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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 102

While Gordon was making his decision.
His cell phone suddenly rang.
An unfamiliar number entered Gordon’s phone.
Gordon knew that this was probably a call from the kidnappers and did not dare not answer it.
Sure enough, the phone rang.
The shouts of his daughter, Barbara Gordon, came from the other end.
“Dad! Don’t give in! My mother and I are not afraid! ”
Barbara shouted, but was quickly covered by a hand.
There was a loud voice on the other end of the phone.
“Barbara! Barb! ”
Gordon heard his daughter’s voice and immediately shouted excitedly.
“Director Gordon, hello!”
Barbara’s voice disappeared.
In its place was the deep voice of a man.
“Director Gordon, I’m sorry, your daughter doesn’t seem to be very cooperative!”
“What did you do to her?” Gordon asked angrily.
“Don’t worry! Miss Gui is okay! But you saw the letter! Two days, only two days! ”
The man’s voice chuckled:
“When things are done, your daughter and wife will be delivered to your house intact!”
If it doesn’t work…
Then don’t blame us, you wait to collect their bodies! Moreover, your lady and miss are so beautiful …
We’ll do something else! Hey! ”
The other party burst into lewd laughter.
“I warn you, if you do this, there will be no good results!” Gordon suddenly roared angrily.
“Hmph! That’s it! You decide for yourself! Anyway, after two days, we won’t get the good news, and your wife and daughter will be dead! ”
The other party has already hung up the phone.
“Go check this number!”
Harvey immediately stepped forward.
“Nope! This is a virtual number, it is useless to look it up! ”
Gordon shook his head.
After hearing her daughter’s voice.
The firmness in his heart suddenly wavered.
“Gordon! We understand how you feel and we will help you! ”
Look at Gordon’s appearance.
Both Harvey and Philip knew his pain at this point.
30 His ideals and his wife and daughter are at opposite ends of the scale.
Justice and wife and daughter, only one can be saved!
“Philip and I went to investigate the whereabouts of the murderer, you deal with this so-called murderer first!”
Harvey looked at Gordon and said seriously:
“You are the beam of GCPD (Gotham Police Department), you are the mainstay of Gotham justice, you must not fall!
Philip and I will do our best to help you! ”
“Don’t worry! I will! ”
Encouraged by Harvey and Philip.
Gordon’s mood was also much better.
Get out of the police station.
Philip and Harvey prepare to split up and investigate the whereabouts of the murderer.
Philip Barbara Gordon’s side investigates.
Harvey went to Sarah Gordon’s archives.
After the two separated.
Philip didn’t say much.
Under Yan Shenghui’s reminder, he already knew the location of Barbara Gordon and Sarah Gordon.
They all know who their captors are.
However, he did not rush to the rescue.
After all, the other party gave two days!
This is a lot of time.
He researched a lot of useful information step by step and then fed it back to Harvey.
Harvey also gave him a lot of feedback.
The cooperation and communication between the two became more and more tacit.
That’s the end of the first day.
The three gathered at Gordon’s house.
Looking at the originally lively home, but now it is deserted.
Gordon hugged his head weakly.
Gordon’s cell phone rang again.
This time with another number!
“How’s it going, Director Gordon! How’s it going? Half the time has passed! ”
The voice of the big man came again.
“I’ve ordered people to focus the evidence on me! If I want to destroy it, I can do it at any time!
I want to hear my daughter and wife! ”
Gordon said to the bandits according to the plan of the three.
“No problem! As long as you cooperate, your wife and daughter will be safe! ”
The bandits first brought Sarah Gordon.
Sarah comforted Gordon for a while, and the two ended the conversation.
When it was Barbara’s turn.
But I saw Barbara say at a very fast speed:
“A working warehouse, lots of pulverized coal wood chips! There’s a moisture… Not! ”
Barbara was once again covered in her mouth.
“Hmph! Director Gordon, Miss Gui still doesn’t cooperate! ”
The big man said angrily to Gordon.
“Don’t move Barbara!” Gordon immediately said angrily.
“Don’t worry! We won’t move! Unless you don’t cooperate! ”
The big man affirmed:
“But there’s only one day left!”
“Don’t worry! I’ll destroy everything tomorrow! ”
Gordon nodded.
This concludes the call.
“Running warehouse, lots of pulverized coal and wood chips! There’s a moisture… Sound! ”
Philip repeatedly chewed on the information Barbara had just provided.
Then his eyes lit up and he opened the book in his hand.
“I probably know where they are!”
Philip smiled.
Hear Philip’s words.
Gordon and Harvey suddenly looked at him excitedly.
“Philip? Do you know where Barbara and Sarah are locked up? ”
“That’s right! But I just identified an area, not yet specific! ”
Philip nodded and said:
“Chief Gordon, you go to the police station first and wait for someone! It must be your henchman, the kind that can’t get the news out! ”
“Harvey and I sneak in over there first to determine where Barbara and Sarah are ready!”
“When you receive my notice, you will bring someone here!”
Hearing Philip’s plan, Gordon quickly nodded.
The three men immediately got into action!
“Here it is!”
Philip and Harvey’s low-key action came to the industrial area of Gotham’s old town.
Over here.
All kinds of worn-out but still functioning equipment can be found everywhere.
Although the facilities here are shabby and full of danger.
There are also quite a few workers working night shifts here.
“Don’t alarm them, anyone can be eyeliner!”
Philip whispered to Harvey.
“I know!”
Harvey nodded, and couldn’t help but ask:
“You still haven’t told me why you know they’re locked up here?”
“It’s cinder!”
Philip said to Harvey:
“I was at the scene where Barbara disappeared and found a few footsteps with pulverized coal!
And didn’t you show me the video? The vehicle that took away the two also had coal prints!
So, I deduce that they will go to a place related to coal!
Then Barbara said again.
It was a working factory, with wood chips and pulverized coal, and a sizzling sound outside!
So, I surveyed the whole city.
First, factories using coal.
Then there are factories that use cheap wooden boxes.
Then there are factories with aging equipment.
Only this one factory was found to be eligible!
They are coal chemical industries, using coal as power and then producing a chemical feedstock.
I saw pictures of them transporting chemical raw materials online.
I used a special homemade wooden box!
Everything fits! ”
Philip naturally wouldn’t say that Yan Shengshui told him.
Instead, he said with some reasoning for inference. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
“Nice inference!”
Although I think Philip has some coincidence.
Harvey still recognized his level of reasoning.
Two people quietly sneaked into the factory.
I don’t know.
A sudden live broadcast is opening!
“Wow! The Knight Grand Prix begins! Or Philip! ”
“At nine o’clock, the Knight Grand Prix is here again! This time the place looks like an old factory! ”
“As soon as I opened my phone, I saw my husband Philip, great!”
“What’s your husband, that’s my husband!”
“Aren’t you a man?”
People flocked to the live broadcast room of the Knight Grand Prix.
At a glance, I saw Philip and Harvey who were secretly investigating and searching in the factory.
“Haha! What are these two people doing? Why sneaky? ”
“Do you still need to think about this? Definitely to investigate the dope! Philip forget it, who is this blonde? I haven’t seen it! ”
“Is there a doping body hiding inside this factory? It’s just night, and the lights are so dim, it’s really exciting! ”
Philip and Harvey don’t know they’re being streamed yet.
After searching one factory after another, they found no trace of Barbara and Sarah.
“Then it should be, over there!”
Philip thought quickly, then pointed in one direction and said.
The two immediately came to a factory building not far away and sneaked in.
The other side.
Inside the Gotham Police Department.
Gordon is counting people.
He ordered everyone to keep mobile phones and other communication items in their personal lockers.
Prevent them from leaking secrets.
“Wait! Director, the Knight Grand Prix begins! It seems to be exactly Philip they live! ”
When a small policeman took out his mobile phone, he habitually opened the live broadcast room of the Knight Grand Prix to take a look.
This look.
It immediately brought his attention to the Knight’s Grand Prix that had begun!
Hear his words.
Gordon immediately looked at his phone.
The Knight Grand Prix is live!
And the picture shows.
It was Philip and Harvey who were looking for Barbara and Sarah!
“Oops! How could this matter be broadcast live by the Knight Grand Prix? Is there a dopant involved? ”
Gordon’s eyelids jumped, and the secret passage was not good.
The Knight Grand Prix must have detected a monster before it opened.
“Quick! Let’s go to the scene! ”
Gordon didn’t say a word.
Let the policemen finish their things, then put on their equipment and rush to the old factory.
If the live broadcast of the Knight Grand Prix, if it is noticed by the bandits.
That’s the big problem!
“Right inside! In the trash can outside the door, there are items for women! ”
In the factory.
Philip looked at the trash can in front of the factory building in front of him and immediately determined.
He and Harvey looked at each other.
The two immediately sneaked into the plant.
But the factory building was quiet, not even the light!
In the factory building.
Packed with wooden boxes.
The ground is soft and soft.
Covered with wood chips and pulverized coal!
As the two walked, they carefully looked around.
Then I came to the innermost room of the factory building.
Philip and Harvey looked at each other, then nodded.
Pull the door hard!
A burst of gunfire suddenly came!
Philip and Harvey suddenly jumped to the sides.
“Discovered? When! ”
Harvey was surprised, but his reaction was not slow at all.
947 immediately pulled out his own pistol and began to fight back.
“Idiot, the actions of the two of you have already been broadcast live by the Knight Grand Prix! Wait to die! ”
Seven or eight gunmen quickly surrounded and mended their guns at the two!
I want to kill the two of them here completely!
Right at this moment.
Philip took out his Blastwind Memory!
Press the whirlwind memory.
A strong wind blows quickly!
Actually blown away the bullet that was fired!
While a few gunmen were stunned.
Harvey shot quickly.
His shooting skills are also very good.
Each shot hit the gunman’s arm!
The gunmen suddenly wailed one by one, and the guns in their hands also fell to the ground.
“What a handsome marksmanship! Who is this! The marksmanship is not bad! ”
“Could it be Philip’s detective partner?” This marksmanship is really good! ”
The audience couldn’t help but praise Harvey’s marksmanship.
“A bunch of idiots!”
Harvey kicked one of the big guys hard.
Just now, he shouted the hardest.
Then he took a pistol and walked cautiously towards the room.
In the corner of the room.
He spotted Barbara and Sarah.
Saw it was Harvey.
Barbara and Sarah burst into tears of joy.
The two untied Barbara and Sarah and took them downstairs.
Gordon also arrived with the police.
Looking at his wife and daughter who were safe and sound in front of him.
Gordon’s tears couldn’t help but flow.
The rest of the police stepped forward and handcuffed several kidnapped gangsters.
An ambulance arrived.
As a rule.
After the hostages were rescued, a full body examination was to be done.
“Let’s go!”
Gordon reluctantly let go of his wife and daughter.
Watch as the two were taken to the ambulance by doctors.
“Isn’t it? This is gone? Doped in vivo? What about Kamen Rider? You’re a makeover! ”
“Today’s Knight Grand Prix is really perfunctory! Bad reviews! ”
Just when everyone thought it was over.
A booming sound appeared above everyone’s heads.
“Go and die!”
Countless black shadows descended from above Gordon’s head!
“Be careful!”
Philip instantly turned into Kamen Rider Blast, saving Gordon.
But when everyone reacted.
Tragedy happened!
Look at her daughter and wife, who have just been saved, but are pierced by spikes.
Gordon let out a miserable cry!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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