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American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins Chapter 100


Returning to New York from the Mutant Independent Kingdom, Charles gains several decent abilities.

In addition to the ability.

Eric also discussed something with Charles, and he was going to send some students and teachers to Xavier Gifted Junior School.

Correspondingly, Charles also has to arrange some exchange students and teachers to mutate the independent kingdom.

Mutant children, representing the future of mutants.

In terms of school experience, even a hundred Erics are not as good as Charles.

Eric hadn’t taken this seriously before.

As a complete hawk, if you are not convinced, you will be done.

Now to manage a thriving country, education becomes very important.

He has had people build schools.

But experience is not something that can be accumulated in a moment.

Even if Charles doesn’t come to “two-two-seven” him today, Eric is ready to go to Charles.

Charles agreed.


Steve, Matt and Luke Cage approached Charles, and after thinking about it, agreed to Charles’ request.

“It’s okay to be a mutant, anyway, a lot of people in Harlem call me a freak. But there is one point, I don’t want to really become a monster, that’s the kind ….. You are called alienated mutants. Because I open a bar, many girls like my type, and we can often have some super friendship exchanges. ”

“I don’t want to be weird and deprive me of the happiest things. That’s right, it’s the happiest thing, and fighting evil can only be counted as the second happiest thing. ”

Luke Cage chattered.

Charles didn’t expect Luke Cage to be a talker, and simply waved his hand and integrated a light mass into his body.

The Epsilon-level ability that alienates the body, Charles also has two in his hands.

Of course, such abilities will not give Luke Cage them.

Charles just put the photophore in the storage ring to teach the extremists against mutants a lesson.

As the photophore integration ended, Luke Cage looked at the changes in his body.

After finding that nothing had changed, he was relieved.

“So, I’m a mutant now? What are my variant abilities? ”

Luke Cage asked.

“You can try clapping hard with both hands.”

“Like applause?”

Luke Cage said while giving a high five.

Violent sound waves burst out of the hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I saw that the glass in the room shattered.

“Oh buy ka! This is amazing! ”

Luke Cage was stunned by the self-inflicted effect.

Even Steve exclaimed, “The ability of mutants, it’s really amazing.” Humans are understandably fearful and fearful of mutants. ”

“In addition to fear, there is more jealousy, and this jealousy can turn people into demons.”

Charles echoed Steve’s words.

Steve thought about it carefully and couldn’t help but nod.

Indeed, jealousy can turn people into hideous devils.

Charles used the magic that was restored to his original form, and all the damage caused by Luke Cage was gone.

Luke Cage saw this and said sincerely: “If there is a choice, I like this ability.” ”

“Although I’m a black man, one thing is that black people in Harlem always fight when they get drunk, and I don’t know how many of these things I solve every month. If I had the ability, I could quickly restore my bar…”

Luke Cage’s mouth was like Gatling, and when it was opened, it chattered.

With a wave of his finger, Charles simply blocked out his voice.

Facing the suddenly quiet world, the corners of Steve’s mouth raised and he gave Charles a thumbs up.

Charles gave another mutant ability to Lawyer Ma.

Speaking of which, this ability comes from an acquaintance.

The hiding of the Louisiana mutant protection organization, this guy defected to the Hellfire Club in the original book “Gifted”.

In this world, he is in the independent kingdom of mutants and wants to use his ability to smuggle vibranium.

As a result, he was caught by Eric.

Matt gets the ability to mutate stealth, and he disappears without a trace in a flash.

“Very capable, it’s a pity that you can’t see.”

Steve regretted, and then said with anticipation: “I kind of expect the mutant ability you gave me.” ”

“That will definitely surprise you.”

Charles gifted the mutant ability to Steve………..

Steve’s abilities are Barrier and Shield, and this ability is Dr. Reyes’s.

After all, injected with super soldier serum Steve, the combat effectiveness is already good.

The ability to mutate this shield.

The icing on the cake for Steve.

Just as the three were familiar with their abilities, Frank pushed the door in from outside. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Steve and Matt were both taken aback when they saw him.

Because Frank had already rejected them yesterday.

Frank didn’t care about their surprise, he looked at Charles sitting behind the desk and said, “I guess you’re Charles, right?” ”

“Hey man, how did you find us?”

Steve wondered.

Frank didn’t want to answer such a stupid question, he had seen Matt’s business card.

Now that you know your identity, it is simply easy to grasp their whereabouts on Manhattan Island.

“If you change cars next time, it may be a little more difficult to find.”

Since it was the American team who asked himself, Frank gave him some face.

“Charles, I’ll call you Charles, I choose to join you in dealing with those blood-sucking monsters.”

Frank said solemnly.

He did turn down both Steve yesterday.

However, a new co-worker named Donny on his construction site, Frank liked the young man.

It’s not a friend.

He basically doesn’t make friends.

It is a worker from 2.3 on the construction site.

Yesterday night, Downey was killed by a vampire monster, in front of Frank.

Frank took out the vampire monster, but failed to save Donny.

This provoked Frank’s anger.

I think that I have to kill all the blood-sucking monsters in New York, so that it can be regarded as revenge.

Charles told him about the mutants.

Frank rejected the offer.

He just has to deal with vampire monsters, not to become a mutant, which are two different things.

Charles also did not force Frank.

He is using these people to expand the mutant chariot.

If the gains outweigh the losses, it’s not good.

Besides, there won’t necessarily be new sentinel robots, it’s just a precautionary plan now.

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American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins

American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the Marvel world and become Professor X. X-Men secretly working for S.H.I.E.L.D.? Mutant affirmative action? With great power comes great responsibility? With all due respect, isn't it good to mess it up? Ultron is making trouble in Sokovia, and Iron Man's mess is none of my business. Apocalypse wakes up and wants to build a mutant world, doing what he loves. The planet devourer came, the earth was about to be destroyed, and the whole school immigrated to the void. Thanos is ab...


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