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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 109

“It’s Kamen Rider Tsune Sword and Kamen Rider Sword! It’s rare for the two to appear once! ”
“These two Kamen Riders are the guards of the Holy Lord of Truth! What a loyalty! Even if the Holy Lord of Truth is despised, they have to teach each other a lesson! ”
“I saw my wife transform again! I really want to be trampled under the feet of such a wife! ”
“Hmph! I don’t know what you guys are happy about, Kamen Rider Constant Sword and Kamen Rider Sabre don’t know if they are opponents of utopian doped bodies! ”
“Kamen Rider, it’s not comparable to the power of the doped body! Give up! In the future, the museum must be in charge of the world! ”
And look at the Kamen Rider Sword and Kamen Rider Hengjian who have reappeared.
Although there are many people who have hope for them.
But there are also many people who sing against them.
Although the museum officials only appeared for a while.
Just lay down so many superheroes, and Kamen Rider.
Even the previously invincible Motherland almost died at their hands.
This made many people around the world begin to worship the museum, and fantasize about obtaining Gaia memories and becoming a member of the museum!
Their backbone is so fragile.
A dozen can lie down!
“Kamen Rider Constant Sword, Kamen Rider Sword? I heard you guys are very strong! ”
The utopian doper looked at the Kamen Rider brother and sister with a slightly more serious look in his eyes.
“Then kill you first, and then solve the Holy Lord of Truth!”
“Let me show you what the power of God is!”
The utopian body flew high in the air and seemed to be proud of the world!
He holds a scepter and simply swings it!
Countless thunderbolts, whirlwinds, fireballs, hail!
All kinds of abnormal weather phenomena!
Immediately smashed towards Shendai Linghua and Shendai Lingya!
Countless people were impressed by his proud figure and couldn’t wait to worship him.
In their eyes.
That’s how it should be!
“Hmph! Insect tricks! ”
In the face of utopian dopeds, this looks like an earth-shaking attack.
But I saw Shendai Lingya and Shendai Linghua snorting coldly.
It seems that he has not yet taken the opponent’s attack into account!
The Divine Dynasty Lingya formed the halberd mode when the time kingdom sword realm.
Then pull the trigger three times!
“Flash!” ‘s sound effect sounded in the time of the time of the sword realm! 853
In the Time Halberd Mode of the Time Kingdom Sword Realm, a large amount of ocean energy suddenly gathered!
Shendai Lingya quickly swung a half-moon-shaped boomerang energy slash towards the utopian doped!
Boom! Boom! Boom!
The energy slashed in the air, not yet in front of Utopia.
It was quickly smashed by the lightning, fireballs and other objects that fell head-on!
And these substances are still constantly smashing into the bodies of Shendai Lingya and Shendai Linghua!
“Brother! Look at me! ”
Shindai Reihua seems to want to show herself in front of her brother and Yan Shenghui.
“A thorn in the eternal smoke!”
Reihua quickly pressed the button on the upper side of the Insect Encyclopedia Fantasy Control Book twice!
In the sound of “Wolf smoke bugs! “, quickly pull the trigger after the sound effect!
Accompanied by “Smokescreen Fantasy Strike! “Sound effects!
A pair of butterfly-like energy wings suddenly unfolded on her back!
She flew straight towards the utopian doped in the sky!
Thunder, fireballs and other energy bodies smashed on her body, and she was also instantly extinguished by the butterfly-like energy wings behind her!
That’s it.
Shendai Reihua’s body quickly came to the top of Utopia’s head!
After being in this position.
The butterfly energy behind her quickly converged towards the smoke Rui Sword Wolf Smoke!
Then he swung a powerful word slash with an insect shadow at Utopia!
Looking at the attack of Shindai Reihua.
Utopia does not dare to be careless.
He immediately put away his scepter and crossed it in front of him.
A wall of energy formed by a lightning storm stopped him in front of him!
Block all the words of Shendai Linghua!
Arc shine!
Shindai Reihua’s special move was successfully blocked by Utopia!
“Get out of here!”
Utopia gave a push in the arm.
A huge repulsive force appeared on Shendai Linghua’s body.
Shindai Reihua’s body suddenly fell towards the ground like a kite with a broken thread.
Yan Shenghui took a step forward, firmly held the delicate body of Shendai Linghua in his arms, and landed steadily.
“Lord Holy Lord!”
Shindai Reihua’s face turned red.
The feeling of being held in Yan Sheng’s arms made her feel extremely secure!
“Kamen Rider Sabre doesn’t seem to be a Utopian opponent! Fortunately, the Holy Lord of Truth saved her! ”
“The Holy Lord of Truth and Shendai Linghua look so CP! Hit me! ”
“Don’t mess around! The Holy Lord of Truth and Linghua both have boyfriend and girlfriend! The Truth Lord’s girlfriend is Starlight! Linghua’s boyfriend is me! ”
“Holy Lord of Truth, I advise you rabbits not to eat the grass on the edge of the nest!”
The audience was talking.
Only Starlight looked at the barrage and gritted his teeth!
What to match, a bunch of blind guys!
He is the most compatible with Yan!
Yan Shenghui put down Shendai Linghua.
The Divine Dynasty Lingya on the side has already attacked towards Utopia!
For a moment.
God’s Dynasty and Utopia are fighting hotly!
Utopia wins in power.
And Shindai Lingya is because of the unique mechanism of Kamen Rider Hengjian!
The aftermath of the battle between the two is very strong!
Most of the mountain was destroyed by two people!
“Brother! I’ll help you! ”
Seeing this, Shindai Reihua saw this.
Immediately joined the battle again.
The cooperation between her and Shendai Lingya is very tacit.
Both brother and sister’s Kamen Rider armor has a very unique combat mechanism.
Shendai Lingya can instantly enter the overloaded space to divert his actions.
Shindai Linghua, on the other hand, can turn into smoke on its own, not only confusing the senses of utopia.
It can also make unexpected attacks on him from time to time!
With the cooperation of the two.
Utopia was beaten backwards one after another.
“Brother! Let’s solve him together! ”
“Hmm! You can’t let Lord Saint down! ”
The two brothers and sisters of Shendai Linghua and Shendai Lingya immediately nodded.
“Insect silent chop!”
Shindai Reihua long pressed the button on the upper side of the Insect Encyclopedia Fantasy Control Book.
In the sound of “Super Wolf Smoke Bug! “Pull the trigger after the sound effect!
Accompanied by “Insect smoke dance! “Sound effects!
Yan Rui Sword Wolf Smoke suddenly spit out a burst of incomparably tough spider silk at the utopian doped body!
Utopia was actually firmly entangled in this spider silk, and it was impossible to break free for a while!
At this moment, the back of Shindai Reihua stretched out a spider-like limb-shaped energy body!
Eight powerful spider feet rushed towards the body of Utopia!
“Three moments of the ocean!”
Shendai Lingya separated the Time Kingdom Sword Realm Time Halberd Mode in his hand into two and then combined it!
In the “Kill Moment! “Pull the trigger after the sound effect sounds!
With the ocean three moments! “, the sound effect is launched –
The time halberd mode of the time kingdom sword realm suddenly gathered a huge amount of seawater energy!
It’s like a huge tsunami!
Swing a giant half-moon-shaped boomerang slash towards the Utopian Dope!
Two special moves came to Utopia in an instant!
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Utopia is about to be buried under the hands of Kamen Rider Constant Sword and Kamen Rider Sword!
“Eternity Save Me !!”
Utopia’s pupils vibrate, and he is busy shouting at the figure on the other side!
Right now!
“Eterna1! MaximumDrive! (Eternal!) Extreme drive! )”
An emotionless, coldness and destruction voice sounded!
A white figure instantly came to the front of Utopia!
The false (abag) face knight is coming eternally!
He holds a white eternal dagger in his hand!
A powerful mass of energy condensed on it!
Dagger out!
The special moves released by Kamen Rider Hengjian and Kamen Rider Sword were instantly shattered!
Followed by.
The residual energy on the dagger quickly attacked Kamen Rider Constant Sword and Kamen Rider Sword!
Boom! Boom!
The figures of the goddesses quickly flew out upside down.
The armor on the body is also gone!
Two brothers and sisters, deflated at the same time!
“What? Even Kamen Rider Sword and Kamen Rider Constant Sword are not Kamen Rider’s eternal opponents? ”
“Oh my God! Kamen Rider Sword and Kamen Rider Hengjian almost solved the utopian dope, but in the face of Kamen Rider Eternal, they are so vulnerable! What kind of realm has Kamen Rider’s eternal strength reached? ”
“Haha! I knew it! Little Kamen Rider, how can it be a rival to the museum! ”
“Wait! Both guards have been defeated, and the Holy Lord of Truth will soon become the revenant of the museum! ”
“Kamen Rider Sabre and Kamen Rider Constant Sword are defeated! Now we can only pin our hope on the Holy Lord of Truth! ”
The faces of the agents were very ugly.
Kamen Rider Constant Sword and Kamen Rider Sabre have easily defeated them before.
Now he is defeated by Kamen Rider Eternally and easily.
This speaks to Kamen Rider’s eternal strength.
S.H.I.E.L.D. is even more unmanageable!
“Kamen Rider Eternal! Can the Holy Lord of Truth deal with him? ”
U.S. House of Congress.
The House is full of high-ranking officials from all over the United States!
A group of high-ranking American officials looked at the projected Knight’s Grand Prix in front of them, and one by one showed a bad look.
Fear, worry, anger, complaints.
Various emotions are fermenting and spreading in Congress!
“See? Guys! That’s the power of museums! ”
“Even the Kamen Riders can’t defeat them!”
“If we don’t take the opportunity to solve them, how can we maintain world peace in the future?”
The then President of the United States pointed to the picture in front of him and said loudly.
One by one, the rest of the lawmakers looked terrified.
Oh, yes!
If you let these museum monsters always exist.
Then can’t they also be slaughtered by each other?
“Only by dropping this nuclear bomb can we destroy these damn monsters!”
Tebu said loudly.
“But! There are also the Holy Lord of Truth, Batman and others on the field! Besides, there are quite a few workers working in this neighborhood! A councilman couldn’t help but say.
“These guys are not a good thing either! People with superpowers are threats! Moreover, they also died for world peace! Death glorious! ”
Hearing the words of the special score, the parliamentarians disappeared.
“So! Whether to drop this nuclear bomb, everyone start voting! ”
Terno Pu launched a round of voting!
The vote ended overwhelmingly!
Tewu pressed the nuclear bomb switch in front of him!
Then look seared at the scene of the Knight’s Grand Prix.
“Kamen Rider Hengjian and Kamen Rider Sword actually defeated !!”
The people of the motherland looked at the two figures who fell in front of them, with an incredulous expression in their eyes.
These two Kamen Riders could easily defeat themselves before!
Not only that.
The two finally defeated Utopia under the combined force!
However, the two of them lost at the hands of Kamen Rider Eternal!
And looking at the appearance of the other party, it is such a relaxed and freehand!
Apparently did not exert real strength!
Thinking that he had actually dared to attack the other party stupidly before.
The people of the motherland felt their faces flushed.
I really don’t measure myself!
Then he raised his head and looked at Yan Shenghui, the only one standing on the field.
This man, Holy Lord of Truth!
If anyone can beat Kamen Rider Eternal.
Then it must be him!
“Not optimistic! Both Kamen Rider Sabre and Kamen Rider Constant Sword have been defeated! ”
Bruce Wayne observed the battlefield.
All five of them have suffered a lot of injuries and are recovering their strength.
Obviously can’t help!
And even if you help, it is estimated that it will not help.
The battlefield in front of them is not something they can control.
“Everything depends on the Holy Lord of Truth!”
Wonder Woman Diana also took a deep breath.
I looked at the figure that was already motionless.
This is their only hope!
Can he defeat Kamen Rider Eternal?
“Holy Lord of Truth?”
Kamen Rider Eternal looked at Yan Shenghui, and then pointed the dagger at him:
“Let’s shoot! I know you’re strong! Let me see your strength! ”
“At this time, I can’t make a move, and I can’t do it!”
Yan Shenghui smiled softly.
And then under the spotlight.
Took out the Almighty Power Fantasy Control Book, and the King’s Holy Sword – Spiral Sword!
“Almighty power!”
“When the legendary holy sword and the chosen book are fused, the power of the great transmission will be unleashed!”
Elegantly open the Almighty Power Fantasy Driving Book.
A purple-gold belt suddenly appeared on Yan Shenghui’s belt!
The belt is engraved with a noble and mysterious pattern!
It is Kamen Rider Solomon’s exclusive Destruction Drive!
Then put the Almighty Force Fantasy Driving Book up!
Yan Shenghui smiled and shouted!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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