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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 80

“The mighty woman who can fly, and the big black man with such hard skin! Where did all these superpowers come from? ”
“These are two new street heroes from Hell’s Kitchen, Jumbo Girl and Mighty Man!”
“Hell’s Kitchen, in addition to being rich in gangsters, is rich in street heroes! The abilities of these two people look good, and it is estimated that they can live a little longer in Hell’s Kitchen! ”
“Jumbo Girl also helped me solve two robbers last week! I hope she is safe and sound~! ”
The appearance of Jessica and Luke Cage immediately attracted some people’s attention and discussion.
Although the average superhero is not as popular as Kamen Rider.
But the two can also be regarded as taking action at a critical moment to protect the safety of ordinary people in Hell’s Kitchen!
People still praise this behavior!
“Oh? With a sword from me, can I actually not die? Is it also a superpower? ”
Looking at Luke Cage, who had suffered his own sword and was not dead.
Casillas also had surprise in his eyes.
But the next second.
He raised the Dark Sword Moon Dark again.
“It’s a pity! I like the dark, but I don’t like black people! ”
The corners of Casillas’ mouth drew into a wicked smile.
On the dark sword moon, a purple sword radiance condensed again!
A sword cut out!
Jessica sensed the danger and immediately picked up Luke Cage and ran to the side.
But Casillas’ sword radiance is continuous!
A sword slashed near the two of them!
The splash of rubble knocked the two to the ground.
“Goodbye! Be consumed by darkness! ”
Casillas held high the Dark Sword Moon Dark.
A strong purple glow enveloped Luke Cage!
In the collision of the purple sword with his own hard flesh.
Luke Cage only felt like a saw was desperately sawing his body!
It’s a painful!
He screamed for more than ten seconds before he was split in half by the purple sword radiance!
That’s it.
Luke Cage, the divine hero who had not yet had time to show his skills, died at the hands of Casillas!
“Nope! Big! ”
Watch as Luke Cage, who had just saved himself, was painfully split in half.
Jessica was also heartbroken.
She immediately looked at Casillas in front of her with hatred, her legs curled up, and then she straightened abruptly!
The whole person rushed towards Casillas like a sharp arrow!
The fist smashed into his face like a missile!
“There is no point!”
Casillas stretched out a hand and held Jessica’s fist directly!
Jessica was taken aback.
The power he was proud of was so vulnerable in front of the other party!
“There is only one end for you! It is also consumed by darkness! ”
Casillas grabbed Jessica with one hand and raised the Dark Sword Moon Dark with the other.
Slash towards Jessica’s waist!
Seeing that Jessica is going to cut off from the waist –
“Water flow chop!”
A smooth slash like a water mirror slashed at Casillas’s body!
Casillas’s body suddenly trembled.
Jessica took the opportunity to kick him in the chest, broke free, and flew out some distance.
It turns out that Kamen Rider Sword Blade, closest to Jessica, came to the rescue!
“Get out of here! It’s not something you can mix in here! ”
The blind spot immediately warned Jessica.
And Jessica glanced at Luke Cage’s body and knew the dangers of the Knight Grand Prix.
So he fled to the side.
But she is not completely out of the battlefield.
After going through this.
She also has an idea about the Kamen Rider spot!
Only Kamen Rider can deal with Kamen Rider!
She desperately wants to fight for a Kamen Rider spot to avenge Luke Cage, who just saved herself!
“Jian Feng, casually mixing with my battle is not a good thing for you!”
Seeing his target being saved by the blind spot, Casillas looked at the blind spot with a bad face.
In the next second, he attacked towards the blind spot!
“You are also consumed by darkness!”
“Be careful! Sword Edge! ”
Looking at Casillas, who ran towards the blind spot, the other three immediately reminded.
“I know!”
The blind spot slashed at the duck Megiddo in front of him, forcing him back.
Then immediately took the sword and faced Casillas.
The Water Potential Sword Flowing Water and the Dark Sword Moon Dark slashed together!
The body of the blind spot couldn’t help but take a few steps back!
Obviously, he is no match for Kamen Rider King Sword!
“Leave it to me!”
Ben immediately rushed towards the blind spot.
He has the strongest defense to withstand the attack of Kamen Rider King Sword!
Blindspot knows that he is no match for Kamen Rider King Sword, so he gives him to Ben.
The two exchange goals.
But there was an extra duck, and Migiddo was left alone!
I saw one of the ducks, Megido, open the blank driving book in his hand, and pull the Hell’s Kitchen area into the fantasy world!
Then the three ducks on the field, Megiddo, began to frantically destroy everything around them!
“Gaa Destroy it! ”
Duck Miji Doha laughed and attacked wildly all around!
Megiddo’s goal is to destroy the real world.
Then complete your own alternative harness book and create your own world!
“Fuck off! You idiot! ”
I saw a duck Megiddo run to his own turf.
Bullseye suddenly came out from the side with a team of people!
He didn’t use weapons like playing cards and needles anymore, because it was obviously useless to Megiddo!
However, the marksmanship of the bullseye is also strong with one top and one!
Holding an AR15 in his hand, he started a powerful output towards the duck Megiddo in front of him!
His subordinates are also armed with elite rifles, and two big men are actually armed with rockets!
Two jeeps with heavy machine guns also drove!
Under these heavy fire.
Duck Megiddo’s body exploded with sparks one after another, and he was beaten back one after another!
But the other two ducks, Megiddo, are rampant!
Two Megiddo actually broke into the base of a small gangster and began to wreak havoc!
More than a dozen gang members can only be chased by them!
“What to do, boss?”
A thin helper looked at a big man beside him in horror.
The big man shaves the head of the mohican and has a fierce Satan tattoo.
It’s a fitting gangster!
He is the boss of this little gang – the honey badger gang!
The Mohican man looked at the two ducks in front of him, Megiddo, and immediately gritted his teeth.
The Honey Badger Gang is his brainchild!
He worked hard in Hell’s Kitchen for many years and had several bosses.
But in the end their gangsters were all wiped out!
The bosses were also killed!
And only he survived nine deaths every time!
Therefore, he simply set up a small gang called the Honey Badger Gang!
The honey badger, alias Brother Flathead, is an existence that even a lion dares to do if he is not convinced!
And the life is still extremely hard!
Look at the duck Megiddo who has destroyed all his hard work all these years.
The Mohican man couldn’t hold back any longer, and felt out a red U-like thing from his pocket.
This is a mysterious person who gave it to himself, saying that it is called Gaia Memory, which can give himself great power!
The Mohican man gave it a try.
Sure enough, the power is very strong! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
He used Gaia’s memory yesterday night to swallow up the gang next door!
But I didn’t expect that.
Today Megiddo bullied him!
The Mohican man decided not to hold back anymore, and he pressed the switch of the Gaia memory on his hand!
An emotionless cold voice sounded!
The Mohican man inserted the violent memory in his hand into the interface on his arm!
His body began to twist and swell!
It actually turned into a monster with muscles all over his body, an iron chain ball in his right hand, hard skin and great strength!
A mixture of violent dopings has appeared in front of people’s eyes!
“What is this thing? It can actually turn people into a monster! ”
“A U? I’m not mistaken, this person actually turned into a monster with U! ”
“I must have been blinded! How can there be such a big effect! ”
And watch the Mohican Dahan use violent memories to transform into violent dope.
The audience was also shocked.
I didn’t expect U to have this effect!
This makes some people who lack basic education immediately start to poke themselves with the U around them.
But poke around, and you can’t become a monster!
Not just ordinary people.
Inside S.H.I.E.L.D.
“Ma Jal Fako! What is this? Are we documented? It can actually turn people into monsters! ”
Nick Fury looked at the scene in front of him and stood up from his chair in surprise.
The scene in front of him was also a little beyond his understanding!
It is clear that he has been mixed on Earth for so many years, and he has also gone to alien planets to carry out missions with Captain Marvel.
Why is it that I have never heard of the object in front of me?
“I don’t know! There is no record of this thing in our database! ”
Coulson looked at Gaia’s memory, and his pupils vibrate.
Gaia’s memory was also beyond his comprehension.
“What the hell is this thing?”
S.H.I.E.L.D. agents couldn’t sit still.
Under his nose, there is actually such a supernatural object that is not known by himself?
Karma Taj.
“Supreme Mage, what is that? Why can you turn people into monsters! ”
The magicians watched the scene of the Mohican man using Gaia’s memory, and suddenly exclaimed.
With a small USB flash drive, people can complete the transformation from humans to monsters.
Even the most powerful magic can’t do this, right?
“I don’t know! However, it has to do with the earth! ”
Furuichi was also shocked by the effect of Gaia’s memory.
She immediately uses her magical abilities to find out the truth.
But it can only be faintly noticed.
This U-like thing was born from Earth!
“This thing seems to be very dangerous!!”
Gu Yi judged it.
“Waterfa? U turned people into monsters? ”
Middle East.
Tony Stark also widened his eyes as he watched the scene of the transformation from a human to a doped.
“Is this genetic engineering? Or biocolonization? ”
Tony thought quickly, repeatedly remembering the transformation of the Mohican man just now.
Finally, he shook his head.
“Neither! That’s a completely new technology! ”
Tony’s eyes became fiery.
“Alright! I have to admit that whoever invented this technology must be a genius who is only a little weaker than me! ”
“You managed to pique my interest!”
“What? A USB stick that turns people into monsters? ”
Walt Group.
President Edgar, Vice President Madeleine and other senior executives of the Walt Group all shrank their pupils.
The appearance of Gaia’s memory is somewhat beyond their imagination!
With just a small U-like thing, you can actually turn someone into a monster that looks very strong?
Maybe I don’t know what the strength of this monster is.
But this kind of technology is completely worth their reference and learning!
“Guys, it seems that we are going to start investigating the origin of this little U!”
A smile curled at the corner of Edgar’s mouth.
It seems to have taken the Gaia memory in his hand!
“Alfred! Maybe we’re leaving New York too early! The existence of this kind of thing is simply uncomfortable! ”
Gotham City, Wayne Manor.
After the birth of the Holy Lord of Truth.
Bruce Wayne and Alfred returned to Gotham City.
“Young Master! If you don’t leave, the people of the Watt Group will find out about you! ”
Alfred said.
Bruce rebelled against the Motherland.
Although the people of the motherland did not kill him in front of everyone, they had already killed him!
The current Bruce is certainly not an opponent of the Motherland!
Or that in the future, Bruce will not be the opponent of the Motherland.
After all.
The people of the motherland are not as kind as Superman, and they are afraid of the weakness of kryptonite.
“If criminals get this thing, I am afraid it will cause a large-scale disaster!”
Bruce worries that Gaia’s memories will leak to Gotham.
Gotham has the best criminals in the world, but it’s not blowing!
“Let’s see what kind of ability this thing has!”
Look at the Mohican man who turns into a violent dope.
The two ducks Megiddo were also stunned.
If that’s not right.
A human being who turned into a monster?
Megiddo has never seen this!
“Damn Megiddo, go die!”
There is a fire in the heart of the violent adulter.
He had planned to make a fortune in a muffled voice.
Use the doped body on your hand to silently swallow the surrounding gangsters.
Then step by step, bigger and stronger!
Get your own Laifu, and get a few AKs for the little brother.
Then become the gangster boss of the whole Hell’s Kitchen!
In place of the status of Kim He!
But I didn’t expect that.
The sudden arrival of the Knight Grand Prix and Megiddo ruined his original plan!
Let him have to make a move at this time and expose himself!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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