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Global Sect All my disciples are clones! Chapter 22

“Young man, the old man Zhang Yin, is the master of the city lord’s mansion, I don’t know how to call it?” The old man came to Li Ange and showed a kind smile.

“Junior Zhao Zilong.”

Li Ange handed over his hand, this doppelganger is called Zhao Zilong.

“Okay, well, Zilong, follow the old man to see the city lord.”

Zhang Yin said with a smile.

Then Li Ange followed Zhang Yin towards Zhou Shanhai in countless envious eyes.

“I didn’t expect that our Qingyuan City would have people with special talents this year, and they haven’t appeared for many years.”

“That little prince is also too lucky, with special talent, he will definitely be able to enter the Northern Xuanxue Palace.”

“Entering the North Xuanxue Palace, this little prince will at least be a city lord in the future, and maybe we will call him the city lord next time we meet.”


The most envious is still the three thousand young girls, they are still competing for recommended places, and they may not be able to enter the Northern Xuanxue Palace, but Li Ange will definitely be able to enter the Northern Xuanxue Palace.

At this time, Li Ange came to Zhou Shanhai under the leadership of Zhang Yin.

“Junior Zhao Zilong has seen Lord City Lord.”

Li Ange handed over.

“Hahaha, Zilong doesn’t have to be formal, my name is Zhou Shanhai, if you don’t dislike it, just call me Uncle Zhou in the future.”

Zhou Shanhai said with joy.

“Uncle Zhou.”

Li Ange shouted.

“Okay, Zhang Yin, you will preside over the affairs here, I will take Zilong back to the city lord’s mansion first.”

“Yes, Lord City Lord.”

Then Zhou Shanhai took Li Ange into a light and disappeared, and soon the two came to the city lord’s mansion.

“Zilong shouldn’t be from my Qingyuan City, right?”

After coming to the living room and sitting down, Zhou Shanhai asked with a smile.

Although he was happy to have a special talent, he was not a fool either.

Li Ange looked very raw, and he had a six-layer cultivation of the foundation at a young age.

You must know that their cultivators under the age of twenty in Qingyuan City are only nine layers of refining qi at most, even if Li Ange is not detected as a special talent, he can also get a recommended place with the strength of the other party.

So he needs to determine the background of Li Ange, not from other countries.

“That’s right, Uncle Zhou, I have been an orphan since I was a child, and I was fortunate that my master adopted me and taught cultivation, but a month ago, my master and his old man let me go down the mountain to study in the North Xuanxue Palace.”

Li Ange said with a puzzled face, “Uncle Zhou, can’t I enter the Northern Xuanxue Palace?” ”

“Yes, why not, my Northern Xuan Empire has a vast territory, and now His Majesty is even more thirsty for talents, since you have come to my Northern Xuan Empire, you can naturally enter the Northern Xuan Palace.”

Zhou Shanhai smiled and said, “I don’t know who your master’s surname is, and where did you live before?” ”

“This… I also ask Uncle Zhou’s forgiveness, when I went down the mountain, the master did not let me mention this. ”

Li Ange looked embarrassed.

“It’s okay, I’m just casually asking, you go down and rest first, and tomorrow we will leave for the imperial capital.”

Zhou Shanhai smiled and said, and then someone left the living room with Li Ange.

After Li Ange left, the smile on Zhou Shanhai’s face disappeared, replaced by contemplation.

“Could it be that this son’s master is the remnant of those sects back then?”

This is not impossible, countless sects of the Northern Xuan Empire were destroyed back then, but some escaped.

“That’s it, when I go to the imperial capital, I will report this matter, and I don’t need to worry about it.” Zhou Shanhai shook his head.

Li Ange was taken to a guest room, and he knew in his heart that Zhou Shanhai was testing him just now, but he didn’t care.

Even if the lie is exposed, the big deal is death.

He had ten doppelgangers participating in this Tianjiao competition, as long as one doppelganger could successfully enter the Northern Xuanxue Palace.

Then Li Ange’s consciousness left and checked the other nine doppelgangers.

Each doppelganger was detected to have a special talent, and then was used as a fragrant gluttony by the local city lord.

“It’s not bad, even if there are some accidents later, it can guarantee that at least one doppelganger can enter the Northern Xuanxue Palace.”

Li Ange nodded in satisfaction.

There are four purposes for going to the Northern Metaphysical Palace.

The first is to obtain better exercises, and now the [Xuantian Technique] he is cultivating is only high-level exercises, which is a bit too rubbish.

The second is to obtain various inheritances, especially the sub-professional inheritance of alchemy and refining.

The third is naturally for resources, he lacks spirit stones, and now that he has built the sixth layer of the foundation, it is estimated that he will be able to break through to the Golden Pill period in about a week, when it will take a large number of spirit stones to create a doppelganger.

The fourth is to contact local forces, and the Northern Xuan Empire, as the hegemon of this area, cannot be avoided no matter what.

Instead of clashing with the Northern Xuan Empire in the future, it is better to break into the other party first.

Early the next morning, he began to leave for the imperial capital of the Northern Xuan Empire.

In addition to Li Ange, there are three other teenagers, all of whom won the recommended place in the competition yesterday, and these three people happen to belong to the three major families, and there are only nine layers of refining gas in the non-transit realm.

“Let’s go, although there is a teleportation array, it will take some time to go to the imperial capital, and I will also tell you about the situation of the school palace on the way.”

Zhou Shan Haidao, but Li Ange knew that the other party mainly told him.

“My Northern Xuan Empire has been three thousand four hundred and twenty-one years ago, and Taizu started at the end of Wei to establish the Northern Xuan Empire, but at that time, there were many sects, and the empire had to provide resources and Tianjiao disciples to those sects every year.”

“For this reason, Taizu specially established the Northern Xuanxue Palace, hoping to cultivate enough strong people to resist the major sects, but the sects have a long tradition, how can they be so easily overthrown.”

“With the passage of time, with the efforts of many emperors, the national strength of my Northern Xuan Empire has become stronger and stronger, until a hundred years ago, His Majesty has destroyed the major sects in one fell swoop, creating the grand situation of my Northern Xuan today.”

“After destroying those sects, the empire has obtained countless exercises and inheritances, and most of these things are placed in the Northern Xuanxue Palace.”

“However, it is not so easy to obtain these resources, and the Academy Palace adopts a credit system, and these resources need to be exchanged for consuming credits.”

“Of course, there are exceptions, if the talent you show is strong enough, the Academy Palace will provide you with a lot of resources.”

As Zhou Shanhai spoke, everyone also rode one teleportation array after another to the imperial capital.


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Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchroni


With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchronized with the deity. Innate supernatural powers are shared with the deity. It can also help the deity practice. Looking at the clone he created, Li Ange was silent for a while and made a decision. Clone No. 1 pays homage to Master. [Ding dong, suzerain L...


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