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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently! Chapter 2

Boom ————
On the ground.
With a loud rumbling noise.
Smoke and dust rise.
A huge pit also appeared out of thin air.
“Eh, this is……… Dodged away?? It’s really fast!!! ”
With the smoke and dust slowly dissipating.
A figure also appeared slowly.
The hair is very personal, and it is curly and sit.
The person who came was the young Sengoku.
To be precise, it was Admiral Sengoki, one of the admirals of the Navy Headquarters at the time!!
“General Senshi, what wind blew you here??”
Seeing that it was the Sengoku who came.
Among the many soldiers of the Navy headquarters, a man with a face like a rat’s head.
He walked over with a flattering look.
It is the current head of the base, Lieutenant General Dimitri Branch.
“I’m just passing through here!!”
“Come and see you guys making such noise here.”
Sengoku frowned and said in a deep voice.
Then his eyes looked at the roof not far away, which was Chris’s location.
“Who is this guy???”
“How dare you make trouble at the branch base??”
Faced with inquiries from the Great General Sengoku.
Dimitri is certainly not one fifty-one, but chose to add oil and vinegar to the description.
Describes Chris as a heinous sinner.
All sorts of plundering of food for the navy, robbery of money from naval warehouses.
In these two and a half months, even thousands of navies were injured.
As for why it is two and a half months, it is because Chris has now crossed into the pirate world for two and a half months.
Because Chris did not have a ship and did not have enough sailing skills, he did not dare to sail casually on the sea.
After all, the Great Passage is known as the graveyard of pirates.
After almost two minutes of communication.
Anyway, Chris’s various crimes were listed.
After listening to Dimitri’s report, the Warring States were also silent.
I didn’t expect things to be so serious.
“Then why didn’t you report before?”
“This…; This!!! General Sengoku, we also wanted to report it before, but… But…… But this guy threatened us that if we dared to report it, we would… Just take our waist and sell it to the underground world or something!!
So…… Therefore, we did not dare to report it! ”
Dimitri frowned and said timidly.
With an innocent look, I have to say that he pretends to be very similar.
Of course, the truth doesn’t stop there.
Dimikri embezzled and corrupted a huge amount of naval branch military expenses in the early stage, such a big hole, once detected.
That would go to the military tribunal of the Justice Island.
So anyway, right now there is a scapegoat like Chris.
Everything was really good for Dimitri.
After listening to Dimitri’s story, seeing this scene, the Warring States also looked around, as if they knew the meaning of the battle results.
The other naval soldiers also nodded one after another, one by one, their faces were sad and miserable.
Suddenly I couldn’t help but make the Warring States also believe it.
Straight to the heart.
Ready to take Chris down in one go!!!
After all, the majesty of the Navy does not tolerate any offense.
At first, I thought it was just a small trouble, but now the situation is different.
In the hearts of the Warring States, the navy is the face of the world government, and there is no room for any offense.
“What a guy with no backbone!!”
“Dimitry, for your dereliction of duty, I will hold you accountable afterwards!!”
Looking at Dimitri in front of him, Sengoku was also furious, hating iron and steel.
“Right now, immediately send someone to protect all ports and ships!!”
“Since I’m here, then this time I can’t let him escape!!”
The eyes of the Warring States also rose slightly.
Instantly, at this moment, it was also intertwined with Chris’s gaze.
With the dispersion of the smoke caused by the shock wave before this moment.
At this moment, Chris was finally able to see the person in front of him.
Although there are no signature frog glasses as well as twisted braids.
But Chris still directly recognized the man in front of him at this moment————Warring States!”
Buddha no Sengoku!!
Future Marshal of the Navy Headquarters.
But how did it suddenly appear here?
Suddenly it also made Chris a little confused.
After all, at the moment, this place is near the Hive Island of the New World Rocks Pirates.
It is still a very long way from the headquarters of the Navy.
And there is also a red earth continent in the middle!!
How can the time of his own meal attract generals?
Chris was also speechless.
“You guy is really good at tossing!!”
“Come if you want, leave if you want!!”
“You really think of the naval base as your home, don’t you??”
Sengoku said in a deep voice.
Between words, the Warring States are also full of war intent.
At that time, in the eyes of the young Sengoku, joining the navy was the best choice to achieve justice in his heart.
After learning about Chris’s pirate-like evil deeds from Dimitri’s mouth.
Naturally, he also planned to arrest Chris!!!
There is no need for investigation.
“I just ate a meal, can I do it to the real guy??”
Chris seemed speechless.
I didn’t expect to run into the Warring States, and I didn’t expect to run into it, and I was targeted by the Warring States.
At the moment, Chris does not want to conflict with the Warring States.
First of all, this is a naval base, someone else’s territory, and then because it can’t be beaten.
Although only the Warring States appeared.
However, according to Chris’s understanding, whenever the Warring States appear, then it means that Iron Fist Karp, as well as Lieutenant General Crane, are also nearby.
After all, it is the strongest iron triangle combination within the Navy.
There is no one.
The three people basically appeared as one accompanied by Ruhu, so most of the other two were also nearby.
Look at the sea soldiers who are constantly pouring in from all around like a honeycomb.
It’s as if you’re laying out a net.
Chris was also ready to slip away.
But at this moment, Sengoku doesn’t seem to want Chris to leave.
It’s also a real guy without saying a word.
Let Chris also be confused.
I don’t know what Sengoku thinks.
The whole person of the Warring States was in a golden light.
In an instant, he had already turned into a huge golden Buddha measuring 10 meters!!!
Looking at Chris’s position, glaring angrily!!
Now Chris dares to eat at the base of the naval branch, then he dares to go to the naval headquarters one day.
Therefore, for the signs of such evil forces in front of them, the Warring States did not have the slightest softness.
As for Dimitri Nakris there is no way.
Thinking that since you are there, you just happened to run into it, so you will take it by the way.
It’s not a big deal.
After all, Dimitri would have solved it long ago if he could solve it.

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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bou


Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bounced off by Chris. Even heat, soul, shock waves, injuries, and all kinds of pain were easily bounced off by Chris. Golden Lion Shiji: “It’s outrageous, Chris was able to slash and bounce Lao Tzu’s sword energy!” White Beard: “I’m not the same. The ability of the Zhenzhen fruit was also directly ignored by Chris. What kind of monster is this guy?” The Rocks: “Chris’ talent is second to none!” Roger: “Chris is the only obstacle on my way to becoming king!” Warring States: “A devil fruit that integrates attack, defense, and healing, Chris is really terrifying!” Accompanied by the outbreak of the Valley of Gods war. Facing Iron Fist Garp, Black Arm Zefa! Chris Meatball overturned Garp with a palm! Feilu Novel.com’s exclusive signed novel: “Cutting the Hurouqiu Fruit, God’s Valley Beats Karp!” “; this novel and characters are purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental, please do not imitate.


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