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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars Chapter 356

Shi Yu looked around, basically there was no much damage.
It is clear that he is facing Deidara, who has the strongest destructive ability.
However, it can ensure that the village has not suffered much damage, which shows that Wuyin Village is indeed strong now.
Even without him in the village, the ninja in the village were able to resist the invaders in the first place.
Even an existence like the Xiao Organization may not be able to cause too serious damage to Wuyin Village.
When I thought of this, Yu could finally sigh a little, and his efforts for so long were not in vain.
“Shi Yu, are you okay!”
At this time, Terumi suddenly appeared and stepped forward to look at Shi Yu.
Shi Yu shook his head: “It’s okay! ”
When he turned his head, Rain looked to the other side, and that direction was Konoha Village!
Konoha Village!
At this moment, it had turned into a ruin, and in the midst of the huge crater, Jiraiya and Naruto stood side by side.
Staring at Pei “Four Zero Seven” Enliudao in front of him.
“Yahiko! What happened to Nagato? ”
Looking at the Tendo Payne in front of him, he took it for granted that Nagato’s reincarnation eye was obtained by Yahiko.
And Tiandao Payne didn’t say anything, just looked at Zilaiye, “Long time no see!” Jiraiya-sensei! ”
Long time no see, is this the right time to say such a thing?
Looking at Yahiko in front of him, he had become a completely unknown appearance.
Is such a Yahiko still his own disciple!
Naruto was very puzzled, this person called the lecherous immortal teacher, wouldn’t that mean that the lecherous immortal used to be theirs…
“Are these people also your disciples?”
Naruto asked.
When this question was suddenly asked, Jiraiya’s face was a little unpleasant.
But he could only answer Naruto’s question truthfully.
Jiraiya’s gaze looked behind him, and not far away, Tsunade was desperately treating the people of the village.
But even Tsunade’s ability was not enough to save everyone who died under Shinra’s Heavenly Sign.
“Naruto! Now is a major crisis in Konoha, and this enemy can only be dealt with by the two of us! ”
Saying that, Jiraiya also looked at Naruto, “Are you afraid!” ”
Naruto frowned, “There’s no fear in my dictionary. ”
Zi Lai also smiled: “Did that guy’s eyes see it?” ”
“That’s the legendary eye that only the six immortals possess, the eye of reincarnation!”
The first time the eye of reincarnation heard this name, Naruto was a little unable to understand, but the Six Dao Immortals This is the originator of the ninja world, with the power of the Six Dao Immortals, this guy is absolutely terrifying.
Not far away in the sky hovered a flock of white pigeons, which were watching below.
And Shiyu felt Nagato and Jiraiya and Naruto’s Chakra through the white dove.
Jiraiya and Naruto shot at the same time, it shouldn’t be a big problem to deal with a Nagato!
Shi Yu thought about it, and there should be no need to worry.
Let’s deal with the problem at hand first!
The trouble caused by Xiao’s invasion to the village was solved first, and the villagers were reassured that the intruder had been caught.
At the same time, Kuji also reported that the human pillars had been discovered.
Originally, Shi Yu still wanted to continue to hide these people’s pillar power, making everyone think that all the tailed beasts were on their bodies, so who could have thought that there were so many human pillar forces hidden in Wuyin Village.
But now that the human pillar force is exposed, will Obito choose to spread the news!
Shi Yu captured the Four Tails and brought back the Five Tails Pillar Force at the same time.
Once Yanyin Village knew about this situation, it was impossible to sit idly by.
At that time, there will definitely be friction with Wuyin Village, although the current Wuyin Village is not afraid of any village, but there is no friction when there is no need for rain to avoid.
But the four tails and five tails are placed outside to send experience to the Xiao Organization, and instead of letting the Xiao Organization take them away, it is naturally better for Shi Yu to catch them in Wuyin Village.
This will at least make the Misty Hidden Village stronger.
But such a statement is obviously impossible to use to Yanyin Village.
“Let’s take one step at a time!”
Shi Yu can’t think of any good way now, if Yanyin Village must compete with himself, then Shi Yu will not be afraid.
“Deidara has a good look, and he definitely can’t let him escape!”
Hearing this, Hisashi nodded.
There are still a lot of things waiting for the rain to deal with in the village, and when I return to the Water Shadow Building, the rain is basically busy and can’t stop, even with the assistance of the Great Sage, it still takes a lot of time.
And at this moment Konoha Village.
Jiraiya and Naruto, who turned on the immortal mode, were suppressed by Nagato alone at the same time.
The reason why Nagato was able to suppress Naruto and Jiraiya was because Nagato’s physical condition was quite good now.
The power of Payne’s six paths was even more terrifying, and the random punch of Asura Dao actually made Naruto and Zirai, who had the immortal mode, a little unstoppable.
At the same time, there was Xiaonan’s help.
Although the power of the paper technique is not too great, the trouble is difficult to deal with… (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
When Naruto was dragged by Konan.
On the other side, Jiraiya faced the attack of Payne Six Dao alone, and was directly hit hard, and his body was full of black rods.
Although Fukasaku and Shima are summoned, they have no kung fu to save Jiraiya in the face of the attacks of the two Payne.
Jiraiya, who was half-kneeling on the ground, gasped and looked at Nagato in front of him.
“You’re not Yahiko!”
Yahiko, who was about to give Jiraiya’s final blow, smiled, “How did you find out?” ”
Jiraiya smiled, “Yahiko… But it’s not like you, I thought it was very strange before why your every move was more like Nagato, now I understand that you are not Yahiko, you are Nagato. ”
Hearing Zi Laiye’s voice, Xiao Nan was very surprised at this moment, and Zi Lai was able to judge this kind of thing.
“Even if you guess it, it’s useless!”
“Jiraiya-sensei, goodbye!”
The black rod ran through Jiraiya’s chest.
The moment blood gushed out, Naruto froze in place.
And the Konoha ninjas, who were panting around at the same time, also widened their eyes.
One of the three Shinobi of Konoha, Jiraiya-sama.
Naruto’s eyes gradually turned red.
The Nine Tails are a little anxious now, Naruto’s mood swings are too strong, and if it continues like this, it will affect the killing intent in the tailed beast Chakra, causing Naruto to run away.
Because Chakra is not controlled by the Nine-Tails, but by Naruto, who is angry, the violent walk is not something that the Nine-Tails can stop.
Naruto give me Kiyo 5.0 to wake up a little!
However, by this time it was too late.
The tailed beast Chakra on Naruto gradually turned blood red.
Tsunade slowly stood up and looked down, Jiraiya’s breath disappeared, which made Tsunade unable to continue the treatment.
Konoha now needs her, the Hokage, to stand up and defeat the enemy.
Suddenly, a red light sprang up through the sky.
The terrifying Chakra fluctuation of the Nine Tails erupts!
The entire Konoha was shrouded in terrifying Chakra.
Shi Yu, who was in the Water Shadow office, suddenly raised his head!
“Jiraiya… Dead? Naruto… Is this a rampage? ”
“Nagato was able to kill Jiraiya one against two??”
If things continue to unfold, I don’t know what will turn out yet!
Shi Yu slowly stood up, unable to continue to let the situation continue…
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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naru


Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naruto, but the sudden appearance of the skill bar made Shigure a genius. Any ninjutsu can be put into the skill bar, without control or operation, and it will run automatically. Naruto: “Why are you so good at using the ninjutsu you just learned yesterday? Is there any secret to it?” Sasuke: “You are the real genius, you have been playing me before!” Kakashi: “Geniuses come out every year, but this year is particularly strong. As a teacher, I am under a lot of pressure. I want to retire, third generation!” Third generation: “You want to retire? I still want to retire! That kid is simply not a human being. I am a remnant of the old era. There is no village that can let me stay in the new era!”


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