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Naruto Otsutsuki Sasuke

Naruto Otsutsuki Sasuke

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Story of: Naruto Otsutsuki Sasuke

In the post-Hokage era, the God of Otsutsuki, Yamaki, awakens and launches a powerful attack on the ninja world!Sasuke’s best friends, wives, children, disciples, and companions all died tragically!On the verge of death, Sasuke used Izanagi to escape, and with the help of Orochimaru, the only survivor, he returned to the past era!Opening his eyes…it was the rain curtain in the Valley of the End, and the kaleidoscope lit under the moon. With a completely different state of mind from before, he resolutely moved towards the point of divergence!Since a mortal body cannot challenge the gods, then become a more powerful god!Sasuke resolutely decided to use the achievements accumulated by Orochimaru throughout his life… to transform into Otsutsuki. Is it enough to become Otsutsuki?Let’s see how he can bridge the gap of thousands of years with the help of miraculous people before the supreme god awakens!”As long as we are still here, the era of ninja will never end…!”

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