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Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method Chapter 73

“The Great Secret Treasure is real!”
The words that Whitebeard shouted before his death spread throughout the world.
But Blackbeard doesn’t care about that either.
Blackbeard looked excitedly at the scarred whitebeard, who had lost his voice although standing.
Watch as the black cloth covers himself and his white beard.
The strongest Superman fruit is about to arrive.
But the next moment, a huge force struck.
Huge forces swept through.
Blackbeard, who felt the attack, wanted to deal with it, but was directly knocked out by this huge force.
And Blackbeard found a few helpers from Advance City, and now it is also swept away in one fell swoop.
“Bastard, who is it?”
Blackbeard was furious.
Just a little.
Almost immediately, the strongest superhuman fruit could fall into his hands.
Blackbeard stood up angrily, and then saw the blue figure in front of Blackbeard.
Above the blue translucent body, golden lines flow.
Bright lights like nodes appear from time to time.
“You’re going to stop me?”
See the figure in front of Whitebeard’s eyes.
Blackbeard’s face was gloomy.
Several of Blackbeard’s subordinates of the Evil King of Rain no Hiru also stood behind Blackbeard.
Ai Xiu sensed the whitebeard behind him, who had lost his voice, and then looked at the group of blackbeards.
“Why can you eat two fruits?”
The sound of thousands of small noises made Blackbeard frown.
But what surprised Blackbeard the most was that the person on the other side actually knew his intentions.
And all this, he only told a few companions who had just found.
And it just said yes, didn’t say why.
“Don’t you say? There should be not enough time! ”
Although Ai Xiu does not know how long after death he can take out the fruit.
But as long as a certain amount of time after death, the fruit will be reborn somewhere.
“Take him down!”
A thick black color appeared on Blackbeard’s hand, and then pressed it to the ground.
The entire ground seemed to become a black hole.
Anything on the ground is sucked into this darkness.
But Ai Xiu, who is now transformed into energy, is not affected by this suction force.
Looking at Blackbeard’s group rushing over.
The blue figure incarnated by Ai Xiu suddenly made a movement.
And this action made everyone feel familiar.
Warring States Karp and the three major generals, as well as many navies, instantly fell into shock.
The group of Blackbeards stopped directly in fright.
After the turned picture, everyone exclaimed.
Because of this posture, it is clearly the posture of Whitebeard just now when he cast the shock fruit.
Everyone was stunned.
This kind of strong person should not play everyone.
[You briefly observed the battle of Whitebeard, your understanding is extraordinary, you comprehend the power of vibration]
Ai Xiu did master the power of vibration.
However, if you cast it, you have to rely on your own strength to fully simulate the power of the Shock Fruit, and the consumption is too great.
But now he had a lot of energy plundered from Advance City in his body.
But it can imitate a handful of shock fruits.
The members of the Whitebeard Group, who had already sailed away, looked at the picture projected by the phone bug.
Seeing that the whitebeard was silent, the people of the whitebeard group could no longer hold back.
But now seeing the blue figure of Ai Xiu’s avatar make this action, everyone in the Whitebeard Group was stunned.
This is simply impossible.
Daddy had just been silent, and the fruit could not have been transferred so quickly.
What the hell is going on here?
Everyone’s attention was on Ai Xiu, who was in a strange pose.
The next moment.
There seemed to be cracks in the air.
The first to bear the brunt was Blackbeard’s group.
Except for Blackbeard, who had a strong physique, who was not seriously injured, the others were basically unconscious.
The terrifying power instantly swept the remaining half of Marin Fando.
The remaining bit of land collapsed under Ai Xiu’s move.
Ai Xiu didn’t keep his hand.
He had not seen Whitebeard’s heyday.
But now this power may be no less than the air shock that Whitebeard unleashed in his heyday.
Karp and Sengoku’s eyes widened at this time.
As a person of the same era as Whitebeard, he naturally fought hands.
It is also natural to know how Whitebeard shot with all his might when he was young.
Exactly the same as now.
Listen to the thunder in silence!
With one blow, the world turned upside down.
And he himself just made such an action.
A man who claims to be able to destroy the world.
That’s exactly why.
And now, Whitebeard has just died, and another person who used the Shock Fruit has appeared.
And when he came up, he used an ability comparable to the peak of the white beard.
Everyone was silent.
Not including those who are currently in Marin Vando.
Blackbeard looked in horror at Ai Xiu, who delivered the air shock.
“Impossible, how is this possible? Why can you eat two fruits’? ”
“No, why can you use two abilities?”
Blackbeard was also in chaos.
Originally thought I was special.
As a result, now another special one has appeared.
And the ability of the two fruits is not worse than he imagined at all.
Just now, Ai Xiu monopolized the Cap Chi Inu Sengoku.
Also fought with Hawkeye, Blackbeard looked in his eyes.
If it weren’t for Whitebeard’s shock fruit in front of him, he would have wanted to change it.
But now, the Shock Fruit is gone!
Blackbeard’s eyes were full of fierce light.
“Tichy, people’s dreams don’t end?”
Ai Xiu’s figure instantly appeared in front of Blackbeard.
It was as if the voice composed of countless small noises sounded in Blackbeard’s ears.
Blackbearded Tichy’s face changed.
This, this is what he once said to the straw hat.
This bastard!
“It’s a beautiful saying, but some people’s journeys are coming to an end, if you survive!”
“See Whitebeard’s power at its peak!”
I saw standing next to Blackbeard, raising his fist, and a white aperture above his fist was glowing.
Sengoku and Karp pounced on this side.
This blow must not let him go down.
Otherwise, the headquarters of the Navy will disappear completely.
However, it was clear that the two stopped it too late.
Under the terrified gazes of the two, the blue figure’s fist wrapped around the white light slammed into the back of Blackbeard, who turned to escape.
In an instant, Blackbeard’s body was completely distorted.
Blood stains all over his body.
Vibrations spread from Blackbeard’s body all around.
A wider range of shaking followed.
Turned upside down!
In the distance, after stopping Kaido on his pirate ship, Shanks rushed here to end the war.
Look at the scene that turned upside down in the distance.
“Captain, this doesn’t seem to be what you thought.”
The deputy captain of the red-haired pirate group lit a cigarette and looked at the scene in front of him.
“I can’t imagine that Whitebeard can still fight this kind of attack at this time!”
“This is not a whitebeard!”
Shanks’ sight swept across the battlefield, and then his attention fell on Ash.
And the blow solved Blackbeard, and Aixiu turned his head to look in the direction Shanks was approaching.
Shanks, sensing all this, took a deep breath and directly ordered to change direction.
“It looks like the matter has been settled!”
“Little ones, return home!”
Everyone in the redhead group was confused.
Anyway, he followed the order and turned the bow of the ship and left.
Ai Xiu sensed the departure of the red-haired group and knew that this time the matter was almost over.
The headquarters has been shattered.
Ai Xiu flew into the air.
Everyone was watching Aisho’s actions.
Seeing this scene, they were all relieved.
This guy looks like he’s leaving?
But when Aixiu in the sky made another strange posture, everyone below went crazy.
Still coming?
Bucky excitedly patted what was happening now.
However, Ai Xiu, who made a qigong wave pose in the air, was looking at the dazzling white ball that appeared between his hands.
Bucky subconsciously felt his scalp fry.
“Let’s go!”
The deadly threat makes Bucky crawl.
And the naval side was evacuated en masse before the collapse of the headquarters.
And now, after seeing Ai Xiu, who was accumulating strength in the sky, everyone felt a huge pressure.
It was as if a huge machete was on his head. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
People who have seen and heard good things will not even say the words of horror now.
With the blinding white light appearing, it crashed towards the sea below.
Harsh white light, as if the sound of disappearing.
Everything is like a black and white picture.
Karp, who quickly moved away from the Warring States, turned his head to look at the terrifying scene behind him, and he was also a little shocked.
Now even Karp began to wonder if this figure was Ai Xiu’s.
At the beginning of the shot, Karp returned the letter.
But now, with this blue figure behaving more and more terrifyingly.
Karp felt wrong.
Even if Ai Xiu is strong, he can’t be so outrageously strong.
Then this sea has emerged an unknown strong man.
Sengoku frowned.
Now the strength shown by this blue figure is no longer a small thing.
This is already a huge threat to the Navy and the world government.
However, the Warring States also thought that this top war was fought like this, and his position as a marshal was estimated to be gone.
Then let later people have a headache.
Thinking of this, the Warring States relaxed a lot.
Mary Joya, Between Rights.
Seeing the power of Ai Xiu to dial out the remaining energy in the end, the five old stars were silent.
Looking at the already static picture, the atmosphere here began to become oppressive.
“This person is already a huge threat to the world government, we must find each other’s identity, understand each other’s fruit ability, and how to restrain each other!”
The strength shown by Ai Xiu, the five old stars could not sit still.
“I’m afraid this is not an easy thing, this kind of strong person should not be so unknown.”
“You mean the Revolutionary Army?”
“It’s just possible, after all, except for the revolutionary army, other strong people were different and had no news before they became so strong.”
“There is also the fruit ability, the fruit ability on this person is too weird, and he can actually display the fruit ability of the white beard, how to do it, you must also figure it out!”
“Let the CP investigate with all its strength and dispatch all the forces of the world government!”
The Five Elders Xing unanimously approved the proposal to investigate Ai Xiu.
“The losses in this war are too great, although a white beard is left, but the white beard is originally older!”
“And even the headquarters of the Navy was destroyed, and the Navy suffered extremely heavy losses!”
“Someone has to take on this responsibility!”
“The Warring States did not command the operation effectively this time, removed his position as a naval marshal, and appointed him as a naval supervisor!”
The five old stars almost did not have the slightest hesitation to settle this matter.
Apparently the decision was made a long time ago.
It seems that the actions of the Warring States who have not been very obedient over the years have made the five old stars a little unhappy.
However, he is reluctant to have a strong combat power.
“And the Kapu guy, this release of water is too serious!”
“But Karp has the qualifications to do so!”
The five old stars thought of Karp’s strength, and suddenly fell silent again.
Powerful forces can break the rules.
Since it is said, there is absolute truth.
“Since this is the case, then it is decided like this, the navy re-selects the marshal, and reorganizes the navy!”
This is also also to give loops.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, the marshal of the navy, who had his own ideas, was removed and replaced with an obedient one.
If you don’t obey after listening, change another one.
South China Sea, Baltira Island.
After Lu Jiu saw Ai Xiu, her eyes suddenly lit up.
“Where have you been? Ace was rescued, but the whitebeard died! ”
Lu Jiu apparently also received news of the big war.
At this moment, the newsbird had dropped a large swath of newspaper.
This time even the money is quite a lot, apparently for the newspaper, this time is enough for them to give up their immediate interests.
Ai Xiu reached out and grabbed a piece of newspaper.
On the cover of the newspaper, a wanted warrant is conspicuous.
[Extremely Vicious Murderer Blu-ray Phantom]
【Life and death】
【Bounty: 7,500,000,000 Bailey】
Aixiu whistled.
“Seven and a half billion Baileys, the world government can really afford it… Ahem, this man! ”
Thinking that Lu Jiu was on the side, Ai Xiu still did not expose this identity.
Otherwise, Lu Jiu would definitely be very worried again.
Walk back with Lu Jiu.
Ai Xiu looked at the newspaper.
Obviously, what happened in this department, the outside world also knows.
Now one by one, one by one, this newspaper has retold it perfectly.
Even Bucky Mouth Hi recorded it.
Of course, the main pen and ink is still discussing his blue figure after energization.
Guess the fruit, guess the identity, guess the faction, and even guess the men and women.
Ai Xiu was speechless at this.
Before he could take a break, the phone worm that dared to retrieve it rang.
Ai (moneyy) Xiu just connected.
Old Man Karp’s loud voice rang out.
“Ash, where the hell are you bastard?”
“I’m in the South China Sea!”
As soon as Ai Xiu said a word, Kapu’s expression immediately converged, and he seemed to have walked to a place where no one was.
“The headquarters has been destroyed, and the new headquarters that has been initially set up is the original G1 branch.”
“Yo, it seems that the navy has really made up its mind to guard the entrance to the new world!”
Ai Xiu said with a smile.
“So, when exactly will you, the major general of the headquarters, return?”
Karp lowered his voice and roared.
“Just go back, go back!”
Ai Xiu agreed and glanced at Lu Jiu.
Lu Jiu didn’t understand the Devil Fruit ability, but her self-consciousness was very good.
Guessed that the blue figure was his son.
But Lu Jiu was also smart enough not to say anything.
New Navy Headquarters.
Ai Xiu stepped on the moon step the whole time.
A group of people are already waiting here.
Seeing the falling Ai Xiu, a group of people hurriedly saluted.
“Yo, it looks okay, there are no missing arms and broken legs!”
Ai Xiu raised his hand to say hello and spoke.
“Boss, why didn’t you come, this scene is too big, if we little shrimp hadn’t retreated early, this time would have been finished.”
When Binz saw Eixiu, he began to complain.
“Who said I didn’t arrive!” Ai Xiu spoke.
“Huh?” A group of people were blindfolded.
Did this chief of their family participate in this battle?
Didn’t see any shadow at all, okay.
“That blue figure is me!”
Ai Xiu said with a smile.
The eyes of Dusty and the group of people were about to pop out.
“Iron Fist of Love!”
Karp’s voice came.
Ai Xiu’s face changed, and he turned around and punched out with a fist containing the color of arms.
“Boy, don’t talk nonsense, now the Navy and the World Government are looking for this person!”
Karp withdrew his fist and landed on the ground, half-reminding and half-warning.
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Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method

Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Ai Xiu travels through the world of pirates, and becomes twins with Ace, gaining a heaven-defying understanding, and creating a genetic training method while still in the womb, breaking the shackles of the body. Devil fruit ability against the sky? Racial talent is super perverted? Ai Xiu broke through the limitations with his heaven-defying understanding and created infinitely-upgradable heaven-defying supernatural powers. [You worked hard to obtain external information, you realized it, and created the supernatural power of perception and knowledge and domineering cultivation method] [You have observed Karp’s cultivation process for a long time, and personally experienced the process of developing armed domineering power. You have comprehended it and created a physical supernatural power and armed domineering training method] [You have witnessed the birth of Neptunes and felt the coercion of Neptunes. You have realized it and created the cultivation method of supernatural powers and domineering colors] [Your cells decomposed the energy fruit, and absorbed the energy fruit’s ability, you comprehended it, and created the elemental supernatural power, energy control] [You practice and study physical skills in depth..


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