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I Was Admitted To The Villain School Chapter 168

The player in the red camp received the Blessing of Blood Moon and was given the Ghost Control skill, which had a refresh time of one hour. He was able to attack one player every hour until the last player was left in the blue camp.
Players in the blue camp each had a quarter of the Blessing of Blood Moon and had to eliminate each other to get the others’ Blessings of Blood Moon. When the last teammate was killed, the remaining blue player would get an additional quarter of Blessing of Blood Moon.
And when there was one player left in the blue camp, there would be a formal combat round with the red camp player.
The winner of that won the game.
Fu Zhou, in front of Qi Qing, outright told Lin Xinghe, “So it is Qi Qing who has the advantage, the more Blessing of Blood Moon you have, the greater your power. At the beginning of the game, we blue campers not only have to fight within our camp, but we also have to hide from the red camp. If he takes one of us out, we lose that quarter of the full moon power, so it’s almost impossible to win the final PK.”
Thinking of something, Lin Xinghe said to Qi Qing, “Qi Qing, you are a student of the villain school, you have not forgotten, right?”
Qi Qing’s eyes swept over her.
Lin Xinghe said, “Don’t you think it’s strange? Every examination room that Principal Wang created is based on a novel setting. Although we don’t understand the whole process, there is no exam room without a novel.”
Qi Qing finally spoke his first words, “What do you want to say?”
Lin Xinghe said, “We students, in terms of an examination room, aren’t participants of the world. With this almost infinite stream of exams derived from novels, whether it’s a large or small exam, it will always have a protagonist or supporting characters that make up the plot…”
She pointed to the two camps.
“Five people in the blue camp, one person in the red camp, a total of six people, there must be at least six NPCs in this novel ……” Lin Xinghe directly raised his chin and pointed to the three NPCs in the blue camp and said, “There are three native NPCs here, so where did the others go? Principal Wang can arrange the time and place of our landing, so naturally, he can also arrange the time and place of the NPCs’ landing. It’s a quiet empty city, only this one building has bright lights ……”
She laughed, “You and Fu Zhou took spots in the game that NPCs were supposed to open. There’s one more spot left, so naturally, I won’t be foolish enough to go in. This was supposed to be a game between NPCs ……”
There were footsteps coming from not far away.
The time on the building went from ten seconds to a nine-second countdown.
Nine seconds.
Eight seconds.
Seven seconds.
A boy wearing a cap sprinted into the blue camp.
The countdown stopped at six seconds.
At the same time, the blood moon inside the building slowly rose to its highest point and mitosis into two halves with the same colors as the clearing, blue on the left and red on the right.
The left side had five sections of blue crystals.
On the right, there was a long line of red crystal.
The mechanical voice sounded again –
“Welcome to No Man’s Land, the game has officially begun.”
Lin Xinghe smiled at Qi Qing, “See, I told you, you and Fu Zhou both fell for Principal Wang’s trick. This was supposed to be a game for NPCs, but you were both swindled into the game now, and you have to duke it out.”
Fuck! SL is so smart!
If it were me, I’d probably just foolishly go into the blue camp!
Principal Wang tried to trick SL and failed again hahahahahaha.
But Fu Zhou and Qi Qing still have to lose one! It’s also an internal struggle!
The fact is that there are two ways to do it.
Also, with SL, there must be an unexpected way.
Every time I see SL, I feel somehow at peace!
The audience thought this, and so did Fu Zhou.
As soon as the game officially started, Fu Zhou was able to leave the blue camp, and before he even thought about it, he took three steps to Lin Xinghe’s side. The four remaining NPCs in the blue camp ran in different directions.
Lin Xinghe and Qi Qing’s conversation was not hidden from several NPCs.
Several NPCs listened to all of them, and in their hearts, they all wondered what nonsense they were talking about. Before they could figure it out, the last player came.
Although they did not understand why there were other players, the game had begun.
They were going to start killing each other.
Everyone here was their enemy.
In the beginning, they had no equipment. Naturally, they would search the empty city for some tools of defense, not to mention the red camp boss was still there. Who would want to stay with the boss?

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I Was Admitted To The Villain School

I Was Admitted To The Villain School

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Xinghe, who used to be the villain of a Mary Sue novel, received an acceptance letter from the Modern Era Department of the Villain School. On the first day of school, her deskmate told her- “Every new villain that comes here thinks that they’re f*cking amazing. At best, Modern villains like us know how to earn money through murder and cause trouble for the male and female leads.” “Whatever you do, don’t provoke the Western Fantasy Department. Before coming here to reform, those big brothers would wipe out half the world with a snap of their fingers.” “Also, don’t hang out with students from the Ancient Era Department. Those villains are always conspiring to overthrow the throne and become principal.” “And you absolutely cannot have any fantasies about the Xian Xia Department’s grass, Xie Wuan! That! Guy! Is! A! Big! Pervert!” (1) Soon after. Lin Xinghe’s deskmate saw the big brother from the Fantasy Department using his fire magic to dry clothes for Lin Xinghe. The big brother from the Ancient Era Department had Lin Xinghe’s cat lying on his shoulder and the grass of the Xian Xia Department was placing vegetables into Lin Xinghe’s bowl. Lin Xinghe’s deskmate: … Footnotes: (1) Grass: recognized as the most handsome and attractive boy


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