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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning! Chapter 53

“Why are these demons here?” Nick. Fury asked with some curiosity, theoretically speaking, these demons generally do not appear so easily.

Moreover, with such a large-scale appearance, these demons will also devour each other, and there is no possibility of peaceful coexistence.

“According to research, it should be the flesh and blood of these two giants that attracted their arrival, and the evolution of demons needs to devour the most flesh and blood, and the more energy, the better.” Coulson said in a deep voice.

Nick. Fury squinted slightly, according to Coulson, it seemed that there was really nothing wrong, these demons were attracted to it, ready to eat Hulk and Abomination.

There is also a point that demons devour flesh and blood to evolve, and the higher the energy of flesh and blood, the more attractive they will naturally be.

“It’s a real trouble.” Nick. Fury had a hint of irritation in his eyes.

One thing after another, and he doesn’t have a good preparation plan, which is annoying.

If you are prepared, it is another matter, but if you are not prepared, it is really too much trouble.

“Chief, Tony’s side has informed that it is already on the way to arrive, and the route where these two giants fight will soon arrive, the location of the road boss’s shop.” Coulson turned to Nick again. Fury said.

Nick. Fury squinted his eyes slightly and nodded, with a twinkle in his eyes not knowing what he was thinking, but he didn’t speak.

Hulk and Abomination this side.

The Hulk and Abomination fight everything around the destroyer, and Ross also leads the army to capture Hulk and Abomination.

But in fact, it was only in vain, and neither the Hulk nor the Abomination could be dealt with by the army.

Although I don’t know if the Hulk in this world is the kind of BUG-level Hulk who is angrier, the greater the power and the larger the size.

But most of it is just the Hulk of the movie worldview, otherwise the hatred would have been torn to shreds.

Although the Hulk of the movie world view is not bad, the kind of bug-level Hulk is far worse than that.

It is always known that the Marvel world restarts at every turn, and there is a timeline or a Hulk in the universe that directly slaughters all living beings and restarts the world.

This is basically something that mainstream heroes have done.

So don’t care about so many details.

The battle between Hulk and Abomination did not notice that there were more or less people secretly around him, some of them were just ordinary sweepers.

Some are like urban white-collar workers, some are like successful people, some are just homeless people, etc., dozens of figures in the dark.

Although these people look different and have different genders, they have one thing in common, that is, they all look at Hulk with greed and hatred in their eyes.

Hulk and Abomination’s huge flesh and blood, as well as their energetic bodies, are the best tonics for these demons to accelerate their evolution.

In a way, Hulk and Abomination do have such effects.

Especially for these unreasonable and barbaric evolutionary demons.

Greedy eyes were always on the Hulk and hatred.

But they are all suppressing their instincts.

They also know that they can’t be Hulk and Abomination opponents at all, and they will only have a chance after they both lose.

The demons are waiting in the dark.

Hulk and Abomination fight and hit Hell’s Kitchen directly from the center of New York.

Lu Yuze looked at Hulk who leaned over and abomination was a little speechless.

Following their route, it will soon reach their own small shop.

“That’s not okay.” Lu Yuze couldn’t help but think when he looked at this scene.

And Nick. Fury is watching the words transmitted back by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent at the moment, and the picture is the location of Lu Yuze’s small shop.

Nick. Furui had a trace of essence in his eyes, and he also wanted to take this opportunity to see what Lu Yuze was capable of.

In the video, the door of the shop opens.

An expressionless girl came out of the shop, dressed in pink pajamas, and yawned as she walked out of the shop.

Nick. Fury recognized it at a glance, it was the employee in Lu Yuze’s small shop, the blonde girl with no girl Internet addiction, rarely talked to them, and played games all the time.

Black brilliance flows.

The pajamas on the blonde Sanmu girl directly turned into a one-piece battle dress, and a handful of black common appeared on her body.

The battle skirt is the armor of the knights of the Western Middle Ages, but it is feminine.

The girl raised the black longsword in her hand.

The next moment, the black-red light instantly skyrocketed, bursting out from above the black long sword.

Dark red pillars of energy light ran through the heavens and the earth.

With the girl’s wave.

Hulk and Abomination bore the brunt of the attack, and were instantly hit by a dark red beam of light.

In the dark red torrent, Hulk and Abomination are struggling, although they are not destroyed in the first place.

However, the dark red pillar of energy light was constantly washing their bodies.

Both Hulk and Abomination couldn’t help but let out howls of pain.

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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: American comics: The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

This is the world of American comics! Here is Gotham City with simple folk customs and Arkham, a land of outstanding people! There are also Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Thor... Chen Haonan walked on the streets of New York, transformed into a unicorn demon, and killed Jin Bing with a knife. There is only one underground emperor in New York, and that is me, Chen Haonan! Thor, the god of thunder, and Thor, the Shiba Inu, were fighting fiercely in the sky above New York. The old call comes from the sea! The Gotham Joker has completely transformed into a source of chaos! Jin Shining stands on a street lamp in New York, with the golden space surging behind him! Blackbeard shattered half of the New York sky! Heidai held the holy sword, and the dark red light beam pierced the sky! ....... "Today is another day of nuclear peace. By the way, does this little brother want to buy this knife? It can summon meteors!" Lu Yuze squinted his eyes slightly and smiled like a fox, looking at the knife he just pulled out of the system. Flowing Star Meteor Knife! This is a story about a manipulator system behind the scenes causing trouble in the world of American comics!


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