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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning! Chapter 32

Lu Yuze looked at the card of the female emperor in his hand.

After thinking about it, he took it back, now is not the time for the female emperor to appear, and the arrangement of the female emperor, Lu Yuze has not yet figured out how to arrange.

“Boss, that brine egg is here again.” Hei Du walked up and said to Lu Yuze.

“Huh?” Lu Yuze looked at Hei Du, and then walked down with Hei Du.

“Yo, rarer.” Lu Yuze looked at Nick. Fury said teasingly.

Nick. Furui looked at Lu Yuze and carefully observed Lu Yuze’s small shop, and found that there were no cracks or the like.

It is necessary to know that the place where Lu Yuze is located is not far from the place of the battle, which obviously shows that Lu Yuze has not been affected, or that the ice has not been affected in any way.

“Boss, I want to ask to buy something.” Nick. Furui looked at Lu Yuze and said.

“What?” Lu Yuze looked at Nick with a smile. Fury.

“Is there anything that can solve the post-demonization problem.” Nick. Fury looked at Lu Yuze.

“This, well, no.” Lu Yuze shook his head.

Nick. Fury looked at Lu Yuze.

“Demonization in the Void Eternal Ancient Realm is nothing at all, just like the common cold in this world, will you go for surgery if you have a cold?” Lu Yuze said slowly.

“This metaphor.” Nick. Fury choked, a little unsure of what to say.

“Demonization of this thing, in essence is not a disease, want to solve it is very simple, as long as the demonized person’s mind is firm enough, then demonization will become a positive effect, and vice versa, understand?” Therefore, the solution to the problem of demonization does not lie in the demonization itself, but in people. Lu Yuze said word by word.

“You mean that demonization is nothing in the Void Eternal Ancient Realm, so there is no specific existence for it.” Nick. Fury said with some disbelief.

“That’s right, this thing itself is not a big problem, but in this world, you also know that material desires are rampant, how many can keep the heart from being devoured?” Lu Yuze looked at Nick with a foxy smile on his face. Fury.

Nick. Fury’s eyes had a hint of heaviness, if this is really the case, then the future is not calm, thinking of this, Nick. Fury felt a headache for a while.

That’s not a good thing.

Then Nick. Fury got the answer and left.

Tony’s side.

Tony, who hadn’t slept for several days, finally slept, but woke up to find that there was an extra fragrant breakfast next to him.

Before Tony’s mind could turn, he saw Pepper walk in from outside in a small suit, in high spirits, as if nothing had happened.

“Pepper, are you all right?” Tony asked, looking at Pepper.

“I feel good, better than ever, never been so energetic.” Pepper asked with a smile at Tony.

Tony looked at Pepper, the jade of the four souls on his forehead was gone, the same Pepper gave Tony one, how to say?

Fake, yes, false feelings, the smile on the face, and the way of speaking and attitude have changed a lot.

It’s as if suddenly a different person.

Tony got up from the bed without moving, and in order not to arouse Pepper’s suspicion, Tony directly picked up the breakfast on the side and ate it.

Watching Tony eat breakfast, the smile on Pepper’s face widened.

“Tony, I’m going to work first.” Pepper said to Tony.

Tony nodded.

Watching Pepper leave, although the Stark Group’s building has become a dangerous building, the Stark Group is not just such a building.

There are other places to work.

Tony asked Jarvis after seeing Pepper go.

“Jarvis, what happened while I slept?” Tony asked as he turned to Jarvis.

Jarvis’s voice sounded: “Sir, after you went to sleep and the two disappeared, Miss Pepper woke up, and sent the doctors away, from one o’clock in the night until now, Miss Pepper has been working and has not rested.” ”

Tony’s expression became more and more solemn, this is already a little anti-human, from Pepper’s mental state, even ordinary people with good energy will have fatigue, lack of energy and other states.

But Pepper didn’t do that at all.

As soon as Pepper arrived at the company, he felt a burst of hunger, very hungry, coming from the depths of his soul.

A wave of weakness dared to come.

Pepper looked at the crowded office buildings and asked them a sweet and delicious smell, like someone who had been thirsty in the desert for a long time.

Suddenly, I saw a bottle of sweet spring.

That hunger from the depths of his soul made Pepper swallow his saliva.

The only reason left of Pepper hurried back to his office, and then locked his office, constantly gasping.

It was as if there was a beast in the body, constantly impacting, Pepper’s sanity.

Pepper ran into the bathroom in his office.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, the naked eye can visibly dry up, and the skin, hair, and flesh and blood are also emaciated.


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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: American comics: The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

This is the world of American comics! Here is Gotham City with simple folk customs and Arkham, a land of outstanding people! There are also Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Thor... Chen Haonan walked on the streets of New York, transformed into a unicorn demon, and killed Jin Bing with a knife. There is only one underground emperor in New York, and that is me, Chen Haonan! Thor, the god of thunder, and Thor, the Shiba Inu, were fighting fiercely in the sky above New York. The old call comes from the sea! The Gotham Joker has completely transformed into a source of chaos! Jin Shining stands on a street lamp in New York, with the golden space surging behind him! Blackbeard shattered half of the New York sky! Heidai held the holy sword, and the dark red light beam pierced the sky! ....... "Today is another day of nuclear peace. By the way, does this little brother want to buy this knife? It can summon meteors!" Lu Yuze squinted his eyes slightly and smiled like a fox, looking at the knife he just pulled out of the system. Flowing Star Meteor Knife! This is a story about a manipulator system behind the scenes causing trouble in the world of American comics!


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