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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken Chapter 3

“Groove! Hongda Pharmaceutical?! ”
Is the streamer being funny? Do you dare to buy this share?
“What’s the situation, what’s wrong with this share?” Is there a big water friend to explain!
“All dodge, I’ll carve me big!”
“This stock has exploded in the past, because of product problems were fined tens of millions, the stock price plummeted ten points for three consecutive days, and it has not slowed down until now.”
“What the upstairs said is right, I was trapped by a thousand shares because of this, and I lost more than 20,000 on the horse.”
“Anchor run, this grand pharmaceutical industry is a big pit!”
Looking at the barrage, Jiang Ye did not expect that this kind of thing had happened to this grand pharmaceutical industry before.
But it doesn’t matter, he makes quick money, not long-term, whether this company has had an accident before, it does not affect his money.
Jiang Ye said casually: “Thank you brothers for reminding, you can rest assured, my stock speculation is mainly a steady.”
After speaking, Jiang Ye had a little hand and did not hesitate at all.
Exactly 10 million, directly all stud!
The water friend in the live broadcast room was just about to say that those who know the time lose less money, but suddenly saw this scene!
A series of question marks suddenly appeared in the live broadcast room.
“Lying groove, what’s the situation, 10 million all bought?!”
“Isn’t it blind for me to step on a horse?”
“Did the anchor click the wrong one? It’s not like that money is spent!
“Anchor: My main thing is a steadiness! This studs me!
“Hahaha laughed at me, I see that the anchor is playing this is an unusual path!”
The intense barrage shows no signs of stopping at all.
The live broadcast room of dozens of people actually has the momentum of hundreds of people.
Let Jiang Ye be more satisfied with the decision he made.
After buying the stock, he looked at the barrage again.
“This time let’s take a short-term trade, see the results in an hour, there is still some time, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.” Jiang Ye said.
At this time, Jiang Ye’s expression was very serious, consistent with the previous live lecture.
The old fans quickly suppressed the shock in their hearts, got excited, and became good students again.
One question after another on the barrage slipped directly in front of Jiang Ye’s eyes.
Ignoring the lively ones, Jiang Ye began to answer questions.
“Some fans asked if eggs should be placed in a cage, and my answer was, no, which can effectively avoid risks.
However, the specific operation, how to choose, and which cage should be placed in require sufficient experience and your judgment. Originally
, the fans in the live broadcast room were discussing that he did not hesitate to buy 10 million into the stock of Hongda Pharmaceutical.
After hearing Jiang Ye’s words, he immediately tapped the keyboard.
“Since you’ve already said that, why do you stud?”
“yes, just as you said, wouldn’t it be better not to put the eggs in the same basket?”
“Once there is a problem with this stock, 10 million is not a small amount.”
Jiang Ye looked at the questions that flashed on the barrage, and saw that they were all entangled in their actions just now, and smiled faintly.
“Not putting it in one basket can indeed avoid risks, but you are sure that this stock will make 100% money, of course, stud.”
Listening to him say this, the audience in the live broadcast room was a little unable to sit still.
It was also the first time they had seen someone with 100% confidence in a stock.
“The anchor is so confident, he won’t know any inside information, can this stock really rise?”
“Impossible, absolutely impossible, how many times has Hongda Pharmaceutical exploded lightning!”
“I bet with my roommate being single for ten years, and this stock will definitely fall!”
“Did you kid forget that I pulled you in? You wait!
Jiang Ye continued to look for suitable questions from the flashing barrage.
“Are streamers so confident? So how much can this stock go up? ”
Lock this content, Jiang Ye directly bold the top.
“I had an intuition that the stock was going to go up 15 percent in an hour.”
As Jiang Ye’s loud voice sounded, the new fans who had just poured into the live broadcast room were stunned.
“I heard right, the anchor actually said that the stock of Hongda Pharmaceutical will rise by 15% in an hour?”
“Will you speculate in stocks?” There are still people who will buy this stock, and it is not like this to pick up leaks.
“I said it before, this must be a gimmick of the anchor, even saying this kind of thing for the sake of fame.”
“If this stock can really go up, I will perform a handstand and wash my hair.”
Barrage content has once again exploded in growth.
This time, however, doubts about Jiang Ye are the majority.
After all, this stock has never been bullish.
Jiang Ye didn’t care about the barrage’s questioning of him, and he naturally saw it after an hour.
The current discussion can also bring popularity to his live broadcast room.
He continued to pick the right questions on the barrage to answer the questions of these fans in the live broadcast room.
During this period, I will also check the number of fans from time to time.
Similar to what Jiang Ye thought, since the topic of live stock speculation appeared, many new fans have poured in his live broadcast room.
No matter what kind of mentality they came with, they have always stayed and their attention has increased a lot.
Jiang Ye answered the question even more vigorously.
Before you know it, an hour has passed.
A shabby black internet café.
Zhang Heng looked at the computer in front of him with a dejected face.
He just broke up with his girlfriend, he was dumped because he had no money, he has been sleeping in an Internet café for several days, and he can’t do anything now.
It’s just mechanically tapping the mouse on the keyboard.
Suddenly, he let out a scream.
“I’ll go!”
Instantly attracted the attention of the row of people next to it.
He quickly covered his mouth.
But there was still shock and disbelief in his eyes.
He once brushed Jiang Ye’s live broadcast room before, and saw Jiang Ye selflessly tell all the inside stories of the industry, so he still had a good impression of Jiang Ye.
Moreover, Jiang Ye did not cut leeks before, but simply talked about the knowledge related to financial investment.
And most of the content is also dry goods, which is very useful for these little whites.
Unexpectedly, after entering Jiang Ye’s live broadcast room today, he actually began to cut leeks.
What was originally optimistic about Jiang Ye turned into suspicion and dissatisfaction.
Originally, he fell into the pain of falling out of love, and now the anchor he is optimistic about is also preparing to cut leeks.
So Zhang kept the alarm clock an hour later.
is ready to debunk the fact that the anchor cut leeks in front of everyone in the live broadcast room an hour later!
I waited in front of the computer for an hour.
A second before Zhang Heng opened the Hong Kong Stock Connect, he was still full of excitement and impatience.
But the reality was completely different from what he thought.
Zhang Heng looked at the content that appeared in front of him stunnedly, and his expression was full of shock!

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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and wa


[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and was blocked by the financial circle. He was penniless and could only return to his hometown to work as a Douyin anchor. Just when Jiang Ye was worried, he happened to activate the stock prediction system, which could predict the future direction of the stock market. Jiang Ye decisively mortgaged his ancestral home to obtain 10 million yuan and started live broadcasting stock trading. He bought and sold several times without making any mistakes. In a few days, his 10 million principal was doubled tenfold, and he easily made 100 million! Female stars throughout the entertainment industry have become fans of Jiang Ye. Great Power: Holding Jiang Ye’s thigh, crying and begging Jiang Ye to help her buy a stock. Reba: I’m the best at massaging. I’ll give you a private massage. Can you tell me which stock makes money? Liu Yifei: I am willing to be your goddaughter, as long as my father agrees to recommend a profitable stock to my daughter. Sister Zhou: As long as you are willing to recommend me a profitable stock, I will be your mute bride from now on, and I can do whatever you want.


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