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Amon, The Legendary Overlord Chapter 280

On the bustling 18th of July, Ariel’s highly anticipated debutante ball finally took place. To mark the occasion, her mother spared no expense and booked the most luxurious hotel in the city, ensuring it would be a memorable event.
The atmosphere was charged with expectation, and the hall quickly filled with eager guests. Among all present, Ariel stood out not only as the hostess but as a true gem. Dressed in a spectacular outfit, the young woman proudly displayed a set of diamond-studded head ornaments, so translucent they resembled glass. These unique jewels had been meticulously carved from the rare rock she had acquired at a prestigious auction. And, under the hall’s lights, the stones glittered in an almost hypnotic manner, drawing the gazes of all.
The jewelry connoisseurs present quickly assessed that the set was worth a fortune – certainly hundreds of millions in local currency.
Whispers began to spread among the guests. Many of Ariel’s relatives looked at her with a mix of admiration and envy. They questioned among themselves: “Why invest so much in her?” Most found it implausible that Ariel could have bought such jewels with her own money. In their minds, only the wealthy and influential Abravanel family could afford such luxury. Thus, many assumed the family elders had gifted Ariel with these magnificent jewels.
This caused discomfort in many hearts, especially among the young ladies of the Abravanel family, who looked at Ariel tinted with a deep shade of green envy. Even the young men, who typically weren’t as interested in jewelry, cast glances filled with greed and desire at the dazzling debutante.
If Ariel knew what these youngsters were thinking, she might very well say: Humph! A bunch of frogs living at the bottom of a well! This Young Lady earned these through her own hard work and sweat, okay?
In the luxurious and envious atmosphere of Ariel’s grand ball, members of the Abravanel family, both young and old, had their own thoughts about the promising debutante. Among the whispers and covetous glances, a common idea floated in the air: aligning with Ariel would not only bring social benefits but could also boost the career of any suitor by at least a decade. It was an investment in the future.
However, amidst the evening’s glamour, many present also pondered the possibility of becoming related to Ariel, envisioning the chance of perhaps becoming in-laws to the stunning young woman. Of course, no one would dare voice such thoughts on such a special occasion; it would be in extremely poor taste and offensive to the hosts.
Yet, the night still held more surprises. Apart from the lavish set of jewels that Ariel wore, a revelation about her innate level 2 talent caused many to raise their eyebrows in surprise. It was further proof of the young woman’s brilliance and her growing influence.
Watching her daughter with pride and seeing her status being solidified in everyone’s eyes, Ariel’s mother felt an emotion so intense that it seemed her nose was burning.
Ariel’s debutante ball came to an end, but the impression it left was indelible. Now, her position within the family hierarchy was solidified, and everyone knew it.
Amidst the hustle of returning to university after the extended break, Amon found himself once again under the guidance of the astute Professor Kaia. A bold decision had been made by him: to destroy his previous Genetic Rune to forge a new, even more potent one. This act signified a fresh start.
First, Amon had to re-establish and balance his mental space, thus preparing to craft new runes and later merge them with a spell.
However, Amon wasn’t the only one committed to this demanding process. Mabel, a determined student, grappled with creating her second Elemental Mental Genetic Rune. Yet, unlike Amon, Mabel had chosen to retain her first rune. She hadn’t undergone a spell evolution as drastic as his. But that didn’t mean she was at a disadvantage.
In fact, the spellbook Mabel used for the initial combination was invaluable, being a gift from her grandmother. This book, imbued with secrets and power, was considerably more formidable than the standard spellbooks available to others.
On that day celebrating Ariel’s birthday, Amon, who didn’t attend because it was yet another family gathering, was in his dormitory dedicated to refinement and discipline. In a reserved area, he engaged in an advanced technique taught to him by Bianca. With lightning genetic cores in hand, Amon began the meticulous process of purifying new white genes.
First, he extracted the genetic energy from the cores. But that was only the beginning. The real challenge was to eliminate all impurities from the genes. To achieve this, he summoned the power of lightning, burning and driving out every trace of contamination. These impurities were then expelled from the genetic veins, and in a final blow, obliterated by the dazzling shine of lightning.
However, Amon wasn’t alone in his practices. Barbara, with her fiery ability, followed a similar procedure. Yet, for her, the task had its peculiarities. Even though manipulating flames was somewhat more intuitive for her, her level 2 status presented distinct challenges. The intense effort required for purification, combined with her current capability, allowed her to purify, at most, two genes a day. Fatigue was a constant adversary, and her persistence was tested with each attempt.
Maisa and Julia, the devoted twins, opted for a different element: water. Their approach, fluid and methodical, demanded patience and endurance. On average, they managed to purify one gene daily, although on particularly good days, this number could double.
Lastly, Mabel and Ariel, harnessing the powerful flames of psychic power, also joined the fight to enhance their own genes. For them, the process was a genuine test of synergy and skill, managing, at their peak, to unlock a new white gene per day. The pursuit of self-improvement bound them all in a journey of discovery and determination.
Though he was at a higher level compared to the girls, Amon had a special ace up his sleeve: the Rune [Boundless Heart]. This rune, a rare gem in his arsenal, allowed him to accelerate the purification process to at least double the standard speed. And with the addition of emotion genes, of which he now had three at most, he could triple the efficacy of his technique. However, this monumental effort came at a cost. Fatigue struck him intensely, almost as quickly as his efficiency. Yet, in return, his recovery ability was astounding, allowing him to resume training after short rest periods.
Amidst his focus, a subtle glow caught his attention. The watch on his wrist emitted a soft light, signaling a notification. Activating it, he realized it was a message from Ariel. In his mind, Amon speculated, ‘Could it be a response to my congratulatory message?’
However, as he slid his fingers across the screen to access the content of the message, he realized he was deeply mistaken. The message had nothing to do with Ariel’s birthday celebration.
In the typed lines, Ariel poured out her deepest feelings. She confessed a whirlwind of emotions, revealing she was in love with Amon. The intensity of her words painted a portrait of a woman torn between her feelings and ambitions. Ariel described the internal conflict she was facing, trying to resist this budding love since her main focus was college and her desire to amplify her powers. She didn’t want to be distracted, didn’t want to be swept up in a romance right now. Yet, a part of her, a very deep and sincere part, wished to yield to that feeling, even if only once. She expressed the restrained desire to give in to him, to experience that love, before attempting to move forward on her path of self-discovery.
After finishing reading the message, a torrent of overwhelming emotions flooded Amon’s chest, prompting him to grab a white towel to wipe the sweat that had formed on his forehead. As he rubbed the towel over his face, he felt ensnared in a maelstrom of feelings.
At the height of his introspective thoughts, a timid noise from the door snapped him out of his reverie. It wasn’t exactly a determined knock, but it was clear enough to get his attention.
‘Could it be Ariel? Has she returned so soon?’ – These questions echoed in his mind as, with measured steps, he approached the door.
When he opened it, the sight before him felt like a punch in the gut. There stood Ariel, her gaze somewhat distant, her rapid breathing making her chest rise and fall unevenly. The atmosphere was thick, and Amon, sensing her vulnerability, immediately expressed his concern: “Are you okay?”, he asked, his voice laden with a mix of surprise and anxiety.
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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
At age 5, Amon unlocks the unique “Fury” genetics and is what caused his behavior to change. After living with his grandparents for 11 years he learned to behave. For reasons he can't know, his grandparents faked their deaths, and now he needed to move. Now he would have to face a new challenge which was to live with his mother and stepfather and two twin sisters not linked by blood and go to school.


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