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Global Sect All my disciples are clones! Chapter 45

Early the next morning, Li Ange’s consciousness descended on Zhao Zilong, and at the same time activated the token Ye Jingyuan gave before.

“What’s the matter with Xuan?”

After a few breaths, Ye Jingyuan’s figure appeared, looking at Li Ange and asking.

“Didn’t Your Majesty say that you want to cooperate before, I think you can start now.”

Li Ange said with a smile.

Ye Jingyuan raised his eyebrows, he really wanted to cooperate with the other party, but he thought that the way to cooperate was that he gave various benefits in the early stage, and when the other party was strong, he could take care of the Northern Xuan Empire.

“What do you need? Although it is said, as long as my Northern Xuan Empire has it, Xu Du agrees. ”

Ye Jingyuan only thought that Li Ange needed some cultivation resources, or some powerful treasures.

“Your Majesty thought wrong, since it is cooperation, it is naturally mutually beneficial, Your Majesty, please take a look.”

Li Ange said and took out a few jade bottles.

Ye Jingyuan looked at the jade bottle curiously, and then found that it was all pills.

These pills ranged from the first to the fourth order, and in addition to the pills used daily for cultivation, there were also some pills used for breakthroughs in various realms.

For example, the foundation building dan that breaks through the foundation building period during the refining period, the golden yuan dan that breaks through the golden pill period during the foundation building period, the transformation baby pill that breaks through the yuan infancy period in the golden pill period, and the spirit essence pill that breaks through the yuan infancy period.

Of course, these pills were nothing to him, but to his surprise, all of these pills had reached the ultimate level.

“You mean…”

An idea popped up in Ye Jingyuan’s heart, but he still didn’t dare to be sure, if this idea was true, it meant that the national strength of their Northern Xuan Empire would rise wildly.

“That’s right, these pills are all refined by my sect, and all of them are extremely high-quality pills, I wonder if Your Majesty needs them?”

Li Ange asked with a smile.

“Hiss… Are you saying that your sect is capable of refining the ultimate elixir? And still refining in large quantities? ”

Even though he was prepared, Ye Jingyuan was still taken aback.

Don’t look at the highest is only a fourth-order elixir, but in the entire Northern Xuan Empire, he is the only one in the Fusion Period, and there are only more than ten in the Transformation God Period.

The cultivators in the Yuan Infant Birth Period were already the mainstay of the Northern Xuan Empire.

If there really is a large number of top-grade elixirs, there will be a large number of cultivators in the Yuan Infancy and Exodus stages in the entire Northern Xuan Empire.

Moreover, now the other sect can only provide fourth-order extreme pills, but as the other party gradually becomes stronger, it is entirely possible to provide higher-level pills.

“How many of these elixirs do you have?”

Ye Jingyuan asked, his requirements were not high, as long as he could provide him with a thousand fourth-order extreme pills a month, it was enough.

“Then it depends on how much His Majesty needs, by the way, our sect will not accept the list of 10,000 pieces less.”

Li Ange showed a kind smile.

“What? 10,000 pieces? ”

Ye Jingyuan was shocked, he thought that a thousand pills would be almost the same, after all, the ultimate elixir is very difficult to refine, but he didn’t expect Li Ange to open his mouth to be 10,000.

And listening to the other party’s tone, there are obviously more pills.

“Are they all the best pills?”

“Of course, I’m embarrassed to sell it.”

This time it was Ye Jingyuan’s turn to be silent, and in addition to shocking the strength of the sect behind Li Ange, he was also thinking about how powerful the Northern Xuan Empire would become if he had so many extreme elixirs.

“The cooperation you said should be more than selling pills to my Northern Xuan Empire, right?”

Ye Jingyuan said.

“That’s right, we are responsible for refining pills, but you also know that refining pills requires a large amount of elixirs, which requires the Northern Xuan Empire to provide them.”

Li Ange nodded.

Before, he asked Dian Wei to purchase a lot of elixirs, but the efficiency was still too low, and if Ye Jingyuan, the emperor, helped, everything would be easier.

After all, the Beixuan Empire is a country dominated by imperial power, and Ye Jingyuan is the strongest, and he has absolute say in the Beixuan Empire.

“No problem, but correspondingly, I also hope that your elixir is sold to us at the market price.”

Ye Jingyuan nodded.

He has nothing to hesitate about at this point, the same alchemy material, in the hands of others, at most refining the upper pill, compared to the ultimate pill is really wasteful.

“Of course.”

Li Ange agreed, and he did not plan to sell it to the other party at a high price.

The reason is also very simple, he already regards the Northern Xuan Empire as his subordinate force, and the purpose of the powerful Northern Xuan Empire is to prepare for the capture of the other two countries later.

“Well, this matter is not small, Xu needs to discuss it with the rest of the empire, after all, mobilizing the elixir in various places also requires the cooperation of others.”

Ye Jingyuan said, and after speaking, he planned to leave, but at this time he was stopped by Li Ange.

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, what we just said is only a pill, I don’t know if Your Majesty still needs spirit weapons, talismans or even puppets, they are all of the highest quality.”

Li Ange asked with a smile.

Listening to Li Ange’s words, Ye Jingyuan took a deep breath, and his heart was full of shock.

He could tell that Lee Ange wasn’t joking with him, but really had these things.

Extreme elixir, extreme spirit weapon, extreme talisman seal, extreme puppet and even extreme formation, if the Northern Xuan Empire really possesses these things, how powerful will the entire empire be?

Ye Jingyuan’s first idea was to cultivate a strong army.

An army composed entirely of the Yuan Infancy Stage and even the Coming Out Stage, coupled with the ultimate spirit weapons, talismans, puppets, and formations, even the Transformation God Stage will die, and even the cultivators of the Combined Body Period will temporarily avoid the edge.

These were what he expected, but as an emperor, it was not so easy to lose his mind.

It seems that the two sides are cooperating, but in fact, the other party is also helping their Northern Xuan Empire.

“Are you trying to make my Northern Xuan Empire a subordinate?”

Ye Jingyuan was silent for a long time before speaking.

“It’s better to cooperate than to become an affiliate, and our sect is not interested in taking charge of the Northern Xuan Empire, as for whether to believe it or not, it is His Majesty’s business.”

“If Your Majesty is not willing to cooperate, we have two other countries to choose from, and I don’t think any emperor can refuse the temptation of the unification of the three kingdoms.”

Li Ange said calmly.

Ye Jingyuan’s pupils shrank, the other party actually wanted the unification of the three kingdoms, if it was someone else, he would only feel delusional.

But looking at those extreme pills, he knew that the other party was not joking, and the other party really had this ability.

“Are the Chosen so terrifying?”

Ye Jingyuan said with a wry smile.

“Not really, it’s just that we’re a little bit special.”

Li Ange shook his head and said, comparing him to open and hanging.

“You are right, you have other options, but my Northern Xuan Empire has no choice, so there is no problem with cooperation, and as you said, no emperor can refuse the temptation of the unification of the three kingdoms.”

Ye Jingyuan said, in fact, he had already made a decision, that is, to cooperate with the chosen people, otherwise he would not have destroyed the sects in the territory back then, and specially opened the way for the chosen people.

Now it is actually quite good, after all, the two sides are nominally cooperating, and in the past, he thought of waiting for the chosen one to become a subordinate of the other party when he became strong.

There is no shame in finding a strong person to hold your thighs.

“Then I wish us a happy cooperation, as for the reunification of the three countries, strive to complete it within half a year.”

Li An said that half a year was enough for him to break through to the Transformation God Stage or even the Fusion Period.


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Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchroni


With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchronized with the deity. Innate supernatural powers are shared with the deity. It can also help the deity practice. Looking at the clone he created, Li Ange was silent for a while and made a decision. Clone No. 1 pays homage to Master. [Ding dong, suzerain L...


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