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Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method Chapter 72

Originally, I was very dissatisfied with Hawkeye’s attack just now, which did not distinguish between enemies and me.
But now seeing Hawkeye stop this blue figure, Sengoku is still relieved.
On the other side, yellow apes and pheasants are besieging Whitebeard.
But in front of the whitebeard, who has no scruples about death, the two are obviously not enough.
Whitebeard does not pursue, though.
But the duo, who sought to defeat Whitebeard, could not retreat.
Just one word.
And the Warring States naturally saw the embarrassment of the yellow ape and the green pheasant.
The gaze fell on the red dog.
The current red dog is a little embarrassed.
The navy costume on his body has been destroyed in the battle just now.
A conspicuous fist mark on his chest is very conspicuous.
The red dog is already a little numb in his scalp now.
He would rather face Whitebeard now than the blue figure in front of him.
It’s so torturous.
Akainu dared to think of this thought, and the voice of the Warring States came from his ears.
“Sakaski, give up the battle here and take down Whitebeard with Kuzan and the two of them!”
Chi Inu was stunned, which coincided with what he had in mind.
Immediately rushed directly towards Whitebeard.
Karp, who saw this scene, frowned a little.
In his opinion, it is always the strong on the sea, and decency is always needed.
However, seeing more and more fierce, the shot seems to return to the strongest period of Whitebeard.
Karp did not continue to talk much.
Ai Xiu held the blue longsword in his hand and saw the red dog turn to besiege Whitebeard, and his heart was suddenly a little displeased.
It seems that as a swordsman, he has a natural sensitivity to flaws.
As Aishu’s mind moved to the red dog, Hawkeye Mihawk, who held the black knife in his hand, swung his sword and slashed towards Ash.
Raising his sword to pick away the slash that Hawkeye seemed, Ash’s attention returned.
“Fight with you, and I hope you can be serious!”
Hawkeye held the black knife night in front of him, and his expression was very serious.
Obviously, he was a little dissatisfied with Ai Xiu’s distraction just now.
The blue lightsaber in Aixiu’s hand pointed at Mihawk, and the figure disappeared instantly.
Sengoku and Karp were both taken aback.
The next moment, Aixiu’s figure had arrived in front of Mihawk.
The blue lightsaber in his hand was already raised high, although it was a heavy blow.
Mihawk raised his black knife to block the slash and descended the blue lightsaber.
Next, Mihawk only felt a terrifying force coming from where the two swords touched.
The ground under Mihawk’s foot 30 collapsed instantly.
The sword qi that escaped directly cut out a terrifying sword mark behind Hawkeye.
Malin Fando, who was already a little broken, was divided into two more parts under this sword.
Hawkeye withdrew his knife, his arm holding the black knife trembling.
Eagle-like sharp eyes stared at Ash.
An enemy like Aisho, Hawkeye, had never encountered in his life.
In the words of swordsmanship, Hawkeye has already sensed it slightly.
Absolute great swordsmanship!
On the path of the sword, he walked his own way.
But it seems that because he didn’t concentrate on kendo, it made his kendo seem so weird.
However, all this, under the addition of this terrifying power, is no longer a disadvantage.
Hawkeye Mihawk is a great swordsman who has practiced swordsmanship for decades.
In very cases, strong strength is a bonus to the body as well as heavier skills.
Skill is a skill because the strength is not enough, so skill is needed to make up for it.
Gradually, more and more skills were developed.
Mihawk understands this.
But now, he also understood.
What power can the power of terror exert with the help of skill?
It doesn’t even take much skill.
And this is actually the kendo that Ai Xiu chose.
The special talent of the body allows Ai Xiu to strengthen his body almost infinitely.
Under this strengthening, the various techniques that were previously comprehended need to be adjusted.
After all, Ai Xiu has now realized the truth that power is everything.
This power is his own power.
It is the foundation of everything.
On this basis, every move, every style, every sword, the power is terrifying.
So Ai Xiu also officially abandoned those bells and whistles.
With a sword, Hawkeye was beaten to the point where his arm went soft.
But Hawkeye won’t be that many.
He had already sensed Ai Xiu’s sword path and naturally wanted to test whether he could withstand it.
Hawkeye, who was holding a black knife in both hands, tapped his feet, and the figure appeared beside Ai Xiu as if teleporting.
The blue longsword in Aixiu’s hand swung to the right.
Hawkeye sideways to avoid the sword.
The huge slash instantly sliced through the buildings of Marin Fandor, then the islands, and finally the sea.
The figures of the two people gradually drifted away in the sword light.
Only a large number of slashes spread in all directions.
Sengoku felt his scalp tingle when he saw it.
So many slashes can’t be stopped at all.
The already dilapidated headquarters was even more damaged under countless slashes.
“Bucky, aren’t you leaving yet?”
A voice suddenly came from Bucky’s ear to use the phone bug to broadcast the battle between Ashu and Mihawk.
Frightened, Bucky’s whole person was stunned.
Turning his head and seeing that it was Mr. 3, the candle man, he was immediately furious.
“Bastard, people are scary and scary people know? Such a big war is rare, Lao Tzu will broadcast the whole thing here this time, Lao Tzu will definitely become famous in the whole world! ”
Countless people who were watching the broadcast were speechless.
Everyone heard this red-nosed word, ah, hey!
Renly of the Chambord Islands listened to Bucky the Clown and took a sip of wine.
“This little guy still hasn’t changed much!”
But more people, now eyes are still on the battle between Aishu and Mihawk.
Although the distance is too far.
But some strong people who know swordsmanship can see the essence of this battle.
This is a battle of peak skill versus peak strength.
And the skill is the world’s number one sword eagle eye.
Then the power is naturally that unknown blue figure.
This kind of battle of the top swordsman can be imagined for those who practice swords.
Countless Jianhao were extremely sorry for not being able to watch this battle up close.
The battle completely shattered the corner of Marin Fando.
The land sinks into the sea, and the sea water is poured out.
Ai Xiu floated in mid-air.
I also know this guy Hawkeye.
Hawkeye does not have the domineering color of the overlord, claiming to be equal to the redhead, and it is estimated that the competition is still swordsmanship.
But this guy is very sensitive to flaws.
Even if you are at least slightly distracted during the battle, you can be detected by Hawkeye.
Ai Xiu looked at the eagle eyes standing not far away, holding the black knife night with both hands upside down, and his eyes were guarded to look at him.
“These eyes are interesting!”
Ai Xiu nodded slightly.
“Final blow!”
Hawkeye looked at Ai Xiu and suddenly spoke.
Ai Xiu rarely used this body to speak again.
The sound is filled with subtle noises that make people feel like they are going to grow their brains when they listen to it.
Hawkeye’s body bulged slightly, and in his right hand, he held the hilt of the black knife and carried it over his shoulder.
The left hand was raised and grabbed the strange and huge sword jaw gauntlet of the black knife night.
The astonishing domineering black knife converged.
But Black Knife Night has become Black Knife.
The armed color winding did not change its color.
But the momentum is amazing.
Although the conversation was not heard.
But just looking at this posture, I knew that this should be the last blow.
Everyone looked at the blue figure floating in the air.
Hawkeye looks recharged.
So how would you react?
Then, under everyone’s gaze, Ai Xiu raised the blue longsword in his hand.
The energy went towards the pavilion master on the blue long sword in his hand.
The body of the blue longsword, which was originally infused with pure energy, brightened.
The light is getting ahead.
It was as if an endless light source had been caught by Ai Xiu’s hands.
A light source shoots out, piercing the clouds in the sky.
A white line suddenly appeared between heaven and earth.
“Ku la la, the current young people really can’t be underestimated!”
Whitebeard flipped the red dog hammer to the ground with a punch wrapped in the ability of the Shocking Fruit, looking at the white light connecting the ground and the sky in the distance.
I couldn’t help but smile and said.
Although I don’t know the identity of Aixiu.
But as long as you help them, you are your own person.
That’s what Whitebeard thinks.
Karp and Sengoku were both dumbfounded.
What kind of competence is this.
And now, what this scene represents is the incomparably terrifying power contained below.
People who saw this scene through the phone worm broadcast screen couldn’t help but swallow their spit.
Horror, so terrifying!
Just looking at this scene, everyone felt numb in their scalps. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
Mary Joya.
Between powers.
The five old stars looked at the projected picture, and their brows furrowed one by one.
“What kind of fruit ability is this?”
“Can’t see it, I saw this person incarnating into that blue figure before, and I thought it was a ghost fruit, but now it seems that it is not!”
“Either a fruit that is not in the record, or a fruit that has developed a new ability!”
The bald head with his sword spoke.
“But this is not good news for us!”
“Let the Warring States try it, if it really doesn’t work, take the whitebeard.”
“As for this enemy, there is still too little intelligence at present, we must find out what the ability of this fruit is!”
“That’s enough to report to Lord Im at this time!”
“The adult is still sleeping, not suitable for disturbing!”
“That’s right, let’s do this for the time being!”
Marin Fando.
Hawkeye’s side was obviously stunned by the sight in front of him.
He could feel that this opponent’s move was still getting stronger.
Hawkeye knew that the longer it dragged on, the less likely it would be to win.
Hawkeye, who had not yet finished charging, forcibly launched an attack.
The terrifying speed brought by the charge made him instantly cross hundreds of meters, and when he arrived in front of Ai Xiu, the black knife in his hand slashed diagonally towards Ai Xiu under a strange grasping posture.
“EX curry stick!”
But before Hawkeye’s sword could fall on Aixiu’s body, he heard a sound mixed with countless small noises.
In an instant, the powerful sight made goosebumps on Hawkeye’s body get goosebumps.
The knife flashed back, and it was done in one go.
A blinding white light emanated from Ai Xiu’s hand.
The sky, the sea, everything, were cut off.
It was as if a sword had cut open the world.
Hawkeye tucked the black knife into his back, bowed slightly, and then turned away directly.
This sword.
Hawkeye didn’t know if he should be called swordsmanship.
The power is estimated to be unattainable in his lifetime.
The aftermath of this sword.
Fierce winds swept through the whole of Marin Fandor.
A large part of the island, which had already suffered old sins, has now disappeared.
Not only did he disappear, but the island closest to here in the distance also evaporated directly out of thin air between the sword just now.
See Hawkeye leave.
The results of the battle seem to have appeared.
In the picture of the whole world, the harsh white light disappears.
Hawkeye has disappeared.
“Could it be that the corpse of the world’s number one sword master is gone?”
This is a lot of speculation.
Treat others with themselves.
These people feel that in the face of the kind of terrorist attack they just saw, they can’t even have bone slag left.
How exactly should this kind of strong person deal with it!
The five old stars also lost their voices.
With this blow, they felt a great threat.
Fortunately, it is in the picture.
Once again, Karp and Sengoku stepped forward.
However, at this time, Karp and Sengoku also smiled bitterly in their hearts.
Because there’s no way around it.
There must always be someone to confront this strong man with an unknown identity.
Seeing that Ai Xiu dispersed the blue longsword in his hand, both Karp and Sengoku breathed a sigh of relief.
It seems that the other party does not intend to use a sword.
However, seeing the appearance of the other party slamming his fists, he obviously did not intend to make peace with them.
Whitebeard’s situation is not very good.
But that’s Whitebeard’s own choice.
I would rather die here than die in a hospital bed.
That’s what Whitebeard thinks.
And this idea can actually be seen by many people, pirates, navies, and even some people who watch the broadcast screen.
“Maybe you should look at the back!”
Karp and Sengoku, who were on full alert, were stunned.
They are all combat-ready.
What’s going on in the back?
When the two turned their heads, they saw a huge figure shrunk and hiding behind Marin Fando.
“290 San Juan Wolves!”
The moment Sengoku saw this huge figure, he called out his name.
Then his eyes locked on the person standing on the San Juan wolf.
Sengoku saw Blackbeard who suddenly appeared now, as well as several prisoners who were supposed to be locked up on the sixth floor of Advance City.
“You didn’t respond to the call to fight, you have been removed from the Qiwu Sea, what are you doing here now?”
Sengoku asked with a serious expression.
“Thief hahahaha!”
Blackbeard Marshall Ditch was not surprised by his exposure.
The Sengoku questioning was also unreasonable.
His eyes were fixed on the badly injured whitebeard.
All planning sees hope.
The strongest natural fruit and the strongest superhuman fruit.
Before Blackbeard’s heart was crooked, a huge shockwave flew out of the hands of the Warring States, directly knocking Blackbeard’s group of people out.
And when Whitebeard saw Blackbeard who landed on the ground, his eyes that were already a little tired suddenly froze.
“Dad, long time no see!”
See Whitebeard look over.
Blackbeard was shocked.
But thinking that Whitebeard’s injury has reached this point.
Suddenly the audacity was again.
“Tichy, only you are not worthy to be my son!”
Whitebeard suddenly erupted, and the three major generals who besieged him were directly sent flying out.
Then a punch was punched in the air.
The ability to shake the fruit swept the earth and hit Blackbeard’s gang.
“Captain, or let’s hide!”
Rafitte, a crew member of the Blackbeard Pirates, left a cold sweat on his forehead,
“Thief hahaha, you are really cowards!”
Blackbeard laughed loudly and stepped forward to raise his hand.
“Dark water!”
A streak of darkness appeared in Blackbeard’s hand.
Directly collided head-on with the ability of the Shock Fruit.
Everyone saw Blackbeard’s confident look, and thought that he could really block it.
As a result, Blackbeard was directly knocked out.
And the members of the Blackbeard Pirate Group, who were originally standing behind Blackbeard, were directly blown out.
Before Blackbeard could stand up, a tall figure suddenly appeared beside him.
It was the whitebeard who was so badly injured and could still act like this.
The left fist was raised, and the ability to shake the fruit had been mobilized.
“Dark water!”
A flash of horror flashed in Blackbeard’s eyes.
Dark water counteracts the ability to shake the fruit.
But Whitebeard’s big hand choked Blackbeard’s throat.
“Tichy, only you, don’t deserve to be called my white-bearded son!”
“Ahem, Daddy, I’m your son!”
Blackbeard coughed and begged for mercy.
These words made Whitebeard stunned.
Blackbeard’s eyes flashed fiercely at this time.
As if they had received an order, the members of the Blackbeard Pirates shot at Whitebeard in unison.
The already scarred whitebeard finally came to the end of his life.
“Thief hahaha, the show is about to begin!”
Blackbeard was excited, and his subordinates also took out a black cloth to cover Whitebeard, who was still fighting.
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Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method

Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Ai Xiu travels through the world of pirates, and becomes twins with Ace, gaining a heaven-defying understanding, and creating a genetic training method while still in the womb, breaking the shackles of the body. Devil fruit ability against the sky? Racial talent is super perverted? Ai Xiu broke through the limitations with his heaven-defying understanding and created infinitely-upgradable heaven-defying supernatural powers. [You worked hard to obtain external information, you realized it, and created the supernatural power of perception and knowledge and domineering cultivation method] [You have observed Karp’s cultivation process for a long time, and personally experienced the process of developing armed domineering power. You have comprehended it and created a physical supernatural power and armed domineering training method] [You have witnessed the birth of Neptunes and felt the coercion of Neptunes. You have realized it and created the cultivation method of supernatural powers and domineering colors] [Your cells decomposed the energy fruit, and absorbed the energy fruit’s ability, you comprehended it, and created the elemental supernatural power, energy control] [You practice and study physical skills in depth..


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