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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 12

Johnny steadied his figure and was excited inside.
He successfully solved the Golem Megiddo!
Johnny looked to the sky.
I saw that in the embers of the explosion of the Golem Megiddo, a blue shadow flashed.
Johnny suddenly stretched out his hand and held the blue shadow tightly in his hand.
A blue fantasy driving book entered his hands just like that!
“New fantasy mastery book!”
Johnny looked at the fantasy driving book in his hand, and his eyes suddenly lit up.
“Is this the reward given to me after defeating Megiddo?”
“I feel like there’s a lot of power hiding!”
[Congratulations on getting the Knight Space! ] 】
【Knight Space can collect everything related to Kamen Rider! 】 】
“Knight space, and this thing!”
Johnny was worried about not knowing where to put his fiery sword and two fantasy driving books.
Hearing the prompt, Johnny immediately included the Peter Fantasia fantasy driving book into the knight’s space.
“Johnny, you did it, you defeated Megiddo!”
Seeing that the real world was back to its original state, Reid, Susan, and Ben immediately surrounded him.
Several people said happily to Johnny.
“Kamen Rider Holy Blade, you are our hero!”
The rescued Atlanta residents around also immediately came towards Johnny.
Several people cheered enthusiastically to Johnny.
“Kamen Rider Holy Blade! Kamen Rider Holy Blade!! Kamen Rider Holy Blade !! ”
The shouts resounded in the sky!
“Kid, you’re doing a great job!”
At this time, a figure also flew in the sky and slowly landed in front of Johnny.
The motherland suppressed the jealousy in his eyes and praised Johnny with a smile.
“Thank you for the compliment, Motherland! You are my idol! ”
Johnny did not know the true face of the Motherland.
I thought that the other party was really the same as the media and TV, a superhero who guarded the people.
“Can I take a picture with you?”
Johnny was originally a showy personality, and when he saw the arrival of the motherland, he was immediately a little excited.
“Of course you can!” The Motherland smiled.
So the two leaned together and took a selfie.
At the same time, the surrounding people also took the opportunity to take out their mobile phones and take photos of the two wantonly.
“Kamen Rider Holy Blade! Motherlanders! ”
Everyone kept shouting the names of the two, which made the vanity of the two get a huge satisfaction!
“This idiot, he is actually so close to the people of the motherland!”
In S.H.I.E.L.D., looking at Johnny who took a close photo with the motherland, Nick Fury snorted.
“Nick, he doesn’t know the true face of the people of his homeland! And he’s just a kid! ”
Coulson defended Johnny and pulled out a stack of papers.
“This is the information about the Kamen Rider Holy Blade that the data masters just analyzed!”
“Kamen Rider Holy Blade armor, the metal material used in the body is unknown, it should be a material that is not available on earth.
“The dressing process of the armor is unknown, perhaps related to quantum mechanics.”
“The height is about 217 centimeters, and the weight is about 104 kilograms.”
“The base punch should be twenty tons, and the heavy punch should be thirty tons. The base kicking force is not shown, and it is inferred that it is around fifty tons. ”
“The basic jumping ability is about thirty-one meters, and the extreme jumping ability should be forty meters up.”
“The speed is about fifty meters per second.”
“These are basic data! But the data guy found that his data grew somewhat significantly when using special moves! ”
“For example, the power of the special move has reached more than seven hundred tons! That’s why this can knock out that huge Golem Megiddo, which is fifty-five meters tall and weighs more than 4,000 tons! ”
With Coulson’s introduction, the wrinkles between Nick Fury’s eyebrows deepened.
“It seems that I really underestimated Kamen Rider!”
Nick Fury glanced at the data a few times and then returned it to Coulson.
He was silent for a moment, and then he repeated:
“We must arrange the agents! Get involved in the Knight Grand Prix! ”
“We must gain the power of Kamen Rider in the Knight Grand Prix!”
“In this way, we can keep the world safe!”
“Yes!” Coulson nodded heavily.
“Kamen Rider Armor… Seems better than my bat armor! ”
Gotham City, Wayne Building.
Bruce looked at the performance of the Kamen Rider Holy Blade in the live broadcast room, and his eyes shone slightly.
He seemed to be thinking something.
“Alfred, it looks like I have to go to the Knight Grand Prix!”
Bruce looked at Alfred:
“I can feel that if I don’t participate, I may regret it later!”
“Then do what you won’t regret! Master! ”
Alfred didn’t stop Bruce again.
His expression was also very firm.
He will guard Bruce’s side until he dies!
“Boom! Kamen Rider Holy Blade, really powerful armor! ”
Fly to the Middle East by private jet.
Tony Stark looked at the Kamen Rider Holy Blade that solved the gigantic Golem Megiddo on the screen, and also raised his eyebrows slightly, a little surprised.
Kamen Rider Holy Blade’s performance was somewhat unexpected to him!
(Ask for flowers, ask for evaluation!) The author of the armor data has changed it to fit the Marvel version).
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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