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Global Sect All my disciples are clones! Chapter 41

Lee put the token in a storage bag and did not intend to give it to the body.

After all, it is Ye Jingyuan’s token, who knows if there is any prohibition inside, what if the other party finds the body with this.

It’s okay if the doppelganger dies, but the body must not have an accident.

“But when the strength is strong in the future, maybe you can consider helping the Northern Xuan Empire unify the other two countries.”

Li Ange narrowed his eyes.

He has already regarded this place as his own territory, and the power here is naturally better controlled by himself.

If the three countries can be unified, then he can also obtain a lot of resources from these three countries.

And if there is any danger, you can also let the Three Kingdoms stand in front and watch the changes in the back.

“Everything will wait until the strength is strong.”

Li Ange secretly thought that as long as he broke through to the Convergence Stage, or even only needed to reach the Transformation God Stage, he would have the ability to sweep the Three Kingdoms.

“Now that the inheritance has also been obtained, first convert the exercises.”

Thinking about it, Li Ange glanced at his panel.

[Exercises]: Xuantian Technique (Perfection).

Xuantian Technique is a high-level exercise, and it has long reached the level of perfection.

But after all, it was only a high-level exercise, and it was not worthy of his immortal-level physique and chaotic bloodline at all, and he had long wanted to change to a powerful exercise.

“All doppelgangers are fully cultivating the Nine Tribulations Immortal Casting Technique.”

Li Ange gave the task, and then the ten thousand doppelgangers began to cultivate.

Under the cultivation of 10,000 doppelganger firepower, even immortal-level exercises could not bear it, and the proficiency was rising wildly.

Moreover, in the process of cultivation, Li Ange’s realm also broke through again, reaching the second layer of Jindan.

“10,000 doppelgangers is fast, only broke through the Jindan yesterday, and today it will be the second layer of Jindan.”

Li Ange smiled.

The doppelganger had been cultivating for six hours, and the proficiency of the Nine Tribulations Immortal Casting Technique had also reached the level of mastery.

It can only be said that it is worthy of being an immortal-level exercise, and the difficulty of cultivation is indeed not small.

The 10,000 doppelgangers had cultivated for six hours, which was equivalent to him cultivating alone for hundreds of years before he reached the level of mastery.

After becoming proficient, Li Ange could clearly feel that the growth of proficiency began to decline rapidly.

“If it takes another two or three days, it is not impossible to cultivate this exercise to perfection, but it feels a bit of a waste of time, and now it is enough to master the level, after all, I am only in the golden pill period.”

“And in the process of improving the realm, it would have increased the proficiency of the exercises, so there was no need to be in such a hurry.”

Thinking about Li Ange, he also made the doppelganger stop, and opened his own panel at the same time.

【Personal Panel】

[Name]: Ange Lee


[Realm]: Jindan second layer (11.4%)

[Sect]: Wind Spirit Moon Shadow Sect

[Exercises]: Nine Tribulations Immortal Casting Technique (0.1% proficient), Star Refining Body Technique (0% Beginner


[Technique]: Cold Light Sword Technique (0% Mastery), Rapid Movement (0% Beginner), Royal Sword Art (0% Mastery), Void Sword Technique (0% Mastery), Soul Spell Technique (0% Beginner), Mountain and River Seal (0% Beginner).

[Talent]: Chaos Bloodline (21% Second Layer), Innate Sword Body (Immortal Level).

[Divine power]: shrinking the ground into inches, three ambiguous real fire

[Spirit Stone]: 98.2 million


Looking at his panel, Li Ange thought about the next cultivation task.

The realm naturally has to be improved, but the technique is also to be cultivated, and a powerful technique can allow him to easily cross the level and kill the enemy.

Especially those few emperor-level techniques, if this thing can achieve perfection, with his Jindan second-layer cultivation, he can easily kill the Yuan Infancy Stage.

“If I’m alone, I have to improve my realm, and I really can’t be busy to cultivate the magic method, but fortunately I have a lot of doppelganger.”

“One thousand doppelgangers cultivate the Void Sword Technique, one thousand doppelgangers cultivate the Star Refining Body Technique, one thousand doppelgangers cultivate soul spells, and one thousand doppelgangers cultivate the Mountain and River Seal.”

“In addition, divide out nine hundred doppelgangers and cultivate those nine king-level sub-professions respectively.”

Li Ange began to arrange.

In addition, Li Ange also started his own money-making business.

He now has more than 90 million spirit stones, allowing Dian Wei to purchase alchemy materials, Xu Chu to purchase refining materials, Xu Huang to purchase formation materials, Zhang Liao to purchase talisman materials, and Yu Forbidden to purchase puppet materials.

The elixir is mainly based on the third-order purple spirit pill, in addition to the Zhuji Dan, which is needed by other players and those cultivators of the Northern Xuan Empire.

Then there is the refining tool, mainly refining the third-order and fourth-order spirit weapons, with Li Ange’s current cultivation in the Golden Pill Period, the fourth-order spirit weapons refined can still guarantee that all of them reach the highest quality.

Some of these spirit artifacts will be sold in the Northern Xuan Empire, while others will be temporarily stored and sold in the World Auction House after the newcomer’s protection period ends.

Including formations, talismans and puppets, the worst is the third order, the best is the fourth order, and the production is the ultimate level.

It took most of the day for Li Ange to arrange these tasks.

For a while, all the doppelgangers took action.

There are 5,000 doppelgangers in charge of cultivation, 4,000 in charge of cultivation techniques, and 1,000 in charge of side classes.

“Although the cultivation speed will be a little slower, there is no hurry to break through to the Yuan Infancy Stage, just after the end of the newcomer protection period, the Primary Secret Realm Trial will be opened.”

The Junior Uncharted Trials are open to all players, including those who are veteran.

However, after all, it is a primary secret realm, and all the restrictions that restrict the highest can only enter the Golden Pill stage cultivators, and the Yuan Infancy stage cultivators cannot enter it.

Above the junior, there are intermediate secret realms, advanced secret realms… All have requirements for the realm.

The primary secret realm is mainly based on old players, and the worst of those old players sent into the primary secret realm is also the golden pill period, which can be said to be the absolute hegemon, generally players who have just come in like them are just making fun.

There are a large number of cultivation resources in the primary secret realm, such as heavenly materials and earth treasures, spiritual veins, and exercises… Almost everything.

Of course, the most important thing is the secret realm reward, which will reward various prop cards, and those prop cards obtained from their families before the second generation entered the Ten Thousand Races Continent were produced in these secret realms.

Why do the chosen ones practice fast?

In addition to their own powerful talents, the most important thing is these secret realms that can only be accessed by their players.

For this kind of secret realm, Li Ange naturally wants to go in and see, it is best to be able to obtain a lot of resources, he is really too poor.

“Before the end of the newcomer’s protection period, reach the Jindan Ninefold, and when the secret realm is over, it will break through to the Yuan Infancy stage.”

Li Ange thought about calculating the time again, and in two more days, he could conduct immortal-level recruitment again, which meant that he could harvest a batch of powerful bloodlines again.


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Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchroni


With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchronized with the deity. Innate supernatural powers are shared with the deity. It can also help the deity practice. Looking at the clone he created, Li Ange was silent for a while and made a decision. Clone No. 1 pays homage to Master. [Ding dong, suzerain L...


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