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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan Chapter 209

Almost at the same time, in military bases all over the world, the sound of sirens began to sound one after another.
After seeing what the detection radar displayed, all of a sudden, one after another exclamations sounded in the hall.
“sh*t! Is this true? How could this happen? ”
“This can’t be, right? Haven’t all the nuclear weapons in the world been destroyed? ”
Hearing the noise coming from the hall, the commander, who was also in the hall, stared at the screen tightly, and his brows were locked, his face suddenly sank, and he got up and shouted angrily:
“Shut up for me!”
Under his angry drink, the audience suddenly fell into silence.
After seeing that he finally calmed down, his face was a little better, and he casually pointed to the soldier next to him and asked in a deep voice:
“Soldier, you come to answer, what did you find just now? Also, what happened to the siren just now? ”
The soldier who was pointed out was first stunned, then immediately got up and replied loudly:
“Report sir! Just now, our radar found a huge amount of nuclear energy reaction in the area of F Island in the foot basin chicken country! According to the tests, there should have been an explosion of a nuclear bomb with a yield of about 10 million tons just now! ”
“What did you say?!”
Hearing this, the chief’s originally somewhat calm face instantly changed, his eyes subconsciously widened, and his face was full of disbelief.
“There was a nuclear bomb explosion?! How is this possible? Weren’t all nuclear weapons destroyed by that bastard of the apocalypse? Where did the nuclear bomb come from on F Island? “903” And if I’m not mistaken, the footpot chicken should not have the ability to independently develop nuclear weapons, so how did they have a nuclear bomb? ”
“Damn it! Could it be that they have a way to hide from that guy from the apocalypse? How did they do it? ”
One question after another, his face gradually became more and more gloomy, silent for a moment, and his heart began to think carefully.
Obviously, after hearing that there was a nuclear bomb explosion on the side of the foot basin chicken, he was now highly suspicious that the other party was probably carrying them behind their backs and secretly making some small moves.
It was as if even the possession of a nuclear bomb now, a country that had been regarded as a junior brother by Eagle-chan for many years, dared to hide something, which undoubtedly caused him a high degree of dissatisfaction.
Now he has already planned in his heart, as long as he waits until the matter on the side of the apocalypse is resolved, then he must report the situation to His Excellency the President more and explore the other party’s bottom well!
At the very least, how the other party asked the secret of how he had a nuclear bomb and how to hide it from the sight of the apocalypse!
These thoughts flashed through his mind, but soon, a doubt suddenly appeared in his heart.
Since the footpot chicken has nuclear weapons, why not choose to continue to hide, but choose to detonate it directly? Could it be that there is something hidden in this?
Thinking of this, somehow, his heart suddenly moved, and he quickly raised his head and said loudly:
“Quick, contact me Your Excellency!”
Later, after getting in touch with the president, he reported the situation he had just detected to the other party, and after hearing his report, sure enough, Mr. President in the White House was also immediately angry.
Obviously, the fact that the footpot chickens dare to hide their daring has undoubtedly aroused the dissatisfaction of Mr. President.
Just as he was thinking about what reason to use to challenge the other party, the voice on the other end of the phone rang again.
“Mr. President, I think it is imperative that we ask as soon as possible why the foot chickens detonated the nuclear bomb, and still within their territory! I think there must be some kind of hidden secret! ”
“Huh? You mean…”
Hearing this, the president also reacted quickly, subconsciously frowned, and began to think.
“Your Excellency, do you think there are any circumstances in the world that would force them to use such a big killer weapon as nuclear weapons, other than wars between countries?”
After such a reminder from the other party, the president’s face changed instantly, and he said a little uncertainly: “John, you mean… Those mutants?! ”
“Yes!” On the other end of the phone, John the commander of the military base said with a solemn face: “According to my judgment, if there is any mutant who needs to let them use nuclear weapons, I am afraid that only those people have this qualification!” ”
John said his analysis word by word, “So I suspect that the foot basin chicken side may have fought with the side of the apocalypse just now!” ”
“If my judgment is correct, it is likely that the side of the apocalypse has launched an attack on the Foot Basin Chicken area, and the other party has no choice but to detonate a nuclear bomb in its own country!” After all, if they don’t, their entire land is at risk of being overrun by the apocalypse! ”
“So I suggest that we should get the corresponding information from the (AFAD) Foot Chicken as soon as possible, in case they really defeat the Apocalypse and successfully capture the Apocalypse and Magneto, then our side…”
The words are not finished, but the president’s side has understood what he meant.
If under the nuclear bomb at this moment, the side of the apocalypse is really defeated by the other party and successfully falls into the hands of the other party, then by studying the bodies of the apocalypse and others, what kind of gains they will have after that, it is unknown!
In case they can take this opportunity to develop some kind of powerful weapon, then will the other party be the little brother of their Eagle Sauce Country with peace of mind as before?
In this regard, he had deep doubts in his heart.
Thinking of such consequences, the president’s face also became much more solemn, and after ending the call with John, he immediately began to contact the foot basin chicken zf and questioned him sharply.
In the face of Big Daddy’s accountability, the foot basin chicken side is also confused.
To be honest, just after they received the news of a nuclear bomb explosion on their own territory, the foot basin chicken ZF was even more at a loss, completely unable to understand what was happening.
Not to mention whether they caught the apocalypse, even they had no clue where this nuclear bomb came from, so in the face of the accountability of Big Daddy, they all looked like they didn’t know what to ask.
They feel that there is nothing wrong with their answers, but in the eyes of Mr. President, who has long begun to suspect the other party, it is a manifestation of ghosts in their hearts.
Knowing that they couldn’t ask anything, the president immediately hung up the phone.
Recalling the other party’s performance just now, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and at the same time, he had secretly made a decision in his heart.
Since the little brother began to become disobedient, and the other party is likely to have what he wants in his hands, then what else is there to say, if he doesn’t knock and knock the other party well, and snatch back what he wants by the way, then this big brother can do it for nothing!
He already had the idea of doing it in his mind, but for the sake of safety, the president still did not do it immediately, and now he still needs to be sure, that is, whether the previous nuclear bomb explosion was used to deal with the apocalypse?
Regarding this, he intends to send a force again to the City of Apocalypse to check it out.
If there is really no trace of the apocalypse over there, then the other party is likely to really go to the foot basin chicken side.
But if he can still see the apocalypse there, then he will delay the time to start, after all, the threat of the apocalypse has not yet been lifted, and before such a crisis that is enough to destroy the world, the matter on the little brother’s side is a little trivial!
At this thought, the president’s brows stretched slightly, and then he called again and began to give new orders.
Just as the rest of the world was making a fuss over the nuclear explosion of the foot basin chicken, on the other side, over the city of apocalypse.
At this moment, nearly an hour had passed since Chen Luo and the three disappeared, but after such a long time, they still did not see Chen Luo’s return.
The atmosphere in the cabin suddenly became somewhat silent.
At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on Qin’s body, and their eyes were full of worry. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
There was a heart to step forward to comfort them, but at this time they did not know what to say, even Scott, who had always had a good impression of Jean.
“That guy Chen will be fine!”
Suddenly, Tony’s voice sounded in the cabin.
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American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

American Comics Evolution Begins from the Vampire Clan

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
When he woke up, Chen Luo found that he had traveled to the world of American comics. What was even more outrageous was that he found that he had turned into a vampire. After learning the news, Chen Luo was extremely desperate. To put it nicely, vampires have nothing outstanding except for their longer lifespan and higher physical fitness than ordinary people, not to mention their weaknesses such as fear of sunlight. Compared with other superheroes, they are pitifully weak! “What kind of bullshit vampire! Isn’t it okay to be a dog?” Chen Luo couldn’t help but cursed But at this moment “Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the god-level selection system.” What? Can you obtain the physique of a day walker through choice and no longer be afraid of the sun? What? Can you actually fuse the body of the Ghost King and create a new race? … Seeing the options in the system, Chen Luo was instantly ecstatic. “It smells so good!” “Don’t call me a vampire from now on, please call me a noble vampire!” This is the story of an ordinary little vampire who gradually grows into a blood god!


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