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Global Sect All my disciples are clones! Chapter 61

Li Ange naturally didn’t know that because of himself, two strong people who crossed the Tribulation Period fought.

“The world of immortal cultivation is indeed a human life like grass and mustard.”

Li Ange saw a lot of corpses along the way, and 70,000 people came in, but in less than an hour, it is estimated that nearly 10,000 people have died.

It’s a lot of space, and there are endless mountains on which quaint pavilions can often be seen.

It looks like the remains of a certain sect.

Looking up, you can see monks rushing into those buildings everywhere, and then a desolate beast rushes out of these buildings to fight with the monks, and every moment the monks are falling.

Of course, there are also many cultivators who have gained a lot, and there are certain treasures in each building, and some treasures are red even if they are Yuan Infancy cultivators.

“However, the biggest gain of the entire ruins should be in those five halls.”

According to the information of the doppelganger, although there are many buildings in the entire ruins, only five halls are truly magnificent.

These five halls are distributed on five mountain peaks, and the strongest group of cultivators is in the five halls.

“Sect Master, Sun Gang and his group are in the first hall, and there are two king-level bloodlines here.”

“The third hall is Li Ziyan, they have a king-level bloodline.”

“Zheng Qiu is in the fourth hall, and there are two king-level bloodlines.”

“There are three king-level bloodlines here in the second hall.”

“The fifth hall has a king-level bloodline.”

One thousand doppelgangers were divided into five parts, and they went to the five halls, each of which had two hundred doppelgangers.

“Did you fight?”

Li Ange asked.

“Not yet, there are strong prohibition protections around the five major halls, and they are trying to find ways to break these prohibitions.”

“Okay, you guys keep an eye on it first, as long as they fight, you will take advantage of the chaos to slaughter those king-level bloodlines first.”

Li Ange said and narrowed his eyes, and he suddenly thought of the bloodline spirit treasure. 22

It is useless for him to keep this thing, but it will give the strong man behind the young man the opportunity to find him, it is better to give this thing away and blame it.

As for who to blame, Li Ange has not yet decided for the time being, it depends on whose luck these people are.

“Sect Master, Ye Jingyuan came to me and asked me how long it would take me to give him what he needed.”

At this time, Zhao Zilong came with the news.

“So anxious?”

Li Ange was surprised, Ye Jingyuan placed an order with him before, but he said to the other party before that it would take half a month, and now it is only about a week, and the other party actually came to urge.

“Sect Master, I heard that it is because the Jinhai Empire and the Ziyang Empire are training troops at the border pass of the Northern Xuan Empire, so Ye Jingyuan is more worried.”

Zhao Zilong said.

Li Ange was abrupt, no wonder the other party was so anxious, this was afraid that these two countries would suddenly fight.

“You’ll give him what he wants in a moment.”

Li Ange said that with the efforts of the doppelganger, the things that the other party asked for were ready in the first two days, and since the other party needed it now, it would be handed over to the other party.

“Li Yi, how is the situation over there?”

After dealing with the matter on Zhao Zilong’s side, Li Ange contacted Li Yi again, and the other party had already entered the Ziyang Empire.

“Sect Master, don’t worry, everything is fine on my side, and I have become a staff member of the prince of the Ziyang Empire.” Li Yidao.

A hint of surprise flashed in Li Ange’s eyes, he didn’t expect the other party to mix so well, this has already run under the prince, and it can be regarded as breaking into the interior of the Ziyang Empire.

“Good job, recently the Ziyang Empire and the Jinhai Empire suddenly trained troops on the border of the Northern Xuan Empire, do you know the reason?”

Li Ange asked curiously, these two countries have been silent for so many years, and it is really suspicious to suddenly run to train troops.

“I heard the prince mention this matter, it seems that it is because the Northern Xuan Empire frantically purchased heavenly materials and earth treasures in the two countries some time ago, which made the two countries very puzzled.”

“For this reason, the two countries specially let people investigate, although these people were solved by the Northern Xuan Empire, they still let the two countries know that nine king-level talented students appeared in the Northern Xuanxue Palace this year, and there was even one student who was at least an emperor-level talent.”

“This made the two countries feel threatened, thinking that the Northern Xuan Empire was so crazy to buy the Heavenly Materials and Earth Treasures to cultivate these students as quickly as possible.”

“So the two countries finally decided to send strong people to assassinate these students, and the reason why they trained troops at the border pass was just to attract the attention of the Northern Xuan Empire.”

Li Yi explained.

Li Ange suddenly turned out to be like this.

At the same time, his face was a little strange, after all, the two countries wanted to assassinate his doppelganger.

“What realm of cultivators did they send?”

Li Ange asked.

“I don’t know about this, after all, I have only joined the prince for a short time, but at least I am also a cultivator in the Emergence Period, or even a cultivator in the Transformation Period.”

Li Yi thought about it and said.

Li Ange nodded, if it was just a cultivator in the Transformation Period, he was really not afraid, if it was a cultivator in the Transformation Period, it was indeed a little troublesome, but it was just trouble.

Then Li Ange asked about the other doppelgangers in the Purple Sun Empire, all of which now joined various forces in various capacities, and even one directly joined the army of the Purple Sun Empire.

In addition, the ten doppelgangers of the Jinhai Empire are similar, they have all joined the forces of all parties, although they are not the core, but they can always hear some news.

Li Ange did not care too much about these two countries, and the reason why he arranged for the doppelganger to go over was also to listen to some news, so as not to disturb his development.

After he reaches the Avatar Period, he can carry out the matter of unifying the three kingdoms and completely turn this area into his shape.

After the inside is fully controlled by him, it is time for him to let his doppelganger go to the rest of the Ten Thousand Races Continent.

“Sect Master, there is a fight here in the fourth hall.”

At this time, the news came from the doppelganger, and Li Ange directly fell on this doppelganger.

“Sure enough, the fight started.”

There are about 10,000 people gathered here in the fourth hall, and with the combined efforts of so many people, the prohibition of the fourth hall has just been broken.

Then a large number of desolate beasts rushed out from the fourth hall, and the battle broke out directly between the two sides, some desolate beasts were killed, and some cultivators babbled blood, and the scene was very chaotic.

“Leave nine to assassinate those two king-level bloodlines with me, and the remaining doppelgangers will sneak into the fourth hall and take the treasures inside.”

Li Ange immediately gave the task, and all the doppelgangers took orders, and then they were transformed into the bloodline of the Shadow Clan, hidden in the shadows.

In this chaotic battle situation, with the ability of the Shadow Clan, it is very simple to assassinate a cultivator.

Seeing that all the doppelgangers began to act, Li Ange also looked at the two creatures who were fighting the desolate beast in front of him.

Wind beasts, white-eyed green foxes, these two creatures have king-level bloodlines, and they are both in the Yuan Infancy realm.

The biggest feature of the Wind Beast is that it is extremely fast and masters various wind attribute techniques, at this time, the Wind Beast faces the siege of the five Yuan Infancy Desolate Beasts but does not panic at all, but shuttles between the Desolate Beasts at an extremely fast speed, and finds the opportunity to strike a fatal blow. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

On the other side, the white-eyed green fox was surrounded by cyan flames, which would attack as long as a desolate beast approached.

When these two creatures were fighting the desolate beasts, they did not find that several figures hidden in the shadows were approaching them.

This chaotic battle lasted for a quarter of an hour, and all the desolate beasts were finally killed.

This also made everyone breathe a sigh of relief, many people had been forced to use the hole cards just now, if there were still desolate beasts, they could only run.

Then everyone’s eyes looked at the door that had been opened in the fourth hall, and their hearts became hot, they were so desperate, wasn’t it for the treasures inside.

But at this time, no one went in, otherwise there was a danger of being besieged by others.

“Since everyone dares not enter, then let my Guangyun Sect take the lead.”

At this time, Zheng Qiu stood up, although there were many cultivators on the scene, there were more than five hundred people in their Guangyun Sect, and more than thirty of them were in the Yuan Infancy stage, and their strength was considered the top among all the cultivators.

The other cultivators did not speak, even if someone had an opinion, they did not dare to say it at this time, otherwise they would be looking for death.

Seeing that everyone did not speak, Zheng Qiu showed a smile, looking at the hall in front of him was also looking forward to it, not knowing what good things were inside.


Zheng Qiu waved his big hand, but before he could say anything, his afterlight saw ten sword lights appear.

“Not good!”

Zheng Qiu was shocked in his heart and hurriedly dodged to dodge, but he was soon stunned, because he found that these attacks were not coming towards him.


In the next instant, a roar resounded through the heavens and earth, and Zheng Qiu looked for the voice.

I saw ten figures appear, and sneaked up on the Wind Beast and the white-eyed green fox at the same time.

The two beasts did not resist at all without the slightest preparation, and were killed on the spot.

“Bastard, what kind of people are you who dare to kill my Guangyun Sect disciple!”

Zheng Qiu was immediately furious after a brief stunned.

Both the Wind Beast and the White-Eyed Green Fox possessed king-level bloodlines, and the main reason for them to join the Guangyun Sect was to win over the race behind them.

But now that they have all been killed, they are still killed in front of him, and when this secret realm is over, these two races will definitely not give up.

The other cultivators also noticed this scene, and they all looked at Li Ange and the others in shock, they didn’t expect that someone would secretly attack and kill the disciples of the Guangyun Sect at this time.

The Guangyun Sect is a nine-pin sect, killing the other party’s disciple, isn’t this looking for death?

Li Ange smiled and put away the corpses of the two beasts, ignoring Zheng Qiu at all, and his gaze swept over everyone at the scene.

“947 You don’t have to know who we are, but I advise you to leave quickly, we have this fourth hall covered.”

Li Ange’s voice was not loud, but everyone heard it.

“Lying groove, who are these ten guys, they are so crazy, and dare to say that they have covered the fourth hall.”

“We have tens of thousands of people here, and one person can drown them with a mouthful of spit.”

“No need for us, they killed the disciples of the Guangyun Sect, and the Guangyun Sect will not let them go.”

All the cultivators were not angry after hearing Li Ange’s words, but thought it was a joke, and at the same time looked at Li Ange and several people with a playful face, they seemed to have seen the picture of the other party being killed by the strong man of the Guangyun Sect.

“Guangyun Sect disciples obey the order, kill them for me!”

Zheng Qiu didn’t talk nonsense either, and directly gave the order.

He wanted to avenge the Wind Beast and the White-Eyed Green Fox, otherwise he would also be punished by the sect.

As Zheng Qiu’s words fell, more than five hundred people from the Guangyun Sect burst out one after another and killed the ten people towards Li Ange.

“Dare to offend our Guangyun Sect, the brat will die.”

“How many years, I really thought that our Guangyun Sect would be bullied if we didn’t show power.”

“Damn it, dare to kill our fellow disciples, and this revenge will not be avenged.”

More than five hundred people roared, and one attack after another came towards Li Ange’s ten people.

Looking at these attacks, Li Ange did not care.

“There is no need to hide it, whoever dares to step forward will be beheaded, buying time for the brothers who enter the temple.”

Originally, his plan was to harvest these two king-level bloodlines and no longer keep a low profile.

Although there were tens of thousands of cultivators here, he was not afraid at all, and he also wanted to see how long the ten doppelgangers could hold out in the hands of so many cultivators.

Heaven and earth

In the next instant, Li Ange and the other nine doppelgangers turned into a twenty-meter-tall little giant.

Void Sword Technique!


Immediately after that, ten more sword rays slashed down, instantly annihilating the attacks of the disciples of the Guangyun Sect, and at the same time, the sword light continued to attack the disciples of the Guangyun Sect without abating.


With one after another screams, I saw a disciple of the Guangyun Sect fall down in blood, and he lost his life on the spot.

“Who dares to step forward, chop!”

At this time, Li Ange’s voice sounded again, making everyone’s hearts tremble.


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Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Global Sect All my disciples are clones!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchroni


With the arrival of sects all over the world, everyone can become the suzerain and create the supreme sect. Li Ange, who had no talent for awakening, activated the infinite avatar system. The avatar is immortal. The strength is synchronized with the deity. Innate supernatural powers are shared with the deity. It can also help the deity practice. Looking at the clone he created, Li Ange was silent for a while and made a decision. Clone No. 1 pays homage to Master. [Ding dong, suzerain L...


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