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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning! Chapter 72

What do you say about the Jade of the Four Souls?

Lu Yuze took it out and did not take it back, after all, the thing is taken out, let people fight, and earn emotional value for Lu Yuze.

What’s the use of taking it back.

Another point is that Chen Haonan, who has fused the jade of the four souls, as long as he is alive, has been bringing emotional points to Lu Yuze for so long.

The most important thing is that the Void Eternal Ancient Realm is just an empty shelf, to put it bluntly, it only exists in Lu Yuze’s words, and there is no actual place.

At present, Lu Yuze has not drawn anything about the secret realm or the world, and now the Void Eternal Ancient Realm only exists in Lu Yuze’s words, and there is no actual place.

So take it back, it’s better to just put it outside.

Chen Haonan’s side.

Chen Haonan’s body as a Qilin Demon burned with crimson flames, and the Qilin blood in his body was completely stimulated.

Accompanied by the crimson flames, Chen Haonan was like a demon god in flames, holding a snow drinking knife and constantly swinging.

Blackbeard can only passively resist.

Or that sentence to the same level of strength, the skill is very important, if it is crushing the game, then I didn’t say it.

But strength is the same, and the most important factor that determines victory or defeat is often combat skill.

Compared with Chen Haonan.

Although the fighting skills of Blackbeard and the others are not weak, they are still not as good as Chen Haonan, and they have the existence of martial arts moves.

Don’t feel that these martial arts moves are a bit stretched, in fact, at the same level, this is enough to decide the victory or defeat.

The battle method of the pirate world can be regarded as more ingenious, and only the combat skills of the Navy Six are used, and the rest rely on hard rammers and devil fruits.

When the strength is similar, Chen Haonan’s advantages will be infinitely amplified.

This is also why Chen Haonan can press Blackbeard to fight.

Not to step on hard, but to speak with facts.

“It looks like you’ve failed.” The yellow ape said to Shanks.

Shanks directly repelled the yellow ape with a sword.

Look at Chen Haonan.

Then he said, “This is the end of this war.” ”

The yellow ape and the green pheasant also breathed a sigh of relief.

“What a joke.” Blackbeard said with reluctance.

But the next moment, he was directly kicked out by Chen Haonan, and he didn’t have time to react, and a forty-two yard footprint appeared on his chest.

Aching Blackbeard rolled on the ground.

Akainu and Kaido also stopped fighting.

The six people of Yellow Ape, Red Dog, Pheasant, Kaido, Shanks, and Blackbeard face each other.

Chen Haonan still maintained the state of the Qilin Demon and looked at the six.

Chen Haonan also knew that he was definitely not the opponent of Kaiduo and the three, but the red dog was there, and Chen Haonan was not afraid.

As for whether the red dog will cooperate with them, this Chen Haonan is not worried, with the character of the red dog, he can’t cooperate with the pirates to kill him.

The use is real.

But in order to deal with Chen Haonan and Blackbeard and the others, the red dog has not reached that level.

“Thief hahaha, it’s really a joke end.” Blackbeard’s pupils appeared countless bloodshots, and he looked at Chen Haonan deadly.

Shanks didn’t speak.

Kaido squinted slightly at Chen Haonan, Kaido is not brainless, now he is doing it, then it is four against two.

Only one person needed to drag him down, and the remaining three would deal with Blackbeard or Shanks first, and it was only a matter of time before he lost.

“Then that’s the end of it.” Shanks said to the yellow ape and the others, and then directly opened the spatial crack with Griffin.

“Thief hahaha, what’s your name little ghost?” Blackbeard looked at Chen Haonan and asked before leaving.

“Chen Haonan.” Chen Haonan said towards Blackbeard.

“Little ghost, I remember you.” Blackbeard laughed and walked into the spatial crack, and Kaido followed suit.

“Is that the end of it?” Tony watched this scene, the darkness covering the dome disappeared, and the sun fell and shone on the earth.

“How else? Do you still want to invite them to dinner? Big Big Wolf said to Tony.

“It’s a pity.” Nick. Fury said in a deep voice.

He also thought that Chen Haonan Red Dog would join forces to leave the three Blackbeards behind.

But nothing like this happened, so it’s a pity.

But Nick. Fury also knew that this was just wishful thinking.

It is impossible for Chen Haonan to join forces with Chi Inu and the others.

With the departure of Blackbeard and others.

Chi Dog and the others glanced at Chen Haonan, and then also left, not because they didn’t want to do anything to Chen Haonan, but it was still uncertain whether Blackbeard and the others would kill them back.

If you do it now, it is not a good thing for them, the most important thing is the jade of the four souls, and now in Chen Haonan’s hands, at least they don’t have to worry about the demon.

Chen Haonan also left.

Not long after Chen Haonan left, among the original demon minced meat, a strong figure came out of it.

Kim and !!

Jin is not dead, of course, he is not dead, it is Lu Yuze who can secretly guide and avoid Jin He, otherwise Jin He would have died a long time ago.

Although Jin He did not have the jade fragment of the Four Souls on his body, but the demon power on his body did not disappear, Jin He took a deep look at Nick. Fury and the others then left here.

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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: American comics: The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

This is the world of American comics! Here is Gotham City with simple folk customs and Arkham, a land of outstanding people! There are also Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Thor... Chen Haonan walked on the streets of New York, transformed into a unicorn demon, and killed Jin Bing with a knife. There is only one underground emperor in New York, and that is me, Chen Haonan! Thor, the god of thunder, and Thor, the Shiba Inu, were fighting fiercely in the sky above New York. The old call comes from the sea! The Gotham Joker has completely transformed into a source of chaos! Jin Shining stands on a street lamp in New York, with the golden space surging behind him! Blackbeard shattered half of the New York sky! Heidai held the holy sword, and the dark red light beam pierced the sky! ....... "Today is another day of nuclear peace. By the way, does this little brother want to buy this knife? It can summon meteors!" Lu Yuze squinted his eyes slightly and smiled like a fox, looking at the knife he just pulled out of the system. Flowing Star Meteor Knife! This is a story about a manipulator system behind the scenes causing trouble in the world of American comics!


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