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Global Sect All my disciples are clones! Chapter 48

The World Auction House is actually an advanced version of the regional trading house.

In the world auction house, there are two functions: consignment and auction, in addition to the function of anonymous auction.

When Li Ange opened the World Auction House, he found that there were many consignment items inside, including elixirs, spirit weapons, and all kinds of heavenly materials and earth treasures.

The prices of some things are higher than those of the Northern Xuan Empire, and some are much lower.

Li Ange searched for the ultimate elixir, from the first order to the ninth order.

“The first-order top-grade Zhujidan only needs 300,000 spirit stones, which is 200,000 spirit stones cheaper than what I sold.”

“However, the fourth-order Ultimate Spirit Essence Pill costs 80 million spirit stones, and I only sold 20 million spirit stones in the Northern Xuan Empire.”

Li Ange looked around, basically the price of the lower-level items was lower than the one he sold, but the higher the item, the higher the price, and some things could only be paid for with spirit crystals.

This is also normal, the Northern Xuan Empire is too remote, there are not many strong people, so there is not much demand for high-level items, and the price is naturally not high.

On the contrary, because the Northern Xuan Empire is too weak, it needs more low-level items, and the price is much higher.

In addition to these items on consignment, Li Ange also saw many items at auction.

What can be used for auction and let countless players bid for competition must have its own special features.

[Heavenly Tooth Gun]: Incomplete half-immortal weapon, current bidding: 7 king-level spiritual veins, remaining bidding time: 15 hours and 12 minutes.

[Wudao Tea]: Immortal level, quantity 1 piece, current bidding: 4 king-level spiritual veins, remaining bidding time: 28 hours and 48 minutes.

[Talent Spirit Fruit]: After taking it, you can increase a talent, 90% probability is spirit-level talent, 9% probability is king-level talent, 1% probability is emperor-level talent, current bidding: 13 king-level spiritual veins, remaining bidding time: 34 hours and 41 minutes.


On the auction screen, there are millions of items being auctioned, but some of them must be used by players to make up the numbers, trying to find a big deal.

However, there are also good things in it, such as half-immortal artifacts and enlightenment tea, and they are even bid on by spiritual veins.

And Li Ange knew that when there were only five minutes left in the auction, it would be the moment when those bigwigs really bid, and the price would only be higher.

“Sure enough, the old players are rich, and I’m still running for the spirit stone, they have already used the spirit crystal, and the shot is the spirit vein.”

Li Ange secretly smacked his tongue, it can be said that poverty limited his previous imagination, before he still felt that more than ten billion spirit stones were already very rich, but compared with these big guys, it was nothing.

You must know that the spiritual veins above the spirit level are all spirit crystals, and one spirit crystal is equivalent to 10,000 spirit stones.

And in a spirit-level spiritual vein, there is at least 100 million spirit crystals, converted into spirit stones, that is one trillion spirit stones.

The spirit crystals in the king-level spiritual veins reached one billion, and the spirit crystals in the emperor-level spiritual veins reached ten billion.

However, there is no immortal-level spiritual vein, because the immortal-level spiritual vein is no longer produced by spirit crystals, but fairy stones, which are resources that only when they ascend to the upper realm will immortal cultivation use.

While feeling that these bigwigs were really rich, Li Ange also searched for the epiphany card, but found that there was no one in the auction house.

“There is none, is it because it is not precious, or because it is too precious, so others are reluctant to sell it even if they have it?”

Li Ange frowned, originally wanted to refer to the price, but now it seems impossible.

“That’s it, anyway, this epiphany card is useless to me, sell it first, if it is really valuable, those big guys will not miss it.”

Thinking about it, Li Ange took out his epiphany card.

[Epiphany Card (Spirit Level)]: After use, it can increase the chance of enlightenment for sect disciples by 20%, the effect lasts for one hour, and it is only effective for sects of seventh rank and below.

The 20% epiphany effect is average for him, after all, he has a doppelganger cultivation, and he doesn’t need an epiphany.

But for others, it is different, epiphany is difficult to come across, and if you are lucky, it is possible to directly break through a big realm.

Moreover, the spirit-level epiphany card is also effective for the seven-pin sect, you must know that there are strong people in the seven-rank sect, and it is even more rare for this kind of strong person to have an epiphany.

Li Ange directly and anonymously put this epiphany card on the shelf.

[Epiphany Card (Spirit Level)]: Current bid: 0, remaining bidding time: 47 hours and 59 minutes.

Li Ange directly set a two-day bidding time, which was enough for those big guys to react and go to scrape together money.

After waiting for a while, I found that there was still no bidding, which is normal, after all, there are too many things in the auction house, and it is difficult for anyone to find out for a while.

“Wait a minute, if no one bids at night, then I can only advertise myself.”

Li Ange closed the interface, and then looked at the trial secret realm, but was prompted that it would not be opened until three days later.

After checking all the new functions, Li Ange glanced at the doppelganger’s cultivation progress again, the proficiency of the techniques and exercises were increasing rapidly, and at this rate, his strength could be several times more in three days.

Time passed slowly, and gradually around eight o’clock in the evening, Li Ange glanced at the auction house and found that his epiphany card on the shelves had finally been discovered.

[Epiphany Card (Spirit Level)]: Current bidding: 70 billion spirit stones, remaining bidding time: 47 hours and 59 minutes.

“Is it already seven billion spirit stones, and you really have money.”

Li Ange thought about opening the world chat interface again, and found that all the players were chatting idly, and no one was discussing the matter of the epiphany card.

“Isn’t this epiphany card worth much?”

Li Ange was puzzled, thought about it, and decided to ask directly, fortunately, the world chat interface also has an anonymous function.

“Hello seniors, may I ask if the epiphany card is useful?”

Li Ange asked anonymously.

“Epiphany card? This thing is too useful, and if there is an epiphany card, it is enough to double the strength of the entire sect. ”

“Don’t think about this thing, it is generally only possible to obtain it in the trial secret realm, and the person who gets it is also used by himself, and I haven’t seen anyone sell this thing for a long time.”

“Epiphany cards are not easy to get, even in the trial secret realm, there is only a very small probability of getting them, especially the epiphany cards above the spirit level, see the enlightenment tea leaves of the auction house, this thing is only useful for one cultivator, but the epiphany card is useful for the entire sect.”

Although Li Ange was anonymous, when asked this question, many enthusiastic players gave explanations.

“It turns out to be so useful, then I can buy it safely in the auction house.”

Li Ange said anonymously again.

But this made these players stunned for a moment, and then searched in the auction house, and when they saw the spirit-level epiphany card, everyone immediately exploded.

“Lying in the groove, someone is selling epiphany cards, and they are still spirit-level.”


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Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchroni


With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchronized with the deity. Innate supernatural powers are shared with the deity. It can also help the deity practice. Looking at the clone he created, Li Ange was silent for a while and made a decision. Clone No. 1 pays homage to Master. [Ding dong, suzerain L...


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