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Amon, The Legendary Overlord Chapter 281

For a moment, the girl’s gaze conveyed bewilderment, as if she herself was trying to understand how she ended up in that place. But when her eyes met his, they shone with intensity, an almost wild urgency. “Leave tomorrow for later,” she murmured fervently.
Unexpectedly, Amon closed the distance between them, his hands firmly cradling her face, while his lips met hers in a passionate kiss. A guttural, almost primal sound emerged from within him, making Ariel’s body shiver. Pressing her close, he led her inside the apartment, heading to his bedroom and sealing the door behind him.
As he kissed her, there was a sense of urgency, as if there was an inner force he had been trying to restrain, but was now breaking free. Amon paused for a moment, his hands exploring Ariel’s neck. His fingers intertwined in her hair, tilting her head slightly back, granting him better access to the curve of her neck.
When her lips touched his again, it was she who took the initiative, dragging her tongue gently across his upper lip. He responded with a soft bite, letting out a muffled moan.
But the passion was momentarily interrupted when Ariel, trying to catch her breath, asked, “What happened?” Tenderly, Amon guided her to the bed, laying her gently atop him. The warmth between them was palpable, and he rested his head on her chest, its vibrant tone sending shivers through her.
“Do you want to know?” he murmured, his voice laden with emotion. “It was that message you sent me. The words… I’ve wanted you before, but I could see you fighting it, and now…”
In the soft intertwining of an intimate moment, Ariel stroked Amon’s hair, which felt like the purest silk. “You did this to me, Amon,” she whispered, with radiant sincerity in her gaze. “All those words I wrote to you, they came from the heart.”
Amon’s gaze met hers, intensity and vulnerability blending in his honey-colored eyes. “I’ve wanted to start a relationship with you for a while now, Ariel,” he confessed, palpable emotion in his voice. “But even if just for one night, even if it’s a spontaneous urge of yours to want to have your first time with me, I’ll accept. I just hope you won’t regret it later.”
Feeling the weight of his desire, Ariel pulled him close, wrapping him in a tight embrace. “Amon,” she whispered, “I want this more than you can imagine.”
He hesitated, searching her eyes for assurance of her decision. “Ariel, before we go any further. You have to promise you’re ready for the consequences of tomorrow.”
She held firm, looking him in the eyes with resolve. “I’ve told you, Amon. I want my first time to be with you. I don’t want to be treated delicately. I want to feel what all the others felt.”
He sighed, “Okay, Ariel. It may be just one night, but I’ll make every second count.”
The atmosphere was thick with the reality of that moment. But as anxiety began to manifest in Ariel, with her body starting to tremble slightly, Amon noticed and, ever protective, expressed his concern, “You’re shaking, maybe we should rethink…”
“It’s just nerves,” she replied, trying to reassure him, “a good kind of nervousness.”
The last vestige of hesitation could be seen in Amon’s eyes, while Ariel remained positioned above him. Gently, she caressed his face and sealed their lips together in a deep and meaningful kiss. Looking into his eyes one last time in that moment, she reaffirmed, “I truly want this, Amon.”
In an intimate moment, fraught with tension and desire, Amon lifted his gaze to meet Ariel’s eyes. With a gentle gesture, he lifted her, freeing her from his lap, and stood before her. His fingers delicately traced a path along her neck, initially with an almost icy touch, only to then deepen into a firmer grip. However, this action wasn’t threatening; it was a caress that promised so much more. Amon’s thumb massaged Ariel’s soft skin, and, enraptured by the way he looked at her, she felt a burning heat course through her body.
“Your neck has always fascinated me,” he confessed in a deep, soft voice. “From the very first moment, I wanted to kiss it. It’s so elegant and delicate.”
Lost in sensations, Ariel arched her head back, surrendering to the pleasure of that caress. She felt Amon’s hands slide under her blouse, removing it with almost reverent care. Seeing herself exposed, a flash of insecurity crossed her eyes, and she murmured about the size of her breasts.
Tenderly, Amon planted a kiss on her cheek, whispering in her ear, “They are perfect. I like how big they are.”
The evident desire in his voice made her shudder. When he noticed her lack of lingerie as he removed her shorts, Amon’s mischievous and surprised glance made Ariel’s heart race. There she was, exposed and vulnerable before him, and the way he looked at her as if he were caressing every bit of her with just his gaze, brought her close to ecstasy.
Suddenly, Amon drew closer, his warm breath whispering provocative words into her ear. “Is there something you’d like me to do first?”
Ariel, taken by anticipation, hesitated for a moment. “What are the options?” she teased.
He laughed softly, listing off more daring accessories, making her raise an eyebrow in surprise. But soon, holding her face between his hands, Amon kissed her deeply. “I was joking,” he said, noticing the uncertainty in her eyes. “But tell me, is there anything in particular you want?”
“Maybe you could start by touching me… And undressing as well,” Ariel suggested, her gaze challenging and playful.
Amon, with a sly smile, responded: “You want to see me naked, don’t you?”
“Isn’t that how it works?” she teased.
He moved closer, nipping at her nose. “You’ll be the one undressing me. But first, let’s play a little.”
Intrigued, Ariel whispered, “Play?”
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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
At age 5, Amon unlocks the unique “Fury” genetics and is what caused his behavior to change. After living with his grandparents for 11 years he learned to behave. For reasons he can't know, his grandparents faked their deaths, and now he needed to move. Now he would have to face a new challenge which was to live with his mother and stepfather and two twin sisters not linked by blood and go to school.


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