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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning! Chapter 46

It’s really outrageous parents to open the door to outrageous, outrageous home.

Kim had never seen such a big scene.

Isn’t this a neuropathy?

“Maybe we’re about to welcome a good partner.” Jin He said with a smile, looking at the motherland thoughtfully.

This year, the official has no background, you are embarrassed to say that you are out to mix.

To some extent, such behavior of the motherland people immediately made Jin and confirmed that he was the right person.

People who can cooperate.

Coupled with the current identity of the motherland, if you cooperate with the motherland, there are endless benefits for Jinhe.

And for these politicians, Kim is also another hand.

What do these politicians lack? Lack of money, lack of women, these gold does not matter, gold is money, some are women.

Lu Yuze’s side.

“Boss, there are a lot of rats outside, do you want me to send them?” Hei Duan said to Lu Yuze.

Lu Yuze stroked his black hair: “No need, just let them watch.” ”

Kuro nodded.

Lu Yuze smiled and looked at the people around him, inexplicably there were many more people monitoring him.

Among them, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, as well as Hydra, and government officials are there.

After all, there are so many things in this small shop, and it is normal for these people to monitor, as long as it does not affect their own business.

In this regard, Lu Yuze did not care at all.

“Almost, it’s time to return.” Lu Yuze thought with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and the card representing Blackbeard disappeared into Lu Yuze’s hand again.

Also disappearing are Shanks, Kaido, Red Dog, Yellow Ape, and Pheasant!!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters.

Nick. Fury looked at the spatial crack that appeared in front of him again.

The red dog came out of it, and Natasha made such a scene simple for the first time, with a hint of shock in her eyes and a deep guard.

“Don’t be nervous, not an enemy.” Coulson whispered to Natasha.

“Sakaski, you’re back.” Nick. Fury looked at Sakaski and said in a deep voice.

Sakaski nodded, and at the same time the spatial crack behind him was not closed, and the yellow ape and the green pheasant came out from inside.

Looking at the two Gundams, people whose figures are not ordinary people, Natasha has a question mark on her face, who am I? Where am I? What happened during my mission?

“This is my companion, Kuzan codenamed Green Pheasant, Borusalino codenamed Yellow Ape, all belong to the navy under the order.” Chi Inu said in a deep voice.

“Yo, it’s terrible.” As soon as the yellow ape spoke, he was an old yin-yang man, looking at the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who surrounded him.

Nick. Fury waved his hand, and the agents left.

The green pheasant lay on the sofa with a hint of laziness, wearing an eye patch, ready to take a little bit for a while.

The yellow ape carelessly took a nail clipper to trim his nails.

Nick. Fury looked at the red dog, how come these people are like this, is it really the navy?

The red dog also looked at the yellow ape and the green pheasant a little speechlessly.

But the personalities of these two have always been like this.

Natasha and Coulson looked at the pheasant and yellow ape with some curiosity.

“Need something to drink?” Coulson asked the yellow ape and the pheasant.

“Little brother, you are so enthusiastic, thank you for a cup of tea.” The yellow ape looked at Coulson and said with a smile.

“A glass of water, trouble.” The green pheasant said without moving.

Then Coulson looked at the red dog.

“A cup of coffee.” Akainu said to Coulson.

Coulson nodded and ordered the people below to make arrangements.

Nick. Fury looked at the red dog: “Sakaski, is it because Blackbeard is coming to this world again?” ”

“Almost, on the one hand, to solve Blackbeard’s matter, on the other hand, there is something in this world that should not have appeared.” Saying that, Sakaski looked at Natasha.

Natasha frowned and looked at Sakaski, something appeared that shouldn’t have appeared, was it the devil fruit she ate?

“Looks like you guys got it.” Red Dog looked at Nick. Fury said.

Nick. Fury nodded: “Through some special channels, we already know the origin of these things. ”

“In that case, it looks like you’re ready.” Chi Inu said in a deep voice.

Hearing the words of the red dog, Nick. Fury was thinking about the meaning of the red dog’s words.

“According to the rules of order, we cannot interfere in the operation of other worlds without permission, unless you ask us for help, but I think most of you do not need our help.” Akainu said slowly.

Hearing the words of the red dog, Nick. Fury remained silent, indeed he didn’t want them to interfere too much in the changes in his world.

As Lu Yuze said, this kind of thing is both a good thing and a bad thing, so from a higher level of consideration, Nick. Fury doesn’t want the red dogs, they have too much intervention in their own world.

“In that case, I understand.” Akainu nodded, not saying anything more.

They came here to be with Blackbeard, not for other beings.

At the same time Nick. Fury has a deeper understanding of the so-called order, and will not interfere in the affairs of other worlds without permission.

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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: American comics: The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

This is the world of American comics! Here is Gotham City with simple folk customs and Arkham, a land of outstanding people! There are also Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Thor... Chen Haonan walked on the streets of New York, transformed into a unicorn demon, and killed Jin Bing with a knife. There is only one underground emperor in New York, and that is me, Chen Haonan! Thor, the god of thunder, and Thor, the Shiba Inu, were fighting fiercely in the sky above New York. The old call comes from the sea! The Gotham Joker has completely transformed into a source of chaos! Jin Shining stands on a street lamp in New York, with the golden space surging behind him! Blackbeard shattered half of the New York sky! Heidai held the holy sword, and the dark red light beam pierced the sky! ....... "Today is another day of nuclear peace. By the way, does this little brother want to buy this knife? It can summon meteors!" Lu Yuze squinted his eyes slightly and smiled like a fox, looking at the knife he just pulled out of the system. Flowing Star Meteor Knife! This is a story about a manipulator system behind the scenes causing trouble in the world of American comics!


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