a gap in the quality of your soldiers, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make up for it with quantity?” ”
These words are almost pointed at the nose of the other party, and it is clear that the other party’s strength is not good, and can only rely on quantity in exchange for quality, and it is clear that it is to look down on the strength of the other party!
But the reason why he dared to say this sentence is naturally because he has his confidence, after all, he is one of the two superpowers with the strongest military power in the world, and now in this conference room, only the Eagle Sauce Country has the confidence to wrestle with him, as for the John Bull Country and the Gaul Country in front of the Northern Bear Country, there is also a considerable gap!
Regarding this point, the representatives of the two countries are naturally very clear, but although they are clear in their hearts, it does not mean that in the face of each other’s ridicule, they can be indifferent, their faces instantly become gloomy, their brows are wrinkled, and they subconsciously want to speak.
“What did you say?! You know you’re at…”
“Everyone, wait a minute!” Before the representatives of the two countries finished speaking, they were interrupted by the representative of the Eagle Sauce Country.
“There is no need to discuss this matter anymore!”
“Regarding this troop dispatch, our side will send 20,000 troops, and the remaining 30,000 will be divided equally among all of you, how?”
As soon as these words came out, the audience fell into silence again. (cjcf)
The representatives of the other countries looked at each other one after another, their eyes full of doubt.
For this operation against the apocalypse, although there is now a corresponding solution, there is also a risk of huge casualties, such a risk they do not believe that the always shrewd Eagle Sauce Congress turns a blind eye!
According to common sense, in order to avoid this risk, only to reduce the strength of their own side as much as possible is the most powerful choice, but the other party’s current actions are just the opposite, so after seeing the other party’s choice, several people are also a little confused.
Although they did not understand the other party’s intention in doing so, since someone took the initiative to take the big head, the rest of the people naturally had no intention of refusing, and nodded and agreed, even if the representative of the Northern Bear Country, who had always been at odds with the other party, rarely did not express any opinion, acquiescing to the other party’s decision.
Therefore, after the Eagle Sauce Country took the initiative to take over nearly half of its troops, the remaining forces would also be divided equally among the other four countries, and the rest of the people also gladly accepted such a result.
After a simple discussion on the distribution of troops, and after a period of deliberation, everyone unanimously decided that the coalition forces would assemble on the African continent three days later and launch a general attack on the group of the Apocalypse!
Although they also want to eliminate it as soon as possible, they also need a little time to assemble weapons and defensive equipment, and it also takes time to mobilize troops, considering these two factors, three days is already the limit!
Subsequently, after deciding on the time of the decisive battle, the delegates of various countries also ended the meeting, and the originally lit screen instantly turned into darkness.
With the departure of everyone, only Fury is now left in this secret room.
It’s just that unlike the solemn face before, now his face has returned to calm, and his originally somewhat nervous heart has gradually become a lot more relaxed, thinking back to the conversation of the representatives of various countries just now, he can’t help but have a faint hope on his face!
“Hope it works this time!”
Fury’s faint voice slowly echoed in this secret room.
After ending the meeting, the representative of the Eagle Sauce Country moved his gaze again to the person standing in the office in front of him, and although he had just received the news, he still reconfirmed with some disbelief:
“Stryker, is what you just said true? Do we really already have weapons that can successfully restrain those mutants? ”
“Of course, Your Excellency!”
In front of him, stood a tall and strong man with a faintly old face, wearing a military uniform, and the eagle hanging on his shoulder looked radiant, silently telling the identity of his colonel!
I saw Colonel Stryker say with a confident face: “This is the result of my latest research, as long as I have this, no matter what the ability of those mutants is, in the face of this technology, it will not play any role!” ”
“As long as we have this, then whether it is Magneto or the professor, or even that apocalypse, it will eventually become our bag!”
Speaking of this, Stryker’s voice couldn’t help but raise slightly, and his eyes were full of eagerness.
Thinking that in just a few days, he would be able to capture all the famous Magneto and Apocalypse for research, and his heart instantly became a little impatient.
After all, it was a four-king-level existence, and it only occupied a very small minority in the entire world, and now that he had this opportunity to study such a strong person, how could this not make him look forward to it?
The same mood as Stryker, as well as the representative of the Eagle Sauce Country in front of Stryker, after receiving Stryker’s affirmative reply, his face couldn’t help but show a little smile, and his heart also became a little eager.
Although he is not from a scientific background, he does not quite understand how attractive it is to Stryker, who has studied mutants for life? But this did not hinder his intention to hold such precious research materials in his hands first!
According to Stryker’s description, as long as he can have these research materials, he can further develop more powerful weapons for the country, which is absolutely an irresistible temptation for him who has seen the power of the weapons developed by the other party before!
It is precisely with the purpose of wanting to compete for experimental materials, so this time the coalition army, he uncharacteristically wants to continue to increase the number of troops, in order to be able to capture the results of these experimental materials in time.
Of course, even if you have to kill the other party in the end, its corpse also has high research value! So whether it is captured alive or a corpse, it is not a loss-making transaction for them!
If he had been hesitant about the decision to send more troops before, now when he learned about the latest weapon developed by Stryker, he was completely sure of victory! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
Since they have the certainty of success and victory, it is natural that it is the most beneficial thing for them to bring those benefits into their hands to the greatest extent possible.
As long as they can successfully achieve victory, then when the time comes, they can not only get the world’s greatest praise, but also get precious experimental materials, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone!
Thinking of such a result, for a while, his heart was also full of self-satisfaction.
Then, after sending Stryker away, he suddenly thought of something again.
Since this crusade against the apocalypse is already inevitable that their coalition will win, isn’t this a great opportunity for the world to know the strength of their own army?
If they can successfully defeat the Apocalypse group under the witness of everyone in the world, it will be a good publicity for the strength of their country, and it is just right for the world to know, who is the boss in this world now?
Thinking of this, he immediately made up his mind, and then revealed some information about this matter to the relevant media, and offered to let them broadcast the battle live throughout the whole process.
For his proposal, the relevant media were naturally overjoyed, nodding their heads in a hurry, as if they were afraid of missing the opportunity!
After all, now the popularity of the apocalypse has already spread throughout the world, with the birth of the other party’s declaration, some people around the world are panicked and anxious, and now when they hear that the world’s five strongest powers intend to unite to fight it, it can be imagined that it will inevitably detonate the whole world in an instant!
Such traffic and attention are what every media dreams of, so naturally there is no reason to refuse!
Therefore, after informing the media of the specific time and place, in the next three days, the major media also set off one after another, rushing to the other end of the ocean, and came to Egypt, Africa, setting up cameras, intending to give everyone in the world a live broadcast of the battle!
The actions of these media were known to the apocalypse the first time they set foot on this land.
However, I don’t know what kind of intention the other party had, and he had no intention of expelling and eliminating it, but still left it behind, spreading all the information here to the world!
At the same time that the media began to broadcast live, after three days of intensive preparation, finally, the newly gathered 50,000 coalition troops also took ships and finally arrived on the African continent.
“Hello everyone around the world! I’m the live reporter for this battle of the apocalypse, Chris! ”
“I think everyone has seen it now, and what is now appearing in front of everyone’s eyes is the coalition force jointly dispatched by our national councils! Their mission this time is to officially defeat the group of the Apocalypse, and let’s wait and see if the coalition forces can successfully complete the task this time! ”
Not far from the landing of the coalition forces, a camera was pointed here, faithfully recording all the pictures here, and then spreading it around the world.
In the past three days, after continuous publicity by the media, people around the world have obviously known the news that the coalition is about to go to the apocalypse, so today, most people in the world have gathered in front of the TV and watched the picture on the TV intently.
And while they watched the TV picture, the expressions on their faces were also different.
Worry, anxiety, fear, irritability, anticipation… There are many fears of apocalypse, but more importantly, there is the expectation that the coalition can really succeed!
Under the deep gaze of people around the world, finally, the coalition slowly appeared.
The phalanx of tens of thousands of troops stood in place, black pressure pressed, and the edge could not be seen at a glance.
Each soldier of the coalition army is equipped with a rubber weapon that looks a little transparent in his hand to guard against the threat from Magneto, and on each soldier’s head is a helmet made of black unknown material to defend against the threat from telepathic beings.
In the coalition military formation, there are also hundreds of heavily armed armored vehicles on display, which are also covered with a layer of transparent material to isolate the influence of magnetic force.
In addition to these tens of thousands of troops, in Haikou, responsible for transporting soldiers, are several extremely huge aircraft carriers displayed on the sea, motionless, and their upper guns are also in a state of readiness at any time, as long as the front line is caught in a bitter battle, the aircraft carriers here can provide support at any time.
Not only artillery fire, but even hundreds of fighters parked on the aircraft carrier’s board ready to be dispatched to provide air fire support.
The trinity of sea, land and air is all ready, such a scale and configuration, I have to say that this time the coalition forces, all countries have no stinginess, they have bleeding one after another, vowing to completely defeat the apocalypse! .
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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
When he woke up, Chen Luo found that he had traveled to the world of American comics. What was even more outrageous was that he found that he had turned into a vampire. After learning the news, Chen Luo was extremely desperate. To put it nicely, vampires have nothing outstanding except for their longer lifespan and higher physical fitness than ordinary people, not to mention their weaknesses such as fear of sunlight. Compared with other superheroes, they are pitifully weak! “What kind of bullshit vampire! Isn’t it okay to be a dog?” Chen Luo couldn’t help but cursed But at this moment “Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the god-level selection system.” What? Can you obtain the physique of a day walker through choice and no longer be afraid of the sun? What? Can you actually fuse the body of the Ghost King and create a new race? … Seeing the options in the system, Chen Luo was instantly ecstatic. “It smells so good!” “Don’t call me a vampire from now on, please call me a noble vampire!” This is the story of an ordinary little vampire who gradually grows into a blood god!


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