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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 82

“What are you idiots trying to do?”
The violent doper is engaged in a fierce battle with two ducks, Megido.
Although it is one against two.
But the violent dope, with its strong strength, actually suppressed the two ducks Megiddo!
The chain iron ball in his hand smashed the two ducks Megiddo kept retreating!
But right now.
A burst of gunfire came!
Behind the violent doped body, a cloud of sparks burst out!
He looked back in annoyance.
He saw dozens of gangsters shooting at him.
“It’s crazy! It’s okay to hit me for, hit Migiddo! You guys! ”
The violent doper scolded the gangsters in front of him.
“Honey badger! We hit you! Don’t think we don’t know what you did to the Kangaroo Gang yesterday! ”
“You hold the Gaia memory, it will make us sit still!”
“So, you better die with Megiddo!”
The gangsters surrounded the violent doped body and showed a cruel sneer.
One by one, they are holding submachine guns and rifles, all of which are things that look after the bottom of the house!
Shot at the violent doped!
The gang fight in Hell’s Kitchen is serious.
Every day, small gangs are destroyed and born!
But this is seen by them as a reasonable part of the competition!
Can maintain the balance of Hell’s Kitchen.
But the violent doping that uses Gaia’s memory to transform into a violent doper breaks this balance!
Having this power to participate in gang fights is cheating!
So the gangsters are starting to join forces, ready to solve the violent dope!
The bullet hit the violent doped body at great speed!
And the doping body is in a group of Kamen Rider’s monsters.
It belongs to the existence with relatively strong attack power and skills, but weak defense power!
After all, it was made by humans!
So under the strafing of a group of firearms, the violent doped body was also beaten back one after another!
“Boss! Yes! ”
Not only that.
The gang brothers who were violently doped were also shot by the rest of the gang.
Suddenly, there is not much left!
Those who are alive are also wounded, and they won’t live long if they don’t get sent to the hospital!
“Abominable! I’m going to kill you all!” ”
Violent doped body anger 26 endlessly.
Nor is he a good man or a woman.
Seeing himself and his subordinates being besieged by the rest of the gangsters, they will not choose to be captured.
“Let you see the true power of Gaia’s memory!”
The violent doper slammed the chain ball in his hand to the ground.
The whole person’s body is actually huge!
Then the huge body curled up and turned into a ball!
Not only that.
The surface of his skin also swelled a little.
Apparently the defense has become more powerful!
When the violent doped body becomes a big ball.
When the gangster’s bullets hit him again, they were actually bounced back!
Didn’t do him any more harm!
“Go and die! Dare to hurt my brother! ”
Looking at the dead and injured gangs, the violent doped body is also dripping blood in the heart.
These are his cronies!
A good lad who has been in the window with him and played with women!
It is the backbone of his gang’s future reign in the world!
Unexpectedly, it was almost all gone!
The orb turned into a violent doped immediately crashed towards the gangsters!
The gang members who were hit by violent dopeds either broke their hands and feet or turned into a pool of meat sauce!
Under the attack of hundreds of tons of violent doped bodies, they are tantamount to being hit by a mud truck!
However, everyone looked at this scene and did not feel bloody!
This is what these gangsters deserve!
Of course.
They also have no sympathy for violent doping.
He also deserved what happened!
And when violent dope strikes at the gangster.
Two ducks, Megiddo, also took the opportunity to escape stealth.
They have entered residential areas!
The power of the alternative harness book vented out, creating a large area of Shimi on the ground!
The Shemises begin to wreak havoc around them, accelerating the transformation of Hell’s Kitchen into a fantasy world!
Watch this scene.
Johnny and Blindspot and others have the intention to support, but are blocked by the duck Megiddo in front of them!
Although the duck Megiddo is not strong, he can be invisible!
This makes them quite troublesome to deal with!
Just when several people were anxious.
A loud gunshot came!
The two Shimiu were pierced by a powerful bullet, and then suddenly exploded!
“It’s the Punisher! Punisher support is coming! ”
In the surprised eyes of the audience.
A burly figure lurking on the roof of the building in the distance came into their sight.
The figure is muscular, wearing a mask, a black tight uniform, and a terrifying skull printed on his chest.
It is the street hero who has been roaming the streets of Hell’s Kitchen for a long time – the Punisher!
The punisher at this time.
Holding an M82A1 sniper rifle, commonly known as Barrett, cannon.
Shoot mercilessly at the Shemi!
One bullet can destroy several Shimi!
Of course.
If an unlucky gangster appears in front of him, he will also shoot without hesitation!
For him!
Killing Megiddo and killing gangsters do not conflict!
“Punisher! You damn rat, you’re here again! ”
See the punisher appear.
On the other side, the bullseye Lester shrank his pupils and gritted his teeth.
This is almost his old enemy, and it has ruined a lot of good things for him!
The two have fought more than a hundred times, and neither can take each other!
“I must solve you today!”
Bullseye glanced at the Gaia memory he was holding in his hand.
As Jin’s left arm and right arm, he successfully connected with a Gaia memory.
Beast Memory!
But Bullseye looked at the surrounding environment and still had no intention of using the beast memory.
Use Gaia memory in public.
It is inevitable that people will suspect Jin He’s body!
Not using Gaia memory doesn’t mean the bullseye will spare the punisher!
The Punisher against Shemi, that’s the Punisher’s business!
He doesn’t care about the life or death of ordinary people!
Bullseye immediately ordered his men to turn their guns and attack the Punisher on the rooftop!
Seeing this, the punisher could only take his Barrett to hide temporarily.
There is no suppression by the punishers.
The Shemies are heading towards the residential area again!
Just when everyone is worried about the safety of the residents.
Several more figures jumped out from the street corner.
First, Jessica, who appeared before, rushed into the Shimiu pile again at this time, and began to punch and kick Shimi!
Although she can’t beat Kamen Rider King Sword, it’s still easy to deal with a few Shiya.
Another street.
A figure wearing a red uniform with sharp horns on his head, resembling a demon, and holding two short sticks, also jumped into the pile of shemi.
He looks unremarkable, but he is quick-witted. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
The strength is also much greater than ordinary people!
Under his short stick, Shimi was also destroyed one by one!
“Daredevil is here!”
“Street heroes are still reliable! At critical moments, they have come up to help protect the safety of ordinary people! ”
There was a burst of cheers.
“I swear, this is definitely a loss-making transaction!”
And on the other side.
A figure wearing a red and black uniform and holding two katanas also emerged from a residential building.
“A billion-dollar Almighty Power Fantasy Mastering Book! A holy sword and fantasy driving book worth 100 million! ”
“I didn’t get any of them!”
“You’re still forced to fight so many monsters!”
“It’s really poured blood mold!”
Deadpool’s mouth did not stop, nor did the katana in his hand.
One by one, Shimi was wiped out by him.
But he was also surrounded by the Shemi, and unloaded eight pieces!
“Don’t look at it! Hide in your mother’s arms! ”
“Otherwise, uncle will scare you into not going to the toilet in the middle of the night!”
Deadpool, with only half of his head left, warned the audience in the live broadcast room of the Knight Grand Prix.
Then with this half of the head as the prototype, a mass of flesh and blood piled up, and it suddenly became the original!
He picked up two katanas and continued to kill the Shemi!
With the help of street heroes.
The Shemies are being wiped out quickly!
But Migiddo, the duck on the side, suddenly surrounded several street heroes!
Three ducks Migiddo face Jessica, Daredevil and Deadpool!
Jessica has superpowers, can fly and has infinite power, and has no problem dealing with a duck Megiddo.
Deadpool has an immortal body, extremely resilient ability, and Megiddo the duck is just a piece of cake!
Only Daredevil Matt, caught in a bitter battle with Megiddo the duck!
“Oops, abominable fellow! You actually cut off my hand! ”
Deadpool entangles the duck in front of him, Megiddo.
Duck Megiddo did everything he could.
Constantly inflicting harm on Deadpool.
But Deadpool’s cells recovered extremely quickly.
The damage caused by the duck Megiddo is recovered in the blink of an eye!
“You wait! I will definitely beat you and send you to the oven to make a Peking duck! ”
Deadpool’s severed arm recovers and slashes towards the chest of Duck Megiddo!
A spark erupted from the duck Megido’s chest, but it was not defeated.
The two seem to be helpless to anyone!
“Interesting! Your body can actually recover so quickly! ”
At this time.
A black figure came behind Deadpool.
“Calamity strikes!”
The Gurankident sword in the hands of the natural disaster shot out a black-red blade of light and slashed at Deadpool’s back!
Deadpool was suddenly split in half, and his internal organs flowed to the ground!
“What kind of thing, actually sneaked up on me…”
Deadpool is talking.
The natural disaster stabbed him in the head with a sword!
But the next second.
The lower half of Deadpool’s body quickly recovered!
“It turned out to be a natural disaster! Last time the Knight Grand Prix, you kept messing around! Megiddo thinks you’re embarrassed! ”
Deadpool taunts the natural disaster and slashes at the other party with a katana!
“You know what! Know who I am? I’m a natural disaster! It is here to bring destruction to you! ”
Angered, Descendant continued to swing his sword, cutting Deadpool off again.
“Yes, shit natural disaster!”
Although Deadpool can’t beat it, he doesn’t scare at all!
No matter how many times it was cut into pieces by a natural disaster, he slowly recovered and continued to fire his mouth cannon!
In the face of such a pool of unclean shit, natural disasters are also quite a headache.
But Deadpool can only put mouth cannons.
Looking at the duck Megiddo who attacked the crowd, he was powerless to stop it!
“If only you could get Kamen Rider’s power!”
After being shattered by a natural disaster again.
Deadpool suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness.
Looking at the people who fled under the chase of Megiddo the duck and Shimi, he had the intention to protect them, but could not do anything!
Perhaps sensing Deadpool’s wishes.
A green light suddenly appeared above Deadpool’s head!
“What do you mean 593? How does Deadpool have a green light above his head? Was he green? ”
“Maybe! I heard that his wife, Vanessa, used to be a young lady! ”
“How many times has this got to be green! The heads are glowing! ”
“Wait, that seems to be a fantasy driving book?!”
The audience looked at Deadpool with a green glow on his head.
They were surprised to find that in the green light, it was a fantasy driving book!
“What? Fantasy Driving Book? My hundred million dollars! ”
Deadpool took down the fantasy driving book above his head, his eyes showing excitement.
“Boom! My $100 million, I’m going to do me a favor! ”
“Open it!”
Deadpool immediately opened the fantasy driving book in his hand!
“Sarutobi Ninjaden !”
“There is a famous shadow ninja like a whirlwind! It’s all done with ninjutsu! ”
A whirlwind was born out of thin air!
Then condensed into an emerald green longsword in front of Deadpool!
“Wind Double Sword Jade Wind? Another $100 million in hand! I’m a little reluctant to use you! But now, there is really no way! ”
Deadpool immediately inserted the Sarutobi Ninja Legend Magic Driving Book into the card slot on the Wind Twin Swords Jade Wind.
“Transform!” Pull the trigger of the wind double sword emerald wind!
Then he abruptly separated the two swords and held them in their respective hands.
“Sarutobi Ninjaden!
The wind hides in the shadows, and the techniques are ever-changing!
Double knife break!
One hand, shuriken!
The hand of two, the flow of two knives!
Wind Double Sword Jade Wind!
Emerald Wind Roll!
Koga’s twin swords take down enemies with divine ninjutsu! ”
Deadpool held his two swords in his hands and swung them, and a ninja unleashed a ninjutsu-like emerald green hurricane that instantly enveloped him!
Then his body was gradually covered with a layer of emerald green armor.
Soon, wait until the emerald green hurricane disappears.
An emerald green armored figure with a black armor base, covered with yellow-green armor on the surface, and decorated with a symbol of the ninja symbol on its head appeared in front of everyone!
Kamen Rider Sword Slash, debut!
[Congratulations to Kamen Rider Sword Sword Slash for becoming the new Kamen Rider of the Knight Grand Prix! ] 】
[This is the basic form of the Kamen Rider Sword Slash transformed into a Kamen Rider Sword Slash using “Wind Twin Swords Suikaze” and matching the storybook “Sarutobi Ninja Legend Phantom Control Book”.] 】
[The armor is equipped with the power of the story “Sarutobi Ninjaden”, and you can use the wind ninjutsu to fill the armor with ultra-dense air, exerting ultra-light and high-intensity attacks! ] 】
[You can also use internal pressure operation to absorb shocks, insulate heat, generate buoyancy, etc. to protect shapeshifters! ] 】
[The armor can act covertly with the help of wind-like footsteps and big jumps, and the sound emitted by the extreme suppression of movements! ] 】
[And good at high-speed combos, physical skills can control the air flow through the wind to increase power and speed! ] 】
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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