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I Was Admitted To The Villain School Chapter 170

When Fu Zhou heard this, he immediately got energized and said, “We destroy the examination hall? Destroy the city? There are bombs at the bottom, right?” Fu Zhou paused, “No, if the bomb explodes, we won’t live. This examination room bans the ability to call clouds and rain…”
Fu Zhou looked at Lin Xinghe, “Do you have any good way to destroy this city?”
Lin Xinghe said, “When did I say I want to destroy this city?”
She laughed, “Your thought process is off.”
At this moment, Lin Xinghe looked at the time and said, “It’s almost time, our teammates should be arriving soon.”
Fu Zhou: “What teammates?”
The first person that came to Fu Zhou’s mind was Xie Wuan.
Although he hadn’t seen Xie Wuan in this examination room, Xie Wuan, like Lin Xinghe, had strength that could not be underestimated. Who knew how the two of them could turn the clouds over and darken the sky in this examination room?
In the past, when Xie Wuan was a rival, Fu Zhou felt headaches come on when he heard the other’s name, but now it was different. Where Xie Wuan was was safety and peace. He could not wait for Xie Wuan to arrive, and he asked expectantly, “Is it Xie Wuan?”
But Lin Xinghe sighed, “No, but I wish he were here.”
This made Fu Zhou detect a hint of something unusual. He recalled the interesting atmosphere between the two in the previous examinations and asked, “Are you two together?”
Lin Xinghe glanced at him and said, “No.”
Just when the audience was let down, she turned the tables, arched her eyebrows, and said, “When everything is over, we should be together.”
The audience’s mood did a complete 180.
The cold CP shippers could only cry to themselves.
Did you hear that!!! SL said! “When everything is over, we should be together”!!!!!
Students! Work hard! Down with Principal Wang! Then go and drink Xie Wuan and Lin Xinghe’s wedding wine!
Fu Zhou naturally could not see the pop-ups in chat, but once he heard Lin Xinghe say this, he could not help but feel that Lin Xinghe was always thinking of ways to defeat Principal Wang and end it all.
The CP group of Lin Xinghe and Xie Wuan was already popular in the school before the competitive examination, and if the CP fans could hear Lin Xinghe say this, they would definitely have gained the motivation to defeat Principal Wang.
The power of the masses was powerful, and the power of ships was not to be underestimated.
It was also at this time that Lin Xinghe’s eyes slightly changed, and she said, “Here they come.”
Fu Zhou followed Lin Xinghe’s line of sight and looked.
He nearly froze.
Not far away, a hundred ghosts marched in the night.
Fu Zhou had never seen a big scene. It was almost like 100 students rushing to the cafeteria at lunch time or 100 fresh graduates looking for jobs in the job market.
A hundred ghosts stopped in front of the Blood Moon building.
They all looked at Lin Xinghe, raising their hands and feet, raising their heads if they didn’t have hands and feet, and raising their hearts, lungs, spleens and kidneys if they lacked heads and limbs, each shouting –
“I want to join!”
“I want to be free!”
“I don’t want to be an NPC!”
“I want to be a real person!”
“Give me a chance!”
Lin Xinghe gazed at them and said in a warm voice: “It seems that all of you are smart people, and you all understand your current situation, right? You are all amazing to have awakened in this timeframe. Let me ask, which of you have already remembered your past experiences as NPCs? Those NPCs who have already remembered the past, stand here.”
Immediately, dozens of ghosts stepped forward.
The remaining ones looked at each other. Some seemed to hesitate.
Lin Xinghe asked again, “Are there people who just came with the others? If so, stand over there. Don’t be afraid, I will help you awaken.”
As the words fell, a few dozen more ghosts stood out one after another.
The remaining ten or so ghosts stood in the same place.
Lin Xinghe asked, “Are you all here to see the fun?”
Before the ghosts could answer, Lin Xinghe added, “It doesn’t matter if you’re watching, you’re here, keep watching, and maybe you’ll awaken in the process.”
Lin Xinghe first went to console the ghosts who had already awakened initially.
She asked, “Have you ever met me in any fictional world before? Or have you heard of me?”
There were really ghosts who had encountered Lin Xinghe.
“I …… remember you, you are the fire maiden.”
“I remember you too! You are Sea King Barbaros!”
“You are the Galaxy Robot!”
“I remember! I remember! Boss Lin, it’s me! I used to be called Xiao Wei! And a ghost too! Thanks to you, I was able to recognize myself in that world! And I’ve made a fortune since then!”
“I remember you too! You’re the Queen of Zombies!”
“I remember you too! You and Xie Wuan started a tsunami!”
As soon as these words came out, the ghosts couldn’t stop talking like it was some long-lost family reunion.
“Your way of speaking is a bit familiar, did I meet you in some novel world?”
“Son! Dad was sad for ten years when you died from cancer! No wonder I felt a strange affinity for you the first time I saw you!”
“You’ve had your day! You were so righteous when you cheated on me! No wonder you have green hair now, it’s karma.”
“It’s all in the past. I couldn’t control my body or my thoughts, only going by the plot and the persona. Oh, my dearest beloved! I swear to God, if I could have awakened at that time, I would have cheated on myself before cheating on you!”
Fu Zhou said, “How did they awaken so easily?”
Lin Xinghe replied, “The system right now is unable to load too many NPCs. I made all the NPCs awaken in the last examination, so this system is naturally more fragile than the last. With just a little guidance, the NPCs will easily self-awaken. The remaining ones, under the influence of others, are also very easy to awaken. The more awakened NPCs, the faster the system will collapse ……”
Lin Xinghe shouted, “Everyone, quiet down!”
Soon, the hundred ghosts quieted down and looked at Lin Xinghe.
Lin Xinghe said, “Next, please listen to me to explain one thing, those who want to free will have to listen to my command. In addition to you, there are many NPCs like you out there who are fighting for freedom! When you leave this world, you have to find a way to keep your memories and then come and meet us.”
“…… Now, the first priority is to solve this exam. I will assign different tasks to everyone. Everyone, go to Fu Zhou first to get a phone.”
Lin Xinghe told Fu Zhou, “Insert the SIM cards. I tested the signal, and the bill will just be charged to the company.”
Fu Zhou resigned himself to being a tool for handing out cell phones.
When the cell phone distribution was completed, Lin Xinghe pulled all the ghosts into the same group chat.
At that moment, one ghost said, “We are deeply bound by the power of the blood moon, and when the player from the red camp unleashes his ghost control skill, we are forced to help hiim. When the boss doesn’t use his ghost control skill, we can move freely, but we can’t attack any players.”
Lin Xinghe said, “It’s okay, we have strength in numbers. This game’s rules are too basic. We must change the rules of the game.”

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I Was Admitted To The Villain School

I Was Admitted To The Villain School

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Xinghe, who used to be the villain of a Mary Sue novel, received an acceptance letter from the Modern Era Department of the Villain School. On the first day of school, her deskmate told her- “Every new villain that comes here thinks that they’re f*cking amazing. At best, Modern villains like us know how to earn money through murder and cause trouble for the male and female leads.” “Whatever you do, don’t provoke the Western Fantasy Department. Before coming here to reform, those big brothers would wipe out half the world with a snap of their fingers.” “Also, don’t hang out with students from the Ancient Era Department. Those villains are always conspiring to overthrow the throne and become principal.” “And you absolutely cannot have any fantasies about the Xian Xia Department’s grass, Xie Wuan! That! Guy! Is! A! Big! Pervert!” (1) Soon after. Lin Xinghe’s deskmate saw the big brother from the Fantasy Department using his fire magic to dry clothes for Lin Xinghe. The big brother from the Ancient Era Department had Lin Xinghe’s cat lying on his shoulder and the grass of the Xian Xia Department was placing vegetables into Lin Xinghe’s bowl. Lin Xinghe’s deskmate: … Footnotes: (1) Grass: recognized as the most handsome and attractive boy


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