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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 84

Frank steadied himself.
There is an electric flash on the forehead!
I saw Frank’s head armor.
What used to be a translucent texture area with a soft feeling quickly changed to an opaque metal texture!
And then the flashing electric light.
Left a lightning-like scar on Frank’s forehead!
It is different from Shokichi Narumi, who originally transformed into the skull of Kamen Rider.
Frank’s will to fight has always been strong!
So Kamen Rider’s skull directly turned into a full body form!
A gentle breeze blows.
Frank held out his hand.
Grab the black and white gentleman’s top hat flying through the air.
Then the devil sent him to put it on his head!
The whole person looks as elegant as a gentleman!
A combination of warrior and gentleman!
[Congratulations to Kamen Rider SKU11 (Skull) for becoming the new Kamen Rider of the Knight Grand Prix! ] 】
[This is the basic form of Kamen Rider SKU11 that uses “Lost Drive” and “Skull Memory” to transform! ] 】
[Fighting ability is proportional to the level of willpower, has an immortal body, and is immune to spiritual attacks! ] 】
“Who is that woman? Why is it easy to save the Punisher? Could it be a defector to the museum? ”
“She also gave the Punisher a set of Kamen Rider gear! My goodness, why don’t I have this treatment? ”
“The Punisher has transformed into Kamen Rider? Seems pretty good! ”
“Another new Kamen Rider is born! Kamen Rider Skull! It just looks a little ugly! ”
“You know what! This is obviously very handsome! ”
“Immortal body? Really fake? Is this Kamen Rider so exaggerated? ”
The appearance of Kamen Rider’s skull brought the Knight Grand Prix to its climax!
The audience was engaged in a heated discussion.
“Immortal body! How can it be! Without that one’s permission, how could anyone have an immortal body! This must be an exaggeration! ”
Odin scoffed.
He knows.
The so-called immortal body is actually a blessing or curse given by the goddess of death in the universe!
This goddess of death is not his anti-bone daughter Hela.
But one of the true gods of the universe!
“Immortal body? Can Gaia memory still give humans this ability? ”
Inside S.H.I.E.L.D.
Listen to the introduction of Kamen Rider SKU11 at the Knight Grand Prix.
Nick Fury and other 623 agents were also surprised.
Immortal body!
This is a coveted ability of so many people!
But the whole world, only a few people can do it!
“Agents! Let’s make a small plan, or take a Gaia memory to study and study? ”
Nick Fury looked at the agents in front of him, a smile on his lips.
The agents shivered.
I can only shrug helplessly.
It seems that you have to do your best again!
“Turned into Kamen Rider!”
Looking at Frank, who became Kamen Rider SKU11.
Both violent dope and bullseye are pupils shrunk.
Half a minute ago.
Frank is obviously going to die at their hands!
But in the blink of an eye.
A woman saved him.
He was also given Kamen Rider’s Shapeshifter and Gaia Memory!
Let him become Kamen Rider!
What kind of dog luck is this?
“What if you become Kamen Rider? Who loses and who wins, not necessarily! ”
Violent dope is also unafraid.
The power of Gaia’s memory gave him plenty of self-confidence!
He doesn’t think he’s weaker than the Kamen Rider Frank transformed into!
“Go and die!”
The violent doper waved his arm, and a huge iron ball smashed towards Frank!
Frank saw the other person’s movements.
With his own top fighting level, coupled with the strengthening of his skull memory, his hand-to-hand combat level deserves to be the first in the world!
Easily dodge violent dope attacks.
Frank punched the opponent in the chest.
With super fighting spirit, his punching power is amazing!
The violent doped body was directly beaten to the ground and took a few steps back!
Frank came again.
Without a weapon, he beat the violent doped body back with his fists and feet.
Seeing this, he is not Frank’s opponent.
The violent doper gritted his teeth.
The whole person shrank into an iron ball!
Crash towards Frank!
Frank only makes mastery of martial arts.
But in the face of a round ball, there is no way to start!
“There are some gaps in his body! Through this gap, it can hit the inside of his body! ”
Frank in the face of the impact of violent dopeds. (chcd)
It is also aware of the flaws of the other party.
But with only fists and feet, you can’t break into this flaw!
Frank seemed to sense something.
He stretched out his hand towards the sky!
A stag beetle quickly flew towards his palm!
Hold it in your hand.
This cattle beetle is actually a mechanical mobile phone!
He is carrying a strangely shaped firearm on his back!
“Skull Merlin gun?”
It seems to have sensed the chatter of the catalpa mobile phone to himself.
Frank nodded.
Held the skull Merlin gun in his hand.
Frank pulls the trigger!
A light bullet instantly shot out from the muzzle of the skull Merlin gun!
Shot at the body of the violent doper at a very fast speed!
The light bullet exploded on the body of the violent doper!
But only a puff of black smoke came out, and it didn’t really hurt the violent doper!
“Haha! Are you at this level? Even if you get a weapon, what? ”
Watching Frank’s attack on himself still can’t be broken.
The violent doper immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and then laughed loudly.
Frank curled the corners of his mouth.
The skull Merlin gun in his hand gathered energy again.
The light bullet shoots out again!
This time exactly as Frank wanted!
At a tricky angle, it shot directly into a gap in the ball formed by violent dopeds!
Light bombs explode inside the gaps!
Violent doped body screamed!
As Frank expected.
Although his external body has been strengthened, his internal body still maintains its original strength!
This luminous bomb directly knocked the violent doped body into the form of the ball.
“It’s now!”
Frank mercilessly raised the skull Merlin gun to the violent doped body that fell to the ground!
He immediately removed the skull memory from his belt and loaded it into the skull Merlin!
Pull the trigger!
“Sku11! MaximumDrive! (Skull extreme drive!) )”
One after another powerful energy light bullets were continuously launched on the violent dope’s body!
The body of the violent doped body exploded directly!
Wait until the smoke clears.
The figure of the violent doper disappeared.
In his place was a big man with Mohican.
A Gaia memory that was smoking black and broken in two fell beside him!
“Damn punishers, you!”
Mohican’s words are not finished.
The skull Merlin gun in the Punisher’s hand pressed down again.
The Mohican man turned into a puddle of minced meat! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
“Oh my God! It’s cruel! He was beaten back to human form, why did you still do it to him? ”
“Kamen Rider skull is so violent! That’s a person! It’s just a mistake to use Gaia memory! How could you kill him like that? ”
“Idiot! This is a gangster, I don’t know how many crimes have been committed? What happened to killing? I support Kamen Rider Skull! ”
“Even if guilty, it must be determined by the court and the police!” You are a Kamen Rider, why do it? ”
“Tell me about the law to my punisher? I think it’s ridiculous! ”
The iron-blooded means of the punisher immediately made some viewers shout that they could not accept it.
They immediately turned off this live broadcast room and looked at Kamen Rider Holy Blade.
Because Kamen Rider Holy Blade and others solve the Megiddo monster.
And the punisher is a real human who kills!
The punisher does not know that he has caused heated discussions among ordinary people.
Even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.
There is only one idea in his mind –
Whoever sins must die!
The same is true for himself.
He himself has sinned, so he does not value his life and death!
“It’s your turn!”
After solving the violent dope, Frank coldly looked at the bullseye on the side.
At this time, Bullseye had already fled on his car.
He was not ready to transform into a beast doped body in front of a large audience.
Because as we all know, he is Jin He’s subordinate!
If he becomes a doped, then Jin will definitely not be able to escape the relationship!
The Walt Group will definitely find the head of Jinhe.
Although I don’t know if the fear doping will be the opponent of the Motherland.
But unnecessary trouble, if you can avoid it, avoid it!
So Bullseye ignored the limelight and sat in his car, dodging Frank’s energy bullets.
Look at the bullseye that fades away.
Frank could only snort coldly and stop the pursuit.
Although it is possible to catch up, it is not necessary.
He can feel what means the bullseye is hiding!
This is an intuition as an old adversary!
Frank looked at the battlefield on the other side.
Kamen Rider Sword Flash and Kamen Rider Great Sword are pressing Kamen Rider King Sword to fight!
Take Frank’s experience.
Kamen Rider King Sword shouldn’t last long!
But it is.
He didn’t know the original plot.
Kamen Rider Sword Flash and Kamen Rider Great Sword teamed up, but they defeated a virtuous god!
Kamen Rider Sword Slash is fighting against the Apocalypse.
This war of words, Frank did not want to participate in.
And the other end.
Kamen Rider Holy Blade and Kamen Rider Sword Blade are glued to Swan Megiddo.
Frank knows who to help!
“Sku11! MaximumDrive! (Skull extreme drive!) )”
Frank’s right foot suddenly closed a purple energy and jumped into the sky with him!
Then, while descending sharply, he made a flying kick at the swan Megiddo!
Fly and kick straight into the chest of the swan Megiddo!
This kick is a killer, bringing more than a thousand tons of destructive power to the swan Migido!
It’s just that because of the influence of the rules, it can’t be defeated without the power of the holy sword!
Even so, this knightly kick caused Megiddo the swan to temporarily lose his combat effectiveness!
“Good opportunity!”
Johnny and Blindspot’s eyes lit up.
“Thank you! Kamen Rider Skull! ”
The two expressed their gratitude to Frank.
Then immediately joined forces and each made a special move!
“Fire Flame Tornado Slash!”
“Kill to finish reading!”
“Agni draws the knife!
Two volumes chopped!
The flames condensed into a blade of light!
“Surface chop!”
“Kill to finish reading!”
“Flowing water pulls the knife!
Lion! Peter Fan (Lion! Peter pan! )
Two volumes chopped!
The water condenses into a crescent-shaped blade!
One fire and one water!
Two special moves, crossed and chopped on the swan Megiddo!
The body of the swan Megiddo exploded instantly!
The alternative driving book in the chest was also immediately shattered!
The entire Hell’s Kitchen is beginning to return to its original state and return to the real world!
“Tin sound reading!”
“Big break!”
“Moon Dark will kill!”
And the battle on the other side has also reached a critical moment!
The two special moves of Kamen Rider Sword Flash and Kamen Rider Great Sword attack towards Kamen Rider King Sword!
Kamen Rider King Sword suddenly unleashed a special move to resist!
Three strands of energy collide!
Kamen Rider King Sword’s special move froze for a moment, and it was directly dispersed by the remaining two energies!
The remaining special moves slammed into his body.
“But… Evil! ”
Casillas clutched his chest, the armor on his body jumping into an arc.
Seeing that it has reached the limit, I can’t hold it anymore!
“You guys wait! Sooner or later you will lose to the darkness! ”
Casillas immediately summoned a large amount of dark energy and teleported himself away.
“Count you lucky! Spare your life this time! ”
And seeing the death of teammates dead, run away.
The natural disaster also stopped the battle with Deadpool.
This battle is pointless, but let the natural disaster fully enjoy the thrill of the battle!
“Oh? If you want to escape, just say it! At any time, you remember that my Deadpool once stuck your garbage sword in your garbage skin! ”
Deadpool saw the catastrophe jump away and knew that he didn’t want to fight, so he said sarcastically.
“When did you ever do this?”
The natural disaster was infuriated by Deadpool’s words.
“I obviously did it!”
“You didn’t!” The natural disaster waved Gurankident in annoyance:
“You wait, next time will definitely make you look good!”
Finish speaking.
A large black-purple light appeared around the body of the natural disaster, and disappeared in front of Deadpool with him.
“Haha! Everyone, look at it, the coward natural disaster was beaten away by me! Crying like a girl, she returned to his house! ”
Deadpool waved proudly, declaring his victory.
And most of his words and pictures were deliberately obscured by parents with souls!
What a broken thing.
This can also be a Kamen Rider!
Just teach bad little kids!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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