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Amon, The Legendary Overlord Chapter 282

In an atmosphere charged with tension and desire, Amon sought to guide Ariel on a journey of discovery and pleasure. He watched her, seeking confidence in her eyes to proceed.
“It’s your first time,” he began softly, “I can’t just lose myself in you without preparing you. The first time comes with its share of pain, and it’s my responsibility to ensure that you’re as relaxed and ready as possible. Sometimes, denying the initial desire intensifies the anticipation and makes the moment even more special.”
He gently led her to the bed, reclining comfortably and drawing Ariel to settle atop him. Her body could feel the intensity of his desire, throbbing beneath his clothes.
With a hint of mischief, Ariel observed, “You seem quite eager.”
Amon, with a mischievous look, replied, “From the first day I saw you again at school, I sort of realized I was lost in this game of attraction. I’ve always wanted to get to know you this way.”
Surprised, she asked, “Really? You hid it well.”
He chuckled briefly, shifting beneath her, causing her to feel their tension even more. “I guess it’s pretty clear now, isn’t it?”
As desire intensified between them, their caresses became deeper and more exploratory. Ariel could feel Amon’s racing heart beneath the shirt she was smoothing. In the charged silence of the room, Amon’s gaze grew more intense, promising the start of something even more intimate. He gently wrapped his neck, sliding his hands up to her breasts, causing her to arch her back in response.
With the audacity of someone wanting to explore all senses, Amon brought his fingers to Ariel’s lips, whispering, “Taste.” She complied, savoring the salty taste of his skin and becoming even more aroused by the evident pleasure in his gaze. He then used the dampness of her saliva to caress her nipples, sending chills throughout her body.
“They’re incredible,” Amon murmured, his hands tracing a path to Ariel’s hips, holding her firmly. “There are so many things I want to explore,” he continued, pressing her and making her shudder.
Ariel, consumed by the desire to feel even more of his skin against hers, slid her hands under his shirt, seeking to explore the contours of his abdominal muscles. “Can I take this off?” she asked hesitantly.
He, with a sly smile, consented, “Of course, but for now, just the shirt.”
In an environment filled with desire and anxiety, Ariel had the opportunity to closely observe Amon’s features. His hair, tousled and wild, revealed a side she had never seen. The muscular chest. Though she had seen him shirtless before, being this close and free to touch was a whole new experience.
She ran her fingers over his arm muscles, feeling the texture beneath his skin… Descending, Ariel encountered Amon’s chiseled abdomen. But, as she traced a more intimate path, she felt a clear signal of his desire.
“Sensitive here?” she playfully asked.
“Even more when you touch,” Amon confessed with a mix of desire and lust.
Ariel leaned in, placing a gentle kiss on his chest. The gesture, although simple, elicited a reaction from him that took her by surprise. In a sudden move, Amon pulled her back against him, their hearts pounding together, racing.
“Your heart is racing… Why?” Ariel asked, trying to understand Amon’s whirlwind of emotions.
“Well, maybe because I desire you, as much as you desire me, perhaps even more,” he admitted.
“Are you nervous?” Ariel inquired, understanding the gravity of the situation.
“I just… I don’t want to hurt you, in any way,” Amon revealed, with a look that conveyed concerns beyond the physical. He feared forging too strong a bond between them and feared the consequences of their actions.
The sincerity in Ariel’s eyes made her say, “I want to be here, with you. Even if it’s just for tonight. Don’t hold back.”
Finally, the barriers between them fell. The kiss that followed was intense and filled with passion. Amid caresses and whispers, they lost themselves in each other, exploring sensations and feelings with a depth neither anticipated.
In that moment, between intense gazes and intimate touches, the two discovered together the depth of their desires and the nuances of love and passion.
In an atmosphere filled with sighs and subtle touches, Ariel felt herself becoming more and more surrendered to Amon’s caresses. When he touched her breasts, an electric wave made her body shiver, and her head tilt back. Skillfully sliding his fingers, he led her to a state of ecstasy but knew when to stop to prolong the moment. At that instant, Ariel felt she could completely give in if he allowed it.
But Amon seemed to enjoy controlling the pace, guiding her through their mutual discovery. In a seductive game of teasing, he flipped her, making her slide over him, a tactical test of endurance for both. With every move, Ariel felt the wetness of her intimacy against his shorts.
Amon, adeptly, seemed to pinpoint the exact moment Ariel was about to climax, always pulling back at the critical moment. With an intense and questioning gaze, he asked, “Are you ready now?”
“Yes,” Ariel replied, breathlessly, “For a long time.”
“Do you know what I want? I want you to touch yourself,” he whispered.
Ariel, still seated atop Amon, began to touch herself, while he watched her every move intently. Excitement and vulnerability intermingled, and her knees began to tremble.
“What do you want, Ariel?” he asked, his voice laden with desire.
“I… I want to see you, completely,” she admitted, a bit shyly.
Amon stared deeply into her eyes. “Then, do as you wish.”
With a mix of hesitation and desire, Ariel unzipped his shorts. He assisted her, pulling the clothing down. Seeing his intimacy, a wave of surprise washed over her, especially noticing that this time she saw him fully erect, and the fact that it was because of her, somehow warmed her inside.
Amon, noticing Ariel’s reaction, held back a smile. “Any issues?” he asked teasingly.
Ariel, in response, sealed their lips together in a gentle kiss, which both savored with suppressed laughter. As they kissed, she could feel his penis pressing lightly against her abdomen, stirring in her an increasing urge to explore further.
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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
At age 5, Amon unlocks the unique “Fury” genetics and is what caused his behavior to change. After living with his grandparents for 11 years he learned to behave. For reasons he can't know, his grandparents faked their deaths, and now he needed to move. Now he would have to face a new challenge which was to live with his mother and stepfather and two twin sisters not linked by blood and go to school.


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