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Crimson Overlord Chapter 209

The group moved cautiously in the city. Orpheus secretly spread his senses, taking in the whole city. He could sense a few monsters here and there but he also sensed something repulsive coming from the depth of the ghost town.
While Lily and the others readied their respective weapons, the ruin’s robotic voice rang out, announcing the content of this floor.
[Defeat the unknown enemy, the unknown entity in the depth of the city.]
”What? This is different from what the record said.” Lily cried in alarm, she looked at Orpheus as if to ask him if he knew anything about this unknown entity but all she received in return was Orpheus simply shrugging his shoulders.
”Tch!” Lily clicked her tongue in annoyance. Of course, she didn’t believe Orpheus’s claim of not knowing anything, still, they have to proceed forward.
”Let’s go.”
At the same time in the outside world in certain forbidden zone.
The vampire’s hidden city.
In the night, one could barely tell where the darkness began and where it ended.
There are silver gems dotting the night sky. The soft glow of the moon also rained down on the city. Like a faint silver sash, the moonlight enveloped the city.
Somewhere in this city was a normal house.
From the outside, this house looks lavish. It has been built with brownstones and has tan brick decorations. Short, wide windows add to the overall style of the house and have been added to the house in a fairly asymmetrical pattern.
The house is equipped with a large kitchen and two bathrooms, it also has a comfortable living room, three bedrooms, a grand dining room, a playroom, and a small storage room.
The building is shaped like an L. The extension extends into stylish gardens circling around half the house.
The second floor is bigger than the first, which creates a stylish overhang on two sides of the house. This floor has roughly the same style as the floor below.
The roof is high and rounded and is covered with dark ceramic tiles. One small chimney sits at the side of the house. Rows of small windows let in plenty of light to the rooms below the roof.
The house itself is surrounded by a gorgeous garden, including various trees, bushes, flowers, and a large pond.
This house is owned by Orpheus’s first creation Nix. She was currently in the master bedroom.
She was dressed in a lascivious negligee! She lay face down. A see-through cloth that made heavy use of lace! The white skin is slightly seen underneath it! And black underwear! The hem of the skirt that anxiously moved down from the bent knee seemed it would be turned up at any moment.
”Sight! I’ve missed the past.” Nix mumbled recollecting some events in the past.
It was an event before the Angel race got almost completely wiped out. Nix was proving her worth so she went forward to slaughter an entire city.
The city of Freyport was built at the base of a potentially active volcano and was truly a fully beautiful sight. Its allure is matched by the backdrop of cascading waterfalls which have helped shape the city into what it was today.
The climate these waterfalls brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings incorporate the aesthetic elements of water and waterfalls, as well as the lush greenery they provide.
The skyline was crowded with stone buildings and more seem to be on their way. Parks and gardens are flourishing in Freyport and it had attracted a lot of attention. Many different cultures have left their mark not just on the city’s people, but also upon the city’s identity. What historically was a city of no variation has grown into an amalgamation of differences and it’s this that unites the 1 million people to this day.
It’s this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. Hundreds of concession stands, gastro pubs, and restaurants offer a plethora of culinary choices, and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy city exploring, arcades, adventure sports, or one of the many other recreational venues.
However, currently, this city was facing an extreme crisis because of one person, one woman causing a massacre.
She released her strength, a terrible killing intent burst forth, it was bone-chilling.
Faint snowflakes floated in the sky. They were very sparkling and translucent. However, they were mixed with the color of blood. In the sky, there was even a horrifying vision.
Mountains of corpses, seas of blood, and piles of bones.
Blood-colored lotuses bloomed one after another. It was incomparably dazzling and brilliant.
A beautiful woman in red walked out barefooted. Her black hair fluttered in the wind. Her aura was cold and emotionless. Her eyes were like knives.
She stood under the sky and opened her mouth to roar.
All the origin and life essence within a radius of hundred kilometers rolled toward her. They covered the sky and the sun like smoke signals. They were swallowed into her mouth and turned into gushing and vast energy.
Then, her cold and emotionless gaze landed on the many Awakeners and living beings who had rushed over because of the strange phenomenon.
These Awakeners and living beings were very powerful. They were not ordinary people. They were all important figures of various clans. Their strength was very strong, and the weakest was at Level 4.
However, at this moment, they all felt a chill run down their spines. It was as if their backs were frozen. They felt as if they were being targeted by their natural enemy.
“Who is this? Could it be a member of the vicious vampire race that appeared lately?”
A big family’s important figure trembled. Because of the woman in red’s flawless appearance, he was a bit stunned. Then, he reacted and couldn’t help but want to retreat.
“Could it be that this is the beginning of a war?!”
Some people were terrified. Their souls trembled. They planned to leave this place. They were terrified and wanted to escape.
This person with such a strange aura was clearly abnormal. Her strength was unfathomable and as vast as the sea.
“Not good, she has her eyes on us … Hurry and leave. This place is dangerous. We can’t stay here for long!”
“It’s definitely one of the vampire race people, she has come to slaughter us, let’s quickly escape and contact the power origin masters.”
One of those powerful origin masters declaring, ready to abandon the city to escape as far as possible.

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Crimson Overlord

Crimson Overlord

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Alexander, a young billionaire, and some of his classmates died in a school bus accident. They had another chance to reincarnate in a fantasy universe. A world of Sword and Magic. However, while everyone got a wonderful gift, Alex got two guns. One is silver-colored while the other is black. He couldn't even use magic. Even when others made fun of him, and his stats were below average, Alex was still smiling as he believes in himself. With a fiery eye, he said: “On Earth, I was one of the richest, and in this New World, I shall be the strongest.” Together with the others, they were sent to the next world to begin again. This is the story of Alex with his two guns in another world, a fantasy world. The story of his struggles until he became the strongest. The tale of a journey towards the top.


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