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American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins Chapter 102


Inside the drain of Hell’s Kitchen, Steve, Frank, Matt and Luke Cage walk together.

Charles tells them about a lair of a vampire monster.

If you are lucky, you may be able to find the person behind the scenes, and even if you are unlucky, you can destroy many blood-sucking monsters.

This is one of the three nests that exist in New York’s huge web-like drainage system.

As for why Charles didn’t make a move.

Matt and the others are used to it.

As long as it does not provoke Charles’s interests, he must have this rotten attitude….. It’s to say in that indifferent tone, you guys go do it, anyway, I’m too lazy to move.

“Deal with those monsters with silverware, ultraviolet rays and garlic water? I thought it would be fine to cut off their heads. ”

Frank said.

He was the bloodsucking monster he killed in this way.

It was the one who killed Downey.

“There is a voice.”

Matt, who was wearing a black and red Daredevil suit, suddenly stopped, and then he activated his ability, and the four disappeared out of thin air.

This stealth ability, as long as it is a person or thing you touch, can disappear with it.

The original mutant protection organization used the ability to hide to rescue mutants.

He can make a passenger car stealth.

Shortly after the four disappeared, someone came to the dimly lit sewer and was a man in a hoodie.

The man stopped nearby, he frowned, probably spotting something unusual.

However, after looking around, nothing was found.

The next moment.

He wanted to rush out like a black shadow, leaving a black trail behind him.

That’s faster than the speed of sound.

Frank wanted to make a move, but Steve stopped him.

After the man was far away, Frank glared angrily at Steve and said, “Why don’t you just kill him?!” Miss this opportunity, there is a possibility that he will run away. ”

Steve said, “He’s different from those blood-sucking monsters, I’m the first time I’ve encountered this intelligent type.” We don’t know if he is the only one, or if there are many such intelligent vampire monsters…. It would be more appropriate to call it a vampire. ”

“If he’s not the only one, we’ll be scaremong.”

“Let’s go to the lair that Charles said first, and maybe meet him again there.”

This is Team Steve.

He was a soldier and the captain of the Roaring Commando back then.

Has a stronger view of the big picture than Frank.

Frank is more of a killer than that.

“Dude, what the captain said does make sense.”

Luke Cage said.

Frank nodded, he wasn’t the kind of opinionated.

A little further on, three separate pipes in front. According to Charles, they chose the middle pipe.

Frank felt that now above them was 39th Street.

Hell’s Kitchen is the most famous red light district.

There were at least twenty nightclubs on a street, and Frank was so familiar because he had been a regular customer on the street after returning to New York.

The problem of pocket shyness did not bother Frank.

In Hell’s Kitchen, the last thing to lack is gangsters and criminals.

This is precisely where Frank’s income comes from.

It wasn’t until later that Frank discovered that vulgar pleasures did not bring peace of mind.

He went to the construction site and became a construction worker.

“It’s a good place to hunt.”

Frank muttered.

Just then, they heard the sound of fighting ahead. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

When they followed the sound to the source of the sound, they saw the man in the hoodie before, grappling with a group of blood-sucking monsters.

The hoodie man is very strong, and his speed and strength are above the vampire monster.

However, there are enough vampire monsters.

For a while, it is not clear whether the victory or the defeat is lost.

But overall, the hoodie man is definitely on the inferior side.

“Are they fighting infighting?”

“I feel like the hoodie man is also a vampire monster.”

Luke Cage said.

“No need, it’s a blood-sucking monster, and that fangs can penetrate the explosion-proof shield.”

Frank said.

“‘So guys, who are we helping now?'”

Luke Cage seemed to be asking everyone, but his gaze stopped at Steve.

The captain did not call for nothing.

Although they didn’t say it explicitly, Luke Cage and Matt were convinced of Steve.

Frank had his own ideas.

But admittedly, having Steve command better than he does.

As for the other two.

Frank never considered letting them command.

An unreliable bar owner, a blind lawyer ….. Forget it, still trust Captain America.

Steve didn’t hesitate and picked up the burden.

He said: “It seems that our enemies are not monolithic, which is a good thing, we help solve those blood-sucking monsters.” (Wang Wang Hao)

“I’ll catch the hoodie man, and if he’s willing to help us, it’s more effective to catch the people behind the scenes.”

Saying that, he raised his shield and rushed forward first.

Then came Matt and Luke Cage.

Frank picked up a rifle and started firing.

As Charles said, he was an expert in weapons.

In terms of melee combat ability alone, Frank, who does not have any superpowers, can only be regarded as a human ceiling.

At best, it is on par with Matt.

Certainly not as good as Steve who injected super soldier serum, or Luke Cage who defended against the sky.

Frank, however, is adept at using all weapons.

The ability and tactical arrangement of individual combat can all be called against the sky.

In the comics, Frank the Punisher is the man who slaughtered the entire Avengers.

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American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins

American comics the bad professor, the disbandment of the X-Men begins

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the Marvel world and become Professor X. X-Men secretly working for S.H.I.E.L.D.? Mutant affirmative action? With great power comes great responsibility? With all due respect, isn't it good to mess it up? Ultron is making trouble in Sokovia, and Iron Man's mess is none of my business. Apocalypse wakes up and wants to build a mutant world, doing what he loves. The planet devourer came, the earth was about to be destroyed, and the whole school immigrated to the void. Thanos is ab...


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