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American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins Chapter 101



A Stark Industrially designed Global Hawk fighter appears over Sokovia.

Hydra infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. into holes, causing S.H.I.E.L.D. to disband, leaving only a group of people led by Coulson to go underground.

Although that Alexander Pierce has already been killed.

But hydra has always had many heads, and cutting off one will have a second, a third.

When Hydra surfaces, Tony asks Jarvis to look for all traces of Hydra.

There is also the credit of the Disaster Control Agency and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Soon, they were targeting a person.

Absorb human Creel.

At the Maghe Theater, S.H.I.E.L.D. did not catch Creel and let him run away.

Now Creel has been found in a surveillance data in Sokovia.

Digging deeper along Creel, he discovers his allegiance to one of the leaders of the Hydra, Baron Strack.

And Baron Strack established a laboratory in Sokovia.

“After Hydra infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., many things were discarded before they were sent to the warehouse, including Loki’s scepter.”

Natasha said.

Baron Strack’s laboratory 30 is studying the scepter.

He uses the scepter to activate Wanda and Pietro’s mutant abilities, and also controls the Desperate Virus Warriors.

Thor sitting on the fighter said, “This shows how wise I was not to hand Loki over to you in the first place. ”

“Or he will be turned into a super villain by Hydra.”

“Although, he is really bad and does some … Done something very bad. ”

Thor wanted to say “something bad,” but thought of the disaster Loki had caused in New York with his army of Zitauri.

Never mind.

He was a super jerk back then!

“But Loki died very heroically in the end, like a real Asgardian warrior, he will definitely enter Valhalla!”

Nursery said impassionedly.

He also thought Loki had died in battle against the dark elf Malekis.

Little did he know that Odin was dead.

Odin, the current Asgardian god king, is a fake of Loki.

Because Loki impersonated Odin, he allowed Thor to stay on Earth with his little girlfriend Jane.

“Below is Baron Strack’s laboratory, which looks like a military fortress.”

Hawkeye looked out of the porthole and duly diverted the topic.

“I’ll split it with an axe!”

Thor fiddled with the storm tomahawk in his hand, which was much more powerful than his previous meow hammer.

But he still misses Meow Hammer.

“Okay, Thor destroys the military fortress, Barton and Natasha clean up the outskirts, and I’ll go capture Baron Strack.”

“As for Dr. Banner, just throw something at you.”

Thor arranged to end and flew out of the Global Hawk fighter first.

“Although Tony’s tactical arrangement is fine, I don’t like his attitude.”

Hawkeye Patton checked the arrows needed and said.

What is it called cleaning up peripheral miscellaneous soldiers.

This upset Barton.

“He’s always been this arrogant, although he doesn’t have any bad intentions.” Natasha didn’t care.

Barton shrugged.

Dr. Banner said, “I miss the captain, do any of you have a connection with the captain?” ”

Barton shook his head, and Thor shook his head as well.

Natasha thought for a moment and said, “As far as I know, the captain is in Hell’s Kitchen on Manhattan Island, and we spoke on the phone not long ago. ”

The action begins.

Barton and Natasha use the glider to fly away from the fighter, and as for Thor and Dr. Banner, they have their own methods.

When Thor summoned the power of thunder, an axe split through Baron Strack’s fortress.

Tony rushed inside.

The perimeter battle was as he said, with Hulk Banner wreaking havoc, attracting almost all of his firepower.

Barton and Natasha harvest fast.

With Thor’s assistance, the whole process was stress-free.

“I’ll just say, even without Steve, we can do it very well.”

“A veteran should not be active in modern warfare.”

Tony’s voice rang out in everyone’s headsets.

Barton was noncommittal.

Natasha asked, “Tony, did you catch Baron Strack?” ”

“Of course, this guy wants to escape, he built a secret passage, which is all this that Jarvis can’t hide.”

“Sir. Thank you for the compliment.”

Jarvis said. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

After solving Baron Strack, everyone returns to the Avengers base.

Using the Rocky Scepter, Tony begins building an intelligent system to protect the world.

He couldn’t do the job on his own.

So in the middle of the night, I found Dr. Banner again.

“Tony, I understand your thoughts, but you’re probably creating something you can’t control.”

Banner expressed concern.

“No, I trust Jarvis, Jarvis will never hurt any good people.”

“Think about it, those Zitauri who appeared in New York, the dark elves who appeared in Greenwich, what else will appear on Earth in the future?”

“Shall we deal with those aliens?”

Whenever Tony mentions this issue, he is extremely anxious.

Pepper Pepper reminded him early on that he needed a psychiatrist.

But the arrogant Tony never thought about it.

Sick yourself?

Need a psychologist?


Tony Stark is thinking about global security.

Ordinary people do not understand how many threats there are beyond Earth.

When one can see those.

He will behave like himself.

“We have the Heavenly Sword Bureau and the Disaster Control Bureau, so we won’t be alone.”

Banner said.

Tony kept shaking his head.

“Ms. Maria Rambo of the Heavenly Sword Bureau, to be honest, she is a nice person. But she was far from Fury’s boldness, and when there was no disaster, she put the leadership of the Heavenly Sword Bureau in order. If disaster comes, the Heavenly Sword Bureau probably won’t be able to do anything. ”

“As for the Disaster Control Bureau, a group of people are fighting for power in it. Because I originally led the establishment of the Disaster Control Bureau, many large companies of Eagle Sauce also paid for it. The consortium is a force that cannot be ignored by the Disaster Control Bureau. ”

“Then there’s Congress, and Congress wants to take the Disaster Control Agency into its hands, not like S.H.I.E.L.D. was uncontrolled.” The military is also reluctant to make a cold bench and is ready to get a piece of the pie. Add to that the Security Council, certain careerists, and even Hydra, can you imagine how many ill-intentioned people 703 are in it. ”

“Anyway, don’t expect them.”

Dr. Banner was silent for a moment, but was finally persuaded by Tony.

“I’m a technician, I don’t really understand what you said, maybe you’re right. However, from a technical point of view, this scheme also has great security risks. ”

“So you’re going to build a smart security system that protects the world, and you’re going to build a robot factory?”

“That’s right, a cross-era factory. I will build him in outer space, in perisolar orbit, where solar energy is the main power source for the base. Tony talked about his plan, and immediately came to the spirit, he asked Jarvis to bring up the three-dimensional drawings and began to talk about his ideas.

“The first robots were mining, and they would mine ore in the solar system.”

“Both energy and ore can be self-sufficient, I just finish the initial creation and leave the rest to Jarvis.”

“In this way, it will become a large explosive arsenal, which I call the mother box.”

“As for robots, I have better options as well.”

Tony pulls out a piece of mechanical fragment from the safe, which Dr. Banner can see at a glance as a fragment of a Sentinel robot made by Trasker Industries.

Incorporating the most cutting-edge technology from Trasker Industries.

It is also the most completed nanorobot technology.

“Those mutants thought they destroyed them all, but from the beginning, I kept one thing, which would be the best soldier to protect the world.” Tony squeezed his eyes at Dr. Banner.

Banner said sincerely.

“It’s a crazy plan.”

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American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins

American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the Marvel world and become Professor X. X-Men secretly working for S.H.I.E.L.D.? Mutant affirmative action? With great power comes great responsibility? With all due respect, isn't it good to mess it up? Ultron is making trouble in Sokovia, and Iron Man's mess is none of my business. Apocalypse wakes up and wants to build a mutant world, doing what he loves. The planet devourer came, the earth was about to be destroyed, and the whole school immigrated to the void. Thanos is ab...


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