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Harem Overlord I ALWAYS Finish Quick! Chapter 195

Ryan leaned down and caressed her naked frame, bound for his amusement.
She was entirely nude, and the logs she was tied to make her ass visible for all to see.
Her hands were tied in a simple but tight knot behind her back. The ropes weren’t too uncomfortable, and she seemed to have taken care not to pull them on herself by straining or twisting. If she wanted to try, it’d probably take about an hour of practice before she could break free.
But where would she go? She was in a forest full of ravenous men ready to attack any moment so they could bury their seed inside her.
Ryan inched his hand toward her opening without rushing since his illusion field was active.
The girl tried to squirm against her restraints, but it was useless.
“Why don’t you describe what you want me to do?” Ryan asked as he ran the tip of one finger against her clitoris. “Don’t worry, if you ask nicely enough, I might even allow it,” he said, running his other hand over the woman’s stomach and breasts again.
Whimpers escaped the poor girl’s mouth, making it seem like she didn’t believe him until she realized that this man knew how she felt. “Please…” she begged.
“Alright then,” Ryan said before taking off his clothes. He began slowly stroking, looking down at the helpless girl before him. His erection grew bigger with every passing second, growing thicker before reaching its maximum size after around 20 seconds.
He quickly went into position, pushing his hips forward as he aimed his dick toward her opening.
Holding still for a moment, he waited for her to adjust to his presence before pushing inwards. Her body shook in pleasure as her inner walls gave way, taking him inside her.
She whimpered and moaned as he pressed further and further in, feeling his balls slam against her butt and backside as they continued their journey deep within her depths.
His member filled her, causing her toes to curl and her eyes to roll up. She gripped her bonds tighter than she had when he started, the ropes digging painfully into her wrists as they fought against the pressure of her body.
The pain of her bondage caused her to squeeze her legs shut, her knees pulling together tightly and locking, trapping his cock inside of her.
The woman screamed and yelped from the sharp discomfort, but Ryan paid it no mind, instead pressing on with his movements.
He slowly pulled out of her again while watching her expression closely, only to thrust himself in faster this time.
It seemed like everything was happening in slow motion for the poor girl’s sake, who could not move or even cry for help since her hands were bound behind her back and she was trapped in place by the logs that kept her secure.
Ryan observed her face as he forced himself deeper into her each time, letting her get used to his size as he felt her body shake around him as she neared her orgasm.
Her breathing became heavier and more ragged as her tight little pussy began to ripple along with every one of his plunging movements inside of her.
She closed her eyes tightly with every passing moment, focusing on blocking out anything other than the pleasure before her as her stomach tightened until finally…
“Ahhhh!” the woman gasped, her whole body shaking and trembling as she reached her climax, Ryan’s member sliding in and out of her depths.
He stayed still once he felt her start to come down off her high, just holding himself still deep within her wet passage.
The girl stared at him wide-eyed, still unable to speak because all of his movement completely silenced him.
Ryan wanted to end this fast; however, as soon as she had stopped moaning, he started moving again, and with a forceful thrust, he managed to knock the wind out of the poor girl.
Ryan’s cardinal desires weren’t meant to be quenched as he thrust mercilessly into her very core and started pounding away.
“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhhh…” She couldn’t even think anymore, let alone scream, as Ryan fucked her so hard that it looked like he was going to break her in half from the amount of force he was using.
“Oh heavens!” She whimpered, feeling herself getting close again, “Don’t stop… don’t you dare stop.”
But, of course, he did. He held still, letting her convulse and try desperately to press against his shaft.
From how far back Ryan had moved, only the tip would enter inside, causing her endless torment.
“Fuck, I’m sorry… please forgive me,” she begged as she writhed her sweat-soaked back.
Ryan grinned devilishly and rammed back into her, this time not holding back.
He used her as a fucktoy that he didn’t care about breaking.
Soon his balls were tightening, and his guttural growls were becoming louder as he got closer to finishing.
With one final roar, Ryan thrust forward and shot ropes of hot, thick cum deep inside of the woman.
As soon as the first burst of seed entered, she cried out in pain, but Ryan ignored her as he sprayed himself all over her body.
He didn’t want her to enjoy all of his semen inside of her. It might make her go insane.
The woman shivered and fell limp against the restraints, her body completely spent.
Ryan held his grin as he clothed himself and walked away, leaving the woman there like a cum-soaked ragdoll.
[Master, why can’t I watch?] Yoko asked, sounding disheartened as Ryan activated his connection with the dragon again.
Ryan chuckled. [You’re too young. That’s not something a child’s mind can handle.]
Yoko narrowed her eyes. [Although I’m a proper lady and won’t reveal her age, it’s not something like a mere mortal like you could understand.]
[All I see is an unborn dragon who talks too much,] Ryan drawled, still sitting near his last camping place, controlling the illusion of reaching its final point.
As the ‘illusion him’ climaxed inside the girl, a golden light descended on his actual body, and a prompt appeared in his vision.

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Harem Overlord I ALWAYS Finish Quick!

Harem Overlord I ALWAYS Finish Quick!

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Raised on earth to be the ultimate playboy, Ryan finds himself traversing into another world, being the only male on the planet able to cultivate. Men are used as little more than servants, but a select few are born with the power to be enhancers. Enhancers seed has special properties that help cultivators rise in levels, but it looks like all the men on this planet have severe erectile dysfunction... With Ryan's devilishly good looks and skills, will his previous experience being a one-pump chump be enough take the world by storm? Or will his end be as fast as he is and come to a finish prematurely?


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